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Found 2 results

  1. Brian Webster

    Use of INTER and Negating

    I'm trying to build a construct for a Hebrew search and am struggling with the INTER function combined with negation. I'm looking for adverbial cases of non-articular plural אנשׁים. (I don't think this can happen unless there is a text critical problem as in 1Sam 2:33.) I am assuming that אנשׁים after and close to a waw-consecutive masc plural verb will likely be the subject. So I want to exclude those. Between the verb and the occurrence of אנשׁים I want to exclude the article, direct object marker, and preposition right before אנשׁים. I also need to exclude any other verb between the first non--waw-consecutive verb and the use of אנשׁים. [[i will run a separate search for אנשׁים followed by a verb (without waw) but not preceded by a verb.]] Here's a screen shot of a trial. Column 1: verb minus waw consecutive Column 2: Lex = אישׁ; Noun = plural absolute. Between columns is negated INTER with article and D.O. marker, and particlePreposition, and verb; Within 5 words. The results include examples of the article between the verb and אנשׁים, preposition between the verb and אנשׁים, and verb between the verb and אנשׁים. However the article or preposition will not be in the separate color marking hits. I also tried putting all the negated elements in a column between the verb and אנשׁים, which also doesn't work. It did eliminate about 25% of the results but still included the negated elements, just didn't highlight them by color of font. I also tried only putting only lexemes in the INTER window (article, D.O.; bet, lamed, kaf, min) and negating the INTER window. This reduced the number of results but still included elements between the verb and אנשׁים which I am trying to exclude. I appreciate your suggestions.
  2. I get inconsistent results from the use of NOT in the Hebrew construct window, mostly including results that have the element marked by NOT. For example, searching the Qal of ידע followed by את followed by אשׁר followed by [verb]. I have WITHIN 3 words between the first 2 columns and WITHIN 4 words between the 2nd and 4th columns. I run the search with and without NOT on the 3rd column with אשׁר. But some verses show up in both searches. The only difference is that when using NOT the אשׁר does not light up in the results, while it does when the search is done without the NOT. Clearly the program sees it, but why doesn't it screen these results out? The attached screen shots show Gen 9:24 in both results. Perhaps I'm setting it up wrong, but have often had this sort of thing. Another example searches the Qal of ידע followed by כי followed by [verb] WITHIN 4 (from 1st to 3rd column). Gen 8:11 and 15:8 (etc.) should not show up. Thanks for any help.
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