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Found 2 results

  1. I am using Accordance 12.3.4 under MacOS 10.13.6. When I print a diagram I have created, I cannot always get everything on the page to show up in the preview. The only way to get everything to print is to play around with ungrouping groups. I have not been able to detect a pattern to this problem. I have attached screen shots from my most recent example. The 1.48.42 screen shot shows the groupings I have in the diagram tool. With everything unselected, the print preview is the 1.37.33 screen shot. If I ungroup the group at the bottom of the page (and unselect everything) then everything on the page prints, as seen in screen shot 1.37.59. This problem has been going on for well over a year. Another bug that shows up in the first screen shot is that scaling in the diagram tool is inaccurate. I have the diagram scaled to 50% to see it all in the screenshot. When I do so, the bottom diagram does not fit within the bottom blue margin, even though when I view at 100% or print, it fits just fine. (I have the page size set to 12.75" x 16.5"). Scaling does not appear to be consistent in the X and Y directions. This can be seen in the fact that the diagram stays within the side blue margins when scaled. This scaling problem also shows up when trying to precisely align diagram elements vertically while scaled at anything outside of 100%. It may look aligned, but then print wrong. Or it may just be impossible to align two elements. The offset is smaller than one click of an arrow key. Finally, a minor annoyance is that Accordance does not save page setup information with each file. I use the above mentioned page size to maximize what I can fit on a letter sized printout and still be able to read the text at 100% on my screen. Every time I open the Accordance diagram file I have to set the page size.
  2. I use Accordance primarily for its on-screen functionality, and may I say, your improvements have been fantastic! Thank you for continually improving your product But on those infrequent, but not seldom, occasions when I'd like to print text, I find the print capabilities somewhat lacking. Far be it from me to assume that adding printing functionality would be simple, but I would love to see in the future the ability to do page-setup and print preview in the same dialog box, not having to go to page setup first and then wonder how exactly the text will print until I've already printed it. It's my inevitable experience that what ends up being printed is not exactly what I thought I'd see. This is no glaring lacuna in Accordance's extraordinary functionality, but I know I'd sure love to see that printing simplification Thanks so much for hearing our requests! Rev Patrick Lafferty Dallas
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