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Found 7 results

  1. At the moment, opening a parallel pane defaults to a commentary. I would like to be able to set the default (in my case to a text). The second request is that Accordance remember the text that I paired with the base text, so I do not need to navigate to it every time I open the base via a bookmark. Thank you very much for a great iOS app! The LORD bless you and keep you.
  2. Every time I click on the "Add Parallel" > Texts or Reference Tools to add a new pane, it's placed at the bottom of the main Bible text pane, as the second row. Why? Screen is horizontal, and if you divide it horizontally, you get even less real estate for reading text. Why Accordance can't be so smart and place new panes in columns next to each other until it cannot place them that way anymore due to the minimum pane width, and only then place them in the second row? Now, every time I add a new pane I have to move it up manually. I tried to assign at least a shortcut for moving it up in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts (⌥⌘U), but Accordance ignores it (although it appears in the menu!). Please give me option to add new panes in parallel columns, at least in the form of a checkbox in the app's preferences (in the Workspace or Appearance sections).
  3. Hi there, apologies if this has been asked already (I couldn’t find the topic if it has). I was hoping to add parallel panes for Greek Syntax and Diagrams but those menus are greyed out. What might I need to have installed for those features to work? Accordance 12.3.2 GNT-T UBS4 etc Thanks!
  4. Having now started to use the iOS app regularly, it is mostly a very convenient solutoin. Apart from my biggest iOS annoyance (when you want to switch resources the search box only allows you to search the recently used items, forcing a click back to the main library every time I want to switch reseources using a search-i.e. every day, I’m still not quite used to remembering that extra step) the next biggest annoyance is that I can’t use my iPad to ask “what does this verse look like in all of the other translations”. I know a feature allowing extra panels would solve this, however I am not asking for a particular. Technological solution, all I am saying is, on my iPad, I frequently need to be able to ask the question “how is this verse translated in all of the other key translations”. Having to wait until I get back to a computer to do this is frustrating, as it means I have to suspend my reflection on a particular translational issue until later.
  5. See picture and example text below. Accordance 11.2.4 macOS 10.12.1 Beta (16B2548a) // Public Beta 4 1Sam.txt
  6. Timothy Jenney

    #146) Customizing Workspaces

    Custom Workspaces are a great way to increase our productivity in Accordance. They are like being able to instantly rearrange your study to work on another project! check out the latest podcast for six simple steps to creating your own: http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p146_customizingworkspaces.mp4
  7. Some commentaries have multiple sections that cover a particular verse (see for example Word Biblical with a notes, form/structure/setting, comment, and explanation section). I have often wanted to check which section I am in or what volume of a multi-volume resource. This is possible if the commentary module is in its own window but not if it is in parallel view. Many times I have reached to pull down the table of contents in parallel view and realized that is not possible - though it is available on the iOS version. Whether it is in the form of a "path bar" (like the Finder) or a drop down table of contents, it would be helpful to have the option to know where I am in a resource even as a parallel resource.
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