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Found 5 results

  1. Hello A friend of mine who was a BW user before he came to Accordance has grabbed again BW, because of the final sale. I was by him at home and he showed me BW, then he explained what he found great in BW and how it appears. I created for him shortly a Workspace which was similar to this feature. In my opinion it would be great if Accordance users which came from another Bible Software would create a Workspace which is as accurately as possible to their old software and share it with other users. Here and on Accordance Exchange. I think this would be a great benefit for changers on their first step with Accordance. More Inspiration you get on Accordance Webinar on Monday with Linda. Greetings Fabian
  2. cpatronella

    Timothy Keller Sermon Archive

    Logos has just announced an exciting new module for their platform. It is the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive. http://www.logos.com/product/17902/timothy-keller-sermon-archive It contains over 1,000 sermons preached and taught by Dr. Timothy Keller: author, speaker, and senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. In this massive archive, the transcripts of his Redeemer Presbyterian Church audio sermons—which work through numerous books of the Bible and cover scores of topical issues—spring to life, ready for search and study. Timothy Keller started Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 1989. The church grew from 50 to over 5,000 people in the last 20 years, becoming known as “one of Manhattan’s most vital congregations.” Keller’s sermons focus on the character, ministry, and work of Jesus Christ. The Timothy Keller Sermon Archive includes 1,233 sermons. With the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive, you can go deep into those sermons—an amazing wealth of preaching material. ANY CHANCE ACCORDANCE IS GOING TO OFFER THIS MODULE?
  3. Ιακοβ

    Phrase Highlighting

    I would love if my favourite bible software allowed cross highlighting phrases instead of just words. (See: https://wiki.logos.com/Sympathetic_highlighting )
  4. jbriones


    Comparing Logos vs Accordance today, there is a feature that could be very user friendly for all, the factbook. Once one selects a word, person, location, etc. and presses factbook, a lot of details come instantaneously, such as when he reigned, where the person lived, where the place is, etc. Moreover, there are links to timelines, maps, and other details. I have not found anything similar on Accordance and would find it useful for us. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I've been using Logos for a number of years (hush! hope no one notices!). I've recently switched to Accordance and must say my study has massively increased as has my Bible knowledge. Thanks Accordance! I've hit a slight snag. In Logos I can take one of my resources and create a plan that will chop it up into however many readings I want. This has been useful in getting me to read my resources as I'm reminded each day to read and the section is laid out before me. Another reason I find this useful is that if I need to read several books before a certain date I can create a reading plan and know I'll have them read by then. I should add that I also use an ipad and synchronising the reading plans across has bee extremely useful. Is there any way to do this in accordance?
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