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Found 3 results

  1. This is a question directed at those of you who need to manage vast quantities of user notes. I was working with Tech Support and discovered that converting my notes to a PDF is not super practical as the first 100 pages only go to Gen 17. Billy then suggested that I ask people in the forum how to manage large quantities of data. With that as a preface, I have been primarily doing my research through creating notes, as I love how they work in parallel, etc, etc. However, I have run into an issue of my notes file becoming so large that it is starting to become corrupted forcing me to urgently split the notes into numerous notes files. However, this is really impractical since there is no good way to split the notes. If I divide notes by years it keeps the most recent material at the forefront, but forces me to guess the year if I want to search for a topic in a note file. Likewise, if I divide notes by book, it would become unclear where to put notes. Topics such as "peace" or whatever could be attached to multiple books. If I just copy the same note to each new note file for each book, that would solve the problem of searching, but obviously each note file would just become a duplicate and become just as large. I thought of Tools, but the problem with that is I would need to know the information is needed and open the Tool, as opposed to Notes which run in parallel. So.... Those of who who work with a large amount of user data, how do you manage it? I appreciate any suggestions anyone has. Sincerely, Kristin
  2. I'm not sure if this topic as been posted before, but if so, I apologize for the duplication. Is it possible to bring the Library categories in the Accordance desktop application to the iOS app? It usually takes me a moment to remember where an app is located in the iOS, but I always now where it is on my Mac. It would make using Accordance on a mobile platform that much more efficient. Thanks David
  3. It would be nice to have a little more control over Info Pane. One way I could see this happening is by adding a feature to be able to tag modules from your library that would set the priority in Info Pane. Another way would be to import user preferences via a CSV file. For each book of the Bible, a user could set favorite commentaries, dictionaries, etc... Blessings, Cliff
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