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Found 17 results

  1. I know this has been asked before, but it is important enough that I would like to ask again. My request is that the program can remember that I said NOOOO for the "enabled" on highlights. While I understand it may be helpful for some, it is a major, major problem given how often I need to flip between highlight files. I currently open highlights, turn off enabled, highlight, try to close the highlight file with that gigantic pen, continue working. Open the highlight file to flip to another, turn off enabled, etc, etc. It is really rough going back and forth between 4 different highlight files, but I understand dealing with huge highlight files is not a problem for most users. However, needing to deselect "enabled" with that giant pen (as the cursor auto changes to it just opening highlights) over 300x a day (no joke) is really stressful since I am already dealing with carpel tunnel and I don't have the screen real estate to just leave the highlights open. I am thus hoping that it can be built into the settings that for highlights I can say NEVER and it will remember that so it will save me several hundred clicks per day. Thank you for considering this, Kristin
  2. bdollahite

    Hit = count of occurrences

    Request an option be added to the preferences to define a “hit” as the count of occurrences that match a search’s criteria. The number of hits to a search (in my opinion) should be the number of finds/occurrences that meet the search criteria. Accordance does this when one does a phrase search — i.e., the hit count shows the number of times that phrase appears in a text. Likewise, Accordance does such when one does an OR search (i.e., A <OR> B) returning how many time A or B appears. However, in an AND search (i.e., A <AND> B) Accordance hits count is not the number of times that A and B appear in the scope and range specified, rather it is the sum of the count of the number of times A appears plus the number of times B appears in the search results that contain both A and B. For example — limiting the range to 1 Corinthians, and scope to verse and searching for Faith <AND> Hope and in the ESV Accordance reports 1 verse (1Cor 13:13) and 2 hits— but my opinion there is one hit in that search criteria, not two – as neither word by is self is sufficient to met the criteria. Another example, when one searches the ESV text with range=1Cor, scope=verse for man <AND>Adam, there is only one verse (1Cor 15:45) whose content meets the search criteria. In it “Adam” appears twice and “man” appears once, and while Accordance 13.1.5 reports 3 hits, I would expected 2, as there are 2 sets of Adam and man combinations that match this search’s criteria — not three. I understand that are 3 words in the range and scope that met the part of the criteria, but meeting part of a criteria to me is not a hit. That said, for backward compatibility, I am not requesting the current methodology for computing hits be changed, but rather an other be added to search preference to define a hit either a Accordance does today, OR as the number of times a search criteria is met.
  3. I am wanting to know the simplest and best way to save all my Accordance Preferences (including my arrangement and selection of books) so that in the event of system failure I can restore my Accordance exactly as it was before. I have tended over the years to lose Accordance Preferences which requires me having to set the whole system up again from scratch. Perhaps it would be nice to have Menu item such as "Save Accordance Preferences". Thanks.
  4. In the Preferences menu I have my User Notes set to Accordance (font) size 16. When I start a new note it defaults to Lato size 9.
  5. I am sure this is simple, but how do I change the preference so that live click is by default NOT on when opening a new workspace or tab? I can not find out where to do this, and I personally do not like live click, and would rather not have to turn it off in new spaces. Thanks. In Christ, Bret
  6. Ken Hall

