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Found 10 results

  1. Would it be possible to update the navigation for Atlas? The scroll up/down, left/right, click buttons to zoom in/out, etc. is seems unnecessarily cumbersome in this age of Google Maps and other similar apps. It would be nice if it were something more intuitive, like tying zoom in/out to the scroll wheel function, and allowing a click-and-hold dragging method to move around the map. Thanks!
  2. Could we get a Book, Chapter, Verse selector similar to what Bible Works has or even e-sword. Only having a book selector makes for a lot of scrolling or clicking on the chapter up or down button. It is also more convenient that typing in references. The Logos one is not that nice because choosing a chapter opens an accordion which then has to be closed. I am attaching some images of both Bible Works and e-sword ways of doing this. The Bible Works is nicer because it opens up in a rectangle so that you do not need to scroll for books, chapters or verses.
  3. I am having an issue where when I go to change the passage I am working with, Accordance will show that it is at the new location, but it doesn't actually take me there. For example, if I am looking at John 3:16, and then I want to go to Romans 3:10, I can pull down the menu, select Romans, select chapter 3, select verse 10, and it accepts that. But when I tap to go there, I haven't left John 3. When I pull down the menu, it shows that I am now in Romans, even though I am not. This issue has been intermittent over the past few weeks. Exiting and re-starting sometimes corrects it, but sometimes not. Any help or suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hey Team, It would be sweet if the bookmarks set in Accordance on the Mac would sync with the ones on the iPad/iPhone. Then if a user would long press the chapter navigation arrow, it would pull up a menu of bookmarks either in front of or behind your current text selection. Kind of like how in Safari, if you hold the back button, it will give a list of last viewed pages on that tab. Oh and tabbed browsing for multiple texts/ tools would be a great addition as well. Thanks!
  5. I open Accordance on my iPad, I open Dan 7:10. Then I decide to search about the judgement hour in the Bible, so I find it in John 12:31 I tap on the glasses icon, copy two verses in John's gospel, tap Back button in the bottom toolbar, but instead of returning back to Dan 7, Accordance opens Gen 1. Please fix this bug.
  6. I've saved a workspace which opens Accordance to Matt 12:9. I type in the Search field Romans 8, it opens to Romans 8. In the lower right corner there is a Back button, I press it and… instead of Matt 12:9 it brings me all the way back to Genesis 1:1. WHY?! Absolutely wrong navigation. I wasn't at Gen 1:1 before, but at Mat 12:9. Please fix this bug. It's been long long time around… (I suspect it's also in iOS version).
  7. E-Library

    BUG: Pictures Zone

    A few issues: 1. When I press F1 (Help key for Accordance for Windows), Accordance launches the folder where the Helps files are located (e.g. H:\Program Files (x86)\Oaktree\Accordance\Resources\Accordance Help) instead of the Help system for Pictures Zone. 2. The text size that usually accompanies each figure is very small. How do you adjust the font size? See screenshot. 3. Looking at the Help content about the Pictures Zone (see screenshot), I have tried the implementation as described: - To zoom in on an area of an image, select and double-click an area of the image: this works. - Shift+ Ctrl+ Click also zooms in on an image: this works; using the mouse, press the scroll wheel each time to scroll horizontally (continuous signal to the scroll wheel does nothing); turn the wheel to scroll vertically in the picture. - To navigate sequentially through pictures in a module, click the Previous (arrow) or Next (arrow) buttons: this works, but note: left / right keyboard arrow keys will allow you to navigate backwards or forwards; up / down arrow keys wil navigate backwards only. You can scroll through the image in a variety of ways. - Drag the horizontal or vertical scrollers: this works. - Shortcut Keys move the image left, right, up, or down in the Pictures zone: Ctrl+←, Ctrl+→, Ctrl+↑, Ctrl+↓: this works when picture is zoomed in from default. - Ctrl+Click and hold on the image. The cursor changes to a grab hand. Drag the image up, down, left, or right, as desired: this does not work for me. It seems I can move the picture in one direction. - Scroll through the image using scroll wheel (if available): this does not work with my mouse. thanks, David
  8. I open Romans 8:9 on my Mac. Then I sync Accordance for Mac with the Dropbox, after syncing Accordance opens to Mat 12:9 which is where I was on my iPhone. In the Search field I still see Romans 8:9, so I place cursor there and press Enter button. Nothing happens, text doesn't move back to Matt 12. I have to change verse number to get back. Please fix this. Somehow Accordance assumes it's already at Matt 12:9 while after the syncing it's not.
  9. I like the app. Thank you very much. Here are my suggestions that I wonder if you can do for us.1. the navigationI used the Olive Tree Bible Study app before I bought Accordance. and Ifound the navigation in Olive Tree app is very good. It lists all thebooks on one page, so does it do to the numbers of the chapters andverses. therefore, takes less time to get to another place of the Bible.I wonder if you can make it like the way Olive Tree does, or in similar way.The second thing concerning navigation is:after I click the "library" icon, it shows me the "Recently Opened"page. and if I want to come back to the book I was reading, I have toclick the "Library" Tab, and the "close" Tab. I wonder if you can putthe "close" Tab on the "Recently Opened" page, so that I don't need toclick twice -_-2. Parallel ReadingI set the ESVi in the left column, then the Hebrew Bible in the rightcolumn. When I go to the NT, then because the Hebrew Bible does not haveNT, it becomes black in the right column. The same thing happens if Iswitch from the NT to the OT when the Greek Bible is in the right column.I wonder if the Hebrew Bible and the Greek NT can automatically beopened as I switch from OT to NT or from NT to OT in ESVi (in the leftcolumn). Thank you very much!
  10. Could you please add gesture controls for map navigation? Pinch to zoom in/out. Rotation too. Currently two-finger panning is not very fluid. Can you improve?
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