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Found 8 results

  1. Jonathan C. Borland

    Robinson-Pierpont BYZ 2018

    I'd like to request as a module the newest, and perhaps final, edition of the Byzantine Text edited by Maurice Robinson: The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2018. Ed. Maurice Robinson & William Pierpont. Nürnberg, VTR, 2018.
  2. I would like to request True to Our Native Land: An African American New Testament Commentary Publisher: Fortress Press Why: Does Accordance offer any modules of commentaries written by African Americans? This seems like a good, general place to start.
  3. Is the Accordance text incorrect in GNT-Sinaiticus and GNT -Alexandrinus at 1 John 4:3? Codex 01 here: Codex 02 here: Here is the text from the Accordance modules:
  4. Hello, are there any plans to bring “The New Testament: A Translation” by David Bentley Hart to Accordance? Thanks and Blessings, Johannes
  5. The Carta New Testament Atlas series covers the latest research and discoveries, which I think it deserves a place in Accordance. As the author's remark of the 2nd vol. said, "New finds every year render what is previously written almost out of date before the ink is dry," it would be great if Accordance can put some priority on this useful resource while it is highly up-to-date. Thank you very much for your consideration! Vol 1. In The Master's Steps - The Gospels In The Land "...is about recent advances in history, geography, toponomy, and archaeology, the tools necessary to shed fresh light on the Gospels. The hope is that a better understanding of the physical setting and events that framed the life of Jesus can assist us to hear more clearly the message he proclaimed." http://store.carta-jerusalem.com/new-testament/686-in-the-master-s-step-the-gospels-in-the-land.html Vol.2 Jerusalem: City Of The Great King"...presents the latest advances in the history and archaeology ofJerusalem. The last fifty years in particular have seen significantly increased efforts to discover the city’s past. " http://store.carta-jerusalem.com/jerusalem/721-jerusalem-city-of-the-great-king-9789652208668.html herbert
  6. Just purchased the Codex add-on and am loving reading the earliest Greek texts of the NT. Is there a way to view the correctors in this module? The Read-Me of Codex Sinaiticus states: "Conventions in the digital version 1. Text Decisions: As in Tischendorf, the attempt is to replicate the original scribe rather than a subsequent corrector, whose work is also evident in the text." Where is the corrector's work evident in the text module? Does this just apply to the print version/images of the MSS?
  7. I am trying to compare the vocabulary of three different texts: HMT-W4 (Isaiah) DHNT (John's Epistles) Qumran (1QS) I am able to generate lists for each individual book, and I am able to generate a list of vocabulary common to Isaiah and John, Isaiah and 1QS, but not John and 1QS. I also noticed that I can compare DHNT with HMT-W4 but must use the HITS=Inflected command to compare HMT-W4 with DHNT. (I'm not sure why.) I need to compare DHNT with Qumran but I get the same error. When I use HITS=Inflected I only get a small list of words, 24 and most of those were particles. I don't think that is accurate. The problem seems to be that it is searching only for inflected forms, not lemmas. What do I need to do to compare Qumran with DHNT? If that works, then how can I compare the results of my comparisons with each other so I can generate a comparison table: In 1QS and Isaiah but not John In 1QS and John but not Isaiah In 1QS, John, and Isaiah I appreciate any help you can give me so I can finish my research paper. Thanks. Below is a log of my actions: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DHNT window use [HITS HMT-W4] OK. HMT-W4 window use [HITS DHNT] doesn't work. I get a dialog box: "The window "HMT-W4" and the Search window in the selected [HITS] command, must both have search texts with grammatical tags (unless [HITS=Inflicted] is used.)" Used [HITS=Inflected] and it worded. Returned same result as DNHT HITS HMT-W4. Used [HITS=Inflected DHNT] and it found no verses. I get a dialog box: "There are no verses in the current range of the "QUMRAN" text, which fit the current search entry." All Qumran compared to All NT: Used Qumran window [HITS=Inflected DHNT] returns only 24 words in common, most of them particles. The problem seems to be that it is searching only for inflected forms, not lemmas. Used DHNT window [HITS Qumran] and didn't work I get a dialog box: "The HITS word list cannot include any character expression (a character immediately following ".")
  8. JAKGreek

    Goodspeed's New Testament

    Is there an electronic version of Edgar's translation of the New Testament? I would be very happy to see this added to the translations available from Accordance.
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