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Found 19 results

  1. In Live Click - the Verse button adds context from 1 to 9 verses that FOLLOW the Live-CLicked "reference" verse. However, the context slider adds the number of verse on it set BEFORE and AFTER the verse reference. Consistent interface behavior is desired. Request changing Live Click to add the number of verses select from the verse button to be the number of verses displayed BEFORE and AFTER the focused on verse, rather than just after it.
  2. I have been appreciating the live click feature with Greek words. It has usually worked just fine, but recently it is no longer bringing up the word in all of my lexicons. Any ideas about what is causing this? I am able to highlight a word and then amplify in a specific lexicon, but I like the live click feature which brings up all the lexicons at once.
  3. Andrew Chapman

    Exiting live-click action

    I click on a Hebrew word and two panes appear, one for lexicons and one a word search. How do I then remove these two panes, to resume reading the text? Do I have to close each separately, or is there a quicker way? Thanks.
  4. Hi, (I am a beginner). I have saved two workspaces, 'Hebrew OT' with just a Hebrew text, and 'Greek NT' with just a Greek text. Live Click is turned on for both. I click on a word in one of them, say the Hebrew one. The Lexicon and Word Usage panes open in that workspace. I now toggle to the Greek workspace with Ctrl+`. I click on a word. The information about that Greek word appears in the two panes in the *Hebrew* workspace, which comes to the foreground! Any help much appreciated.
  5. rolandfloyd

    Lots of bugs in Accordance 13

    I just downloaded Accordance 13. There seem to be lots of bugs. First, when trying to find hapax legomena, the search does not pick up the first hapax legomena in Matthew 1:1, namely the word βίβλος. This happens when I do all ranges except Matthew itself. Second, I cannot get triple click to work. My preferences are set correctly. Third, live click does not work. Also, trying to find hapax legomena gives wrong information for all ranges.
  6. Hello In Addition to https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/23941-live-click-–-key-bug-with-gke-and-strongs-numbers/and https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/23969-live-clickresearch-–-and-installed-mt-lxx-parallel-module/ I would love to have a 3rd feature. Called Translation Lookup. This would be helpful not only to me, but also for Translators. In my head this works over the language barrier. So If I klick in the HMT-W4 or similar tagged Text with Strong Numbers like the NA28 then if I use the Live Click with activated Translation Lookup all Text with GKE and Strongs shows how the Translations had this done. E.G. I click on a word in the NA28 and then I get a new Research Tab (Translation Lookup) which shows me all Bibles with Strongs and GKE numbers with this. This needs the finish developed feature from the first link to work correct. Thanks for considering this. This feature would be pretty handy for Bible translators. Greetings Fabian
  7. Christopher J. Thomson

    Including grammars in Live Click

    The new Live Click feature is great but I wonder if it would be possible to include grammars and other tools rather than just texts and lexicons? This is one of the features I use the most in Bibleworks - you can just hover over a verse and it will tell you which sections of each grammar refer to that verse and then access them with a click.
  8. Add a way to set the default display sort order of Lexicon Lookup Display. Also, when working on a passage in the Old Testament, it would be nice if the results from the Hebrew Lexicons were displayed first. Thanks
  9. I am sure this is simple, but how do I change the preference so that live click is by default NOT on when opening a new workspace or tab? I can not find out where to do this, and I personally do not like live click, and would rather not have to turn it off in new spaces. Thanks. In Christ, Bret
  10. Timothy Jenney

    #173) Researching Cultural Background

    [Accordance 12.2.9: Intermediate] One of the hardest parts of studying the Bible is identifying important cultural background issues. Fortunately, Accordance offers a wide variety of resources dedicated to this subject—and an array of techniques to access them quickly and easily. Join Dr. J as he explains how to research cultural background information in Accordance. Additional note: I'm really pleased with the progress biblical scholars have made in this area in the last twenty years. These resources are now more available and easier to assess than ever before. As far as techniques, Accordance has made incredible improvements in the last four years (since Accordance 10). Once upon a time we "amplified" a word to a single source, investigating the sources one-by-one as we searched for insights. Now, Accordance 12 offers us powerful search tools and filters to investigate multiple resources as a group: the Info Pane, Live Click, and Research. I wonder what we'll come up with next?!? (Like our Accordance facebook page!) https://www.facebook.com/accordancebible/videos/1507019752775164/ (Like our Accordance facebook page!) https://www.accordancebible.com/Cultural-Background
  11. I like the Live Click function, though I'm still learning how to use it, since I am a new Accordance user. One of my (few) frustrations with it is that it makes inefficient use of space. I would like to see primarily Bible text, not version labels and menus. The bar above the text really seems rather redundant; I don't need it to tell me which version I'm looking at, since that information is already found in two other places on the screen. The buttons for font size and display options could be put elsewhere - perhaps next to the search box (I don't need that much space for a search box anyhow). The resource list ought to be collapsible. It can be useful, but takes up a lot of space, and I don't always want it in the way. Finally, the version label in the text is too big and takes up too much space. Of course I can reduce the font size overall, but the label stays the same size and location relative to the text. Couldn't it be put on the same line as the verse, and in a smaller size font? Just doing that would nearly double the space available on the screen for Bible text. I do hope I don't sound like I'm complaining. You have made a very nice software, with some really awesome tools, and I think it will be very useful for my ministry. I am just trying to be helpful.
  12. Timothy Jenney

    #167) Live Click

    Live Click uses a simple click to search for verse references in all texts—and words in all texts, lexicons, and Bible dictionaries. We added the feature in Accordance 12.2.7 at the request of former BW users, who missed a similar function in their old software. Now, with the release of Accordance 12.2.8, Live Click offers more features and even quicker searches. Watch the podcast: http://www.accordanc....com/Live-Click
  13. I'm very grateful for the live click feature. In days gone by i lobbied for something like this. Is there a way to hid the text column in the research window? I use it primarily to be able to compare the readings of the various versions, and the text column seems a bit redundant for that purpose and takes us valuable screen real estate on my laptop. Just wondering...
  14. Hello I would love to have the Shift key for override . Thanks Greetings Fabian
  15. Timothy Jenney

    #166 The Accordance Advantage

    People have been switching to Accordance from other Bible Software programs for many years. Recently, our office has been fielding a host of calls from former BW users asking for an upgrade path. This podcast covers the basics about Accordance, as well as our efforts to make the process of switching as painless as possible. What are the advantages of switching to Accordance? https://vimeo.com/275683523
  16. Today I updated Accordance to 12.2.7. Played little bit with the Live Click. Then opened app preferences and rebuilt Research cache. Don't know even why, probably because I could press that button :-) Now when I click on the word "James" in the Feasting on the Word, Year B (Commentary on James 2:1), I get an error message saying that this word can't be found in any of the tools or texts requested. At the same time another zone is opened and James is found in many dictionaries.
  17. Hello Maybe this is science fiction now, but I would love if in the Research after the Hits the entries from the MT-LXX would display. By searching the MT the LXX assigned words and otherwise if we search the LXX the MT assigned words. The other one. I would love if the Analysis is activated. Greetings Fabian
  18. Oh my, what a pleasant surprise with the 12.2.7 update and Live Click. I am like a child with a new toy—this is so cool!!! Thanks for the fun and useful features, Joseph
  19. Hello Only Verse Lookup checked didn't work. It seems it should only be active if Lexicon Lookup is checked. And then it should be intended. Or doesn't work it only by me? Greetings Fabian
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