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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Please add the headings function in the RTF output from the Papers. According to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31519265/creating-rtf-headings-compatible-with-microsoft-wordthis should be possible. Greetings Fabian
  2. Tim Hall

    Paper request

    So, I was thinking of two things that would make papers even better on iOS 1. Format options like Texts, Tools, & Notes (set a background color, zoom level, etc.) 2. Being able to edit papers on iOS
  3. Since updating to the latest version of Accordance, when I paste from Accordance (a tool or some module) into a paper it changes the zoom level of everything but the box I just pasted into. The dropdown where I can control the zoom doesn't change. It took a couple times for me to realize what was happening. I have pasted from Fresh Illustrations, Thayer, & MGD. In the screen shot the outlined portion was just pasted into and retains the original zoom level, it seems.
  4. ddarling


    I enjoy/hate using Papers to write my manuscript of my sermons. Then I use my iPad in the pulpit to preach the sermon. It would really be helpful if: 1. There was a way of including page numbers. I give the manuscript to the person who manages the slides and it would be helpful if I did not have to handwrite the page numbers. 2. It would be helpful it I could copy the whole text and put it into Pages or Word 3. I really wish I could highlight a text in Papers from my iPad. I use the font colors because I cannot highlight. But usually, Sunday morning I will think "I really need to highlight this so that I do not forget it." But I can't from my iPad. 4. I also wish that it would save my work more frequently–I really wish we could get rid of Dropbox. I will work on my sermon, sync to Dropbox, just to find out that it didn't and the work is lost somewhere that I cannot find. 5. Having spell check as you go would be good too. 6. I really wish that there was a way to tag the sermons when saving them. It would really be nice if more options were given when I save the file, that way I can put the sermon right in the series that I am preaching. Since I preach Sunday morning (English and Spanish), Sunday evening, Wednesday evening and Men's Bible study. It would be great that I could just add each sermon to the series I am preaching. Dragging and dropping the sermon into the file after I have made it causes problems with opening the file on my iPad. I really like Papers, these things would just make it better! Daniel
  5. Somehow I have two papers with the same name (Hebrews) in the list that comes up when I click on Papers. They have the same content. The both go to the same file in the Finder also. If I rename the paper, then the duplicates go away and the new name (i.e. Hebrews Book Study) appears. If I rename it again to the original (Hebrews), the duplicates return.
  6. The option to save my Paper as a DocX file is missing. It only gives the options for PDF and JPEG. See attachments below. I recently did some uninstalling and reinstalling this week of Accordance as I was having Dropbox syncing issues. I found a solution for that, but I must have messed something else up in the meantime. Any suggestions on how to get that option back? Thank you!
  7. Donald Cobb

    An old problem rears its head

    I thought I had posted this, but apparently it disappeared somewhere... I'm sorry to be posting two bug reports in a row, both the same day! When Papers was first introduced in Accordance 12, there was a big problem with reproducing foreign characters that made it unusable in, e.g., French, the accents coming out as gibberish. That was taken care of fairly quickly. But now, I find that it's back again. In particular, it seems like the apostrophe (') as it is typed on a French keyboard is no longer coming out as it should but rather just as garbage. The same goes for the "é" (but not systematically, I'm not sure why). A rapid fix on this would be greatly appreciated! It makes Papers much less helpful for me. I'm trying to prepare a Bible study with it and I regularly have to correct or find some kind of workaround. Thanks!
  8. Papers won’t display properly in ios. Only the first line of the text displays. The rest of the paper just appears blank. I tried on two different iPads. Accordance ios version 3.0.7
  9. In Papers if I type some text and then using my mouse wheel I scroll my paper upward towards the top until typed text is well off screen and then I scroll back down to the text I just typed, it is gone as if I never typed any text. It will NOT happen if I click anywhere prior to scrolling upwards. It does not happen every single time but it happens very very frequently. I have lost whole blocks of text because of this. If it helps, I never experienced this is accordance 11 or 12. Windows 10 Accordance 13.0.2
  10. Morning! I am loving the new update. Thank ya'll for your hard work. I preach from an Accordance paper on my iPad. So one of the first things I did was open a paper on my iPad. When I did, something weird happened and I figured it was a bug. The text of the paper seems to be only on the left half of the iPad when in vertical mode. Flipping to horizontal and back to vertical eliminates the problem. I wanted to let ya'll know. Thanks. pertinent info about my iPad is in my signature.
  11. Text Items in Paper are indented according to their heading indentation. But app should take into account all headings, not just one above the text. When you look across all headings, left indentation margin floats to the left and right, looks ugly.
  12. Tim Hall