    Save library layout

    Hi, I'd like to make a feature request to be able to save or preserve our library layout. This is important for several reasons: I have had to recreate my preferences twice in the last two years because they got corrupted. Aside from having to verify or recreate the actual Accordance preferences (a relatively small challenge), the arrangement of library modules, groups, and workspaces disappeared or was changed to an organization was not anywhere near the way I had everything organized. That was a large challenge. I had to recreate folders and manually drag modules up and down to get everything arranged the way I had it before. With a large library, this took many hours each time. A simple feature of 'save library layout' as a file that could be downloaded later so that my customized layout could be reinstated would be a huge time-saver. When recreating the library layout, I also had to open all my workspaces manually in order for Accordance to recognize them, then add them to my favorites, and sort them manually. I also had a number of texts and tools that I had manually deleted, but in my new library arrangement, they all showed up in the library organization, even though the modules themselves were not there. Thus I had links to non-existent modules. This caused a problem when doing Research because it thought the modules were there. So I had to find all the links to deleted modules and delete the links. I also had to manually open my user notes and each one of my user tools in order for the app to recognize them. Somehow the dropbox syncing got messed up when I recreated the preferences from scratch. If there were a feature to be able to save the library organization (which would include groups, workspaces, user notes, user tools, papers, and stacks), this would save a mountain of headaches if the preferences ever get corrupted again. Thank you for considering this!
  7. I would like Accordance to include an option in the Preferences for turning off the "Would you like to search with Flex Search?" prompt. It is very annoying to have this prompt pop up every time a search of two or more words finds no exact match. By now Accordance users should be well aware that they can conduct exact or flex searches. For myself, if I wanted to Flex Search, I would have specified it. I think each user should have the option of keeping or disengaging the prompt.
  8. Timothy Jenney

    #146) Customizing Workspaces

    Custom Workspaces are a great way to increase our productivity in Accordance. They are like being able to instantly rearrange your study to work on another project! check out the latest podcast for six simple steps to creating your own: http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p146_customizingworkspaces.mp4
  9. When I citrate a biblical passage with a reference that includes a number (e.g. anything in Kings) I get something funny do to the mix of RTL and LTR. For example: לִמְאֽוּמָה (1 Kgs 10:21) Perhaps it would be helpful to have the option to put the number next to the book...? Or maybe this is a bug that can be fixed? Thanks!
  10. I use export a lot in Accordance. Unfortunately, this is one of the less feature rich parts of Accordance. I formerly used BibleWorks, which allowed me to save multiple export preferences, and then select the one I wished to use to export text. This allows saving export font, size, color, position of references, superscript settings, etc. and is a VERY useful feature. Could you please add such a capability to Accordance? In Christ, Bret
  11. In Mac OS X, the System Preferences window has a search box (upper left, looking glass icon and gray text "Search"). It helps the user to find the appropriate section of preferences to make changes in system settings. I think it would be helpful to have a similar search box in the Accordance Preferences window. Accordance is mature and complex, allowing great customization, but finding the correct area is not always easy or intuitive.
  12. Timothy Butler

    Preference Sync

    I would really like to see Accordance expand its Dropbox synchronization support to the full array of Accordance preferences. For example, it'd be great if my font settings, default commentaries, etc., could be synchronized from computer to computer. It'd also be nice if the organization of the library into folders could be preserved from computer to computer -- for example, I like to put my most used models in each category at the top of the respective folders (commentaries, study Bibles, etc.). But, I dislike having to redo that on my two Macs, because I never quite get everything the same it seems. While this isn't a huge deal, it would be a time saver since I wouldn't have to try to manually keep my two installations in sync.
  13. If I chose to open Library as popover in the Accordance preferences, then hovering mouse cursor over the dictionaries or commentaries in the Library list doesn't show Info button. If I uncheck this setting in the Preferences, Info button is shown. A bug?
  14. tony10000

    Cloning Windows Preferences

    I put Accordance 10 on another computer last night. Got everything installed OK and synced with Dropbox. I then copied all of my saved Workspaces. However, my preferences were still not set up the way I wanted them. I located the preferences folder on my other computer and copied it to Dropbox and then over to the new computer. On Windows 7 & 8, the folder is found at: Users > Username > AppData > Local > Accordance. Now, the new install is a clone of the other one. Is this the best way to do it or is there a better way?
  15. My church recently purchased a new PC. How do I transfer my preferences from my Mac to the PC?
  16. I was wondering if it is possible to change the background colour on a 'Search All' window. At the moment they all come up in white. Thanks everyone, Peter
  17. I don't think I had this problem before I upgraded at some point, but I cannot find a way to permanently change the font size on a Greek window displaying the Greek NT. Every time I bring up a window that has Greek text, the font is tiny. I can pump it up readily, but I wish I knew some way to make it big enough & then next time have it still big enough.
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