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Found 23 results

  1. Today I added article to my user notes. Manually added about 30-40 links. Then realised that I’ve added this note to the wrong Bible verse. I opened note, copied and pasted it in its correct place. But… all links are blue and underlined, but contain no actual link! Just a style is copied. I wonder how you could go up t v.13 with such an omission. Please fix this. This is major problem.
  2. I have spent hours trying to figure out why links in my User Notes and User Tools are not working. This applies to links of all kinds apparently: links to a verse, links to an accordance tool, and URLs (i.e. links to web pages.) I have returned to Accordance Help and followed the instructions punctiliously but to no avail. They used to work, and I can't see what has changed, Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I am using a Mac with Catalina 10.15.6 and Accordance 13.1.3. I also use Accordance on my iPad, and there the links are fine. Malcolm
  3. I just wrote a little Mac Automator script that will, within any app, open an Accordance universal link directly into Accordance without using a web browser When you right-click on a universal link (https://accordance.bible/link/...) and choose to run this service, it replaces the universal URL with an Accordance specific URL and opens it directly in Accordance. I'm sure others have done this, but I could not find it in the forums so I'll post my work here. You can either create and tweak your own as I explain below, or just download the Service I created. https://www.dropbox.com/s/27xcop4g7r5a1x5/Open%20Acc%20Links%20in%20Acc.zip?dl=0 Using Automator, create a new Service and set it to accept URLs. Add two boxes for "Run AppleScript" and below them one box for "Run Shell Script." (See screenshot) ----- The First AppleScript: on run {input, parameters} (* Removes text "https://accordance.bible/link/" from the input URL *) set output to {} -- this will be the action's output set textToRemove to "https://accordance.bible/link/" -- the text to remove repeat with anItem in the input -- step through each item in the input set {tempTID, AppleScript's text item delimiters} to {AppleScript's text item delimiters, textToRemove} set {textPieces, AppleScript's text item delimiters} to {text items of anItem, tempTID} set the end of the output to textPieces as text end repeat return the output -- pass the result(s) to the next action end run The Second AppleScript: on run {input, parameters} (* Prepends "accord://" to the input items *) set output to {} set prepend_text to "accord://" -- the text to add repeat with an_item in the input set the end of output to (prepend_text & (an_item as text)) end repeat return output end run The Shell Script: (with "Pass Input" set to "as arguments") open "$1" -a /Applications/Accordance.app ----- I'm sure there is an easy way to combine the two scripts into one, but this works great. If you have suggestions to improve it, let me know below. After you save it, it will appear as an option under "Services" when you right click on a URL. (Edit: I completely understand, and appreciate, the need for Accordance to switch to the Universal links, but I use Evernote a lot and often want to skip the web-browser when clicking on Accordance links.) - Omar .
  4. When I edit user notes text and insert some custom Bible links, like "Ap.d. 2:3" as a link to "Acts 2:3", then select all text, copy it and paste as a new user note for another verse, all custom links are gone, links become just a blue underlined text without any links to any Bible verse. Could you please fix this bug?
  5. Hi, Links in the "Check for Updates" window (Paid section) are not active. I click and click and click, but nothing happens. I can't even select the text to copy it in order to paste it in the browser's address bar. MacBook Pro 15.4" (mid-2014 model), macOS Catalina.
  6. When I hover mouse cursor over thy Bible reference in the Tool display, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Cambria font, small size. When I hover mouse cursor over some Bible reference in the User notes, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Verdana font, larger size. It seems that I have no control over it to show both in the same font face and size?
  7. I am having problems with the Accordance-specific search URL for opening and searching a specific Workspace. I find the following sample URLs in the Accordance help file. -------- https://accordance.bible/link/open/English%20Study?Adam or https://accordance.bible.link/open/English_Study?Adam Opens the Workspace entitled English Study and searches for the word "Adam" -------- However, It does not perform as expected. The link merely opens to the designated Workspace without performing the desired search. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
  8. David Leighton

    User Links

    I am wanting to get into some biblical study again. I am also wanting to bring various notes etc. into Accordance and link them in. I am working out the best way of doing this, looking at the difference between user notes and user tools. Part go this is how I can link them together. User tools - it would appear that I can create all the links I want here, i.e to scripture, other tools and other user tools which is excellent. User notes - I have a problem in that I only seem to be able to create links to scripture and not other tools including user tools. Any comments appreciated.
  9. I want to copy items like the above - see attached pdf for all references to pics (the above example is WBC Daniel) and Include the blue highlighting with or without the actual link(s), When I try to copy and paste the above into MS Word, I get no highlighting: I want to copy items like the above (the above example is WBC Daniel) and Include the blue highlighting with or without the actual link(s), When I try to copy and paste the above into MS Word, I get no highlighting What I want would look like this: copying highklighted text from Accordance to Word.pdf
  10. Hello I would love to have some improvements: First, that the selected part is also pre-filled in the search box. Second, a button [Last opened] (zuletzt geöffnet) would be nice. If we have to link a few times to the same recourse it is faster and less time consuming if we can only push a button and the last opened is pre-filled instead of going all the way every time. Thanks Greetings Fabian P.S. I would also love if the Links, Footnotes, Endnotes, Crossrefs etc. would be works after import in Accordance from the html.
  11. I noticed that if I use automatic link tool, Accordance links Nm to Nahum, although in the text it's meant to be Numbers. Is there any rule for this or is it just wrong reference used in the original material which I used in my user note?
  12. Hi there, For some reason the links on my Pillar NTC 3 v1.7 contents pane (red rectangle in screenshot) does not work. With a different module, the links work fine. Thanks, Daniel
  13. Note: I found similar concerns expressed in past posts in this forum, sometimes with a remark that the problem was resolved in version 11.1.4. But I am still experiencing the problem in my version 11.1.6. I am authoring a fairly long user tool with lots of internal links to other titles within the same user tool. And there are also several links to other resources. I recently started replacing the old format links (like "[bDB, Entry, twldwt]") with the newly formatted links where you select the link type, the resource, the field, the search string, and the display all in a dialog box. (Pretty cool.) ​My problem is that my resource links seems to get corrupted easily. All of them. I am not sure why or how. When editing my user tool I get all the links in a block to save. They work for a while (a few minutes or hours). And then they stop working often with an error message of "The characters in this hyperlink are invalid or ambiguous" or