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Found 5 results

  1. I have my default browser set to Firefox. When I open Accordance and click on Help > Accordance Help, it pastes this URL into Firefox and opens it: file:///Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Resources/Accordance%20Help/Default.htm However, everything is "frozen" in that tab. Neither "Contents," "Index," nor "Glossary" will allow me to click on them and have anything happen. If I put the same URL into Safari (7.1), everything works as expected. Ideas, anyone? Thank you.
  2. David Padfield

    Has the Widget been abandoned?

    I really hate to pester you folks, but it has been two months since Mavericks was released and the Accordance Widget has still not been updated so it can be used in that OS. I've held off installing Mavericks on my main computer since I use the Accordance Widget every day! Are you still working on the Widget or has been abandonded?
  3. Timothy Butler

    Notable Energy Usage

    I've been noticing consistently, even when I'm not using Accordance for perhaps a day or two and just have it "idling" in the background, it is using a notable amount of energy per Maverick's "Average Energy Impact" listings. It usually seems to average somewhere around 2.83, which is higher than apps that I've been using all day, e.g. Microsoft Word (1.99), Preview (1.49), Mail (0.96) or Adobe Acrobat Pro (0.36). Is there any background processes that Accordance runs constantly that could be turned off? It seems to me that when it is not being used it should keep its energy usage (and thus, overall average) close to 0, not unlike iTunes or Chrome (!), for example. Normally, unless I'm doing a lot of photo editing, the only app that is listed as using more energy than Accordance is Safari, which is an absolute resource hog. I've always thought Accordance was relatively kind on resource usage. Any ideas what might be wrong? I've taken to closing Accordance rather than keeping it open in the background since I noticed this... I'm running Accordance and Mavericks 10.9.2 on an rMBP 2.6GHz i7. Thanks, Tim
  4. I just updated my iMac (3.06 GHz Cord 2 Duo, 12 GB RAM) to Mavericks. I then purchased the Accordance 10 Starter Collection and downloaded it. I dragged the application to the Applications folder but when I try to run it, it bounces a few times then stops. The program won't run. Here's the thing. The old version of Accordance I had was 7. I was excited to read on the Stater Collection page "Owners of Accordance 9 and earlier can upgrade to Accordance 10 by purchasing this Starter Collection. You will still have access to all your current Accordance modules." I'm pastoring a small church and didn't want to have to pay for all my modules. I dragged the application to the trash and downloaded it again from the link in the email I was sent. Same thing. I can't get it to run. I checked for previous sessions and temporary sessions in the Accordance Preferences fold and there were none. However, that folder wasn't in the Library, I found it in an Accordance folder in my root directory?? It sure looks like the pervious install was incorrect and I'm really hoping for an easy fix. help
  5. brenshaw833

    Full Screen Mode in Mavericks

    With the new OSX update they greatly improved full screen mode when working on two screens. It would be great to have this functionality in Accordance.
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