    Papers organization

    With the 2.7 version of the iOS Accordance app, I am looking forward to fully embracing the use of papers for my preaching!!!! Whit that comes a need for organization. It would be amazing to be able to create folders and even subfolders for the papers that then show up in the library on MacOS/Windows and are then synced and visible on the iOS (and eventually Android) app(s). I was able to create a folder in the library in MacOS, but then was unable to move any papers into it.
  13. When I cut text (right click highlighted text and choose cut) from papers and paste (ctrl-v) into a new spot in that same paper, Accordance almost always hangs (crashing) for me. It hangs for so long I have to use task manager to shut Accordance down. Accordance Windows 10 PS No issue with same text when I revert back to 12.1.5
  14. David Foster

    I've lost a papers file

    This morning I went in to open up my a papers file I use for my devotions. I've been using it for months and has always been there (it was part of the workspace I created). But, I can't find it anywhere. I've searched through all the workspaces I have, I've searched the library and I've searched through the papers folder and the accordance folder on my HD. Does anyone know how this happened and how can find it? Thanks kindly!
  15. Brian.Mann

    Papers Issue Printing

    Hello, I am having an issue when printing "papers". I went to print one and it is missing one of my subpoints. The subpoint is expanded in the original document, but does not print out in the file. Thank you for your help.
  16. Hello, I do not see the Papers icon at the top of Accordance using Windows. I only see Add to Stack, User Notes, and User Tools.
  17. Brian.Mann

    "Papers" issue

    I am having a problem in 'papers' with getting the hovering scripture links to come up with my default Bible version. Instead it is selecting Portuguese. Other hover texts work fine and come up with my default. It is only in papers that I am experiencing this problem. I appreciate your help. Thank you.
  18. dandennison

    Papers and UI Discoverability

    Hello, Just started using Papers, now that I can find it. I ended up having to go to Accordance 12 Help, where it indicated that Papers can be made from the Toolbar or the File menu. I have no such File / New Paper or similar item. The toolbar has no such Papers button on it. What to do? I ended up customizing the toolbar to add the Papers drop-down button, which solved the mystery, at least partially. Questions remain: Why is File / New Paper or similar missing? Why does the default toolbar inside of Customize Toolbar... not have the Papers button? Why did I have to manually create the Papers button on my toolbar? Normally I wouldn't ask (2) and (3) separately, but I assumed for a while this was a migration issue from 11->12, as it was trying to preserve a possibly (but not) customized toolbar. <unrelated> While I'm here, my first impression of Papers is that it reminds me of Ecco's outline feature. </unrelated> Help?
  19. Hello Many thanks for the new Papers. I would love to see a shortcut-key for promote / demote items. I prefer the shift-ctrl-arrows left/right like in Word for Mac (on Windows I don't know, but make it like the standard), so there are the same short-cut keys which I'm familiar with it. And if you are bullets to Tools and Notes, then please the same. This would be also cool if we can change the headings level by editing User Tools, like it is possible in Word. (Maybe possible to use this shortcut-key for all items which has levels. Syntax search deep. etc. so all what have to do with levels has the same shortcut-key) Thanks for your attention
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