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Found 6 results

  1. So I was reading through the newest (June 2018) edition of Christianity Today, and I saw an interview with Dr. John Goldingay about his new translation of the Old Testament. My immediate thought was ... Accordance needs to have this. Then I saw that it is published by IVP Academic, and I thought ... yes, Accordance has a great relationship with IVP. This might actually happen. I would love to have this version of the TANAKH, in Accordance because Goldingay has deliberately tried to maintain a formal equivalent approach to his translation including things like–transliterating names, including transliteration in the text to show connection, e.g. Genesis 2.7, "Yahweh God shaped a human person [Adam] with earth form the ground [adamah] and blew into its nostrils living breath..." (CT interview with Goldingay). IVP Academic has a page on it here: https://www.ivpress.com/the-first-testament It is scheduled to come out in September of 2018. Goldingay has titled his translation The First Testament. Here are some sample verses: “Yahweh said to Abram, ‘Get yourself from your country, from your homeland, and from your father’s household, to the country that I shall enable you to see, and I shall make you into a big nation. I shall bless you and make your name big and you’ll become a blessing." (Gen. 12:1-2) “Hey, you who wish for Yahweh’s day. What good really is Yahweh’s day to you?— it will be darkness, not light.” (Amos 5:18) “My shepherd being Yahweh, I don’t lack; he enables me to lie down in grassy pastures. He leads me to settled water; he turns my life back.” (Ps 23:1-3)
  2. 1) This undervalued monograph containing 37 essays is published by Bloomsbury T & T Clark and running about 500 pages; some of the essays are by luminaries of OT scholarship that have published for example commentaries in the Old Testament Library -series that were ahead of their time, also an author such as John Barton edited the Oxford Bible Commentary of which I have a no-longer available, but OK working, digital copy elsewhere. (I don't promote all of the contributors, such as at least not Brueggemann.) I suggest that if You'd do small very occasional marketing/publicity efforts I think the essays could draw attention to more works by the authors that are going to be sold by OakTree at some point when there will be more available here. I know the acquisition of rights can't be imminent. ___________________________________________ 2) Exodus (1974) by Brevard S. Childs in the Old Testament Library older series by the publisher Westminster John Knox. Spoiler: I just accidentally bought a digital copy elsewhere, non-Bible-Study-software during the night between Thursday and Friday the 16.-17., (I thought the "Smile" program one-day campaign would be applied so that the contribution would have been tenfold during the campaign, but I realized the item was not eligible so that was all, I had thought everything was eligible, so not a cent went as charity to what I had pre-selected as receiver: International Council for Gender Studies, Waxahachie, TX. Also trying to find coupon-codes for any kind of discounts from the retailer was a complete mess even though duckduckgo listed a number of sites purporting to offer March 2017 coupon-codes but there were too many such sites.)
  3. I requested the FOTL and ICC commentaries awhile back. Is there any chance these might be turned into Accordance modules anytime? And the OT Library would be an awesome addition to the Accordance library as well.
  4. MattChristianOT

    OT- Peshitta- What Edition?

    Hello, I was wondering what edition is used for the Module? I am working on a paper and need to know so I can compare to the Brill edition. Thanks!
  5. I love the BST series and appreciate the NT BST series being made available. How about the OT series and the Thematic series? Why not make them available too? At a good price I would snap them up to complete the whole BST series!
  6. We have now New Testament for Everyone on Accordance. (I'm saving money to buy it). May I ask also for the Old Testament for Everyone series? Quote from the Amazon.com: "Westminster John Knox Press is pleased to present the seventeen-volume Old Testament for Everyone series. Internationally respected Old Testament scholar John Goldingay addresses Scripture from Genesis to Malachi in such a way that even the most challenging passages are explained simply and concisely. The series is perfect for daily devotions, group study, or personal visits with the Bible."
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