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Found 13 results

  1. One of the reasons I use the ESV as opposed to the NIV is that I can easily jump back and forth between the Greek and English without reading the context, since if I hover over a word in the ESV it highlights it in the Greek and visa versa. (And this is not the case in the NIV). However, since the latest update I just downloaded (not Acc 13, but the update to the GNT28 which comes pre-combined with the HMT) the highlighting is no longer working. It seems really random. Instead of 99% of the words cross-highlighting, only about 10% or less are cross highlighting (Examples are Lk 1:1 and Lk 1:4-6 which are not highlighting any words in the ESV). Furthermore, several of the Greek words are not displaying any info in Instant Details at all (an example κράτιστε Θεόφιλε is in Lk 1:3). This is for sure a bug since it had been working fine up until this last update I downloaded an hour ago. Thank you for looking into this. Sincerely, Kristin
  2. I'm looking for recommendations between these two Accordance packages. I have some experience analyzing variants used written catalogs but, I saw a demo of Olive Tree's package (see video here) and I am now persuaded that I will be unable to live without an automation package of some sort. I'm currently using 12.3.7 and already have the NA28 Bible with Mounce parsings. Thanks, in advance Blessings, Michael
  3. Douglas Fyfe

    NA28-T Crossrefs

    I don't think this one is my fault - but it could be. the crossrefs for NA28-T are looking up the wrong reference. that is, they're giving us the LXX references, which in the Psalms for example are often a chapter and verse out. Accordance then takes us to not the chapter and verse after but to the reference as if it were the standard versification. Eg: Looking at Hebrews 2.12. Crossref: Ps 21.23 Hover over crossref: get shown Ps 21.13 Click the cross ref: get taken to Ps 21.11 (LXX 20.12) again, happy if it's me. but guessing it's not. (this is on the latest PR - not at home to check my mac).
  4. The 10/15/18 update of the NA28 Apparatus notes that Appendix 3 (Loci citati vel allegati) was supposed to have been added. Looking over version 2.3 right now, it's not listed in the appendices and doesn't appear to exist. Was it removed? Was it ever actually added? Am I missing where it was placed? Thanks.
  5. Is it possible to do a word search in UBS5 o NA28? When I start typing I get English letters. If I switch to the Greek polytonic keyboard, I don’t get auto complete for the Greek word I’m looking for (I often rember the word, but not the exact spelling)
  6. At first I thought the apparatus would help but it doesn’t. See screenshot: Thanks!
  7. Savonarola

    Searching NA28 Apparatus

    So what I would like to do is search the apparatus for all the places within a given range in which two particular witnesses agree with one another. I also need to be able to identify whether or not a given witness is cited in support of the base text or a variant. If possible, I would like to exclude all variant units for which a base text (i.e. positive) apparatus is not provided though I should be able to work around this. As an example search, I need a way to identify all the times that B (03) and F (010) are cited in support of the same reading in the book of Romans. To account for "block mixture" I will likely do the searches chapter by chapter (ultimately for every combination of witnesses in every chapter of the NT). An exceptionally tedious and time consuming manual comparison of Romans Chapter 8 revealed 20 citations of the first hand of B, 14 of which were chosen as the base text. Nine of these 20 were in agreement with the first hand of 01, while 10 of them agreed with 010 & 012 (which also agreed with each other in these 10 places). With the way the Accordance module is set up, it would seem that there should be a way to do this... Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. This paper, by Peter Gurry at Cambridge, explains this new model of text-criticism in [relatively] simple terms. It is the method used for the Catholic Epistles in NA28. The article appeared in JETS 59/4 (2016). Here's the link: https://www.academia.edu/30457517/How_Your_Greek_NT_Is_Changing_A_Simple_Introduction_to_the_Coherence-Based_Genealogical_Method_CBGM_
  9. Hi there, When looking into variants on the NA28 (sigma) there are two of them found in Mark 11:13. Just on the second variant - how is the below output (from the NA28 apparatus) interpreted? ⸄ ου (ουπω ƒ1) γαρ ην (+ ο D W 700. 2542) καιρος (καρπος 0188) συκων A C2 D K N W Γ Θ 0188 ƒ1.13 28. 33. 565. 700. 1241. 1424. 2542. ℓ 844
  10. Andrew Nance

    NA28 and UBS5

    If I were to buy the UBS5 on Accordance, does this replace the NA28? Meaning, does it get rid of NA28 apparatus from my Library? Or is it possible to buy UBS5 and keep the NA28 apparatus as well?
  11. With Titus 2:13 it seems the Greek is not aligning with the correct English word, though they are the same word, but the position in the Greek I don't believe is correct. Here is a video showing what I am talking about.
  12. ejbeck14

    NA28 Missing James 1:8

    I think I may have stumbled across a mistake in the NA28-T. When reading James this morning, I noticed that chapter 1 verse 8 was missing in the Greek text. I double checked a hard copy and the online text at nestle-bland.com , and it should read, "ἀνὴρ δίψυχος, ἀκατάστατος ἐν πάσαις ταῖς ὁδοῖς αὐτοῦ." Can we get this fixed?
  13. This appendix lists quotations from and allusions to the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, and non-Christian Greek writers. The references found in the outer margin of the present edition are also included here. Direct quotations are represented by italics, and allusions by normal type. Chapter and verse numbers follow the usage of the Biblia Hebraica, even for quotations and allusions to the Septuagint18 (except for texts transmitted only in Greek). For books where the chapter and verse numbers of the Biblia Hebraica differ from those of the Septuagint or other versions, a table of these differences is given preceding the list of quotations. Unfortunately, the Accordance version does not have this list here. Or can this be found elsewhere? BTW, I saw that other Appendixes are empty too.
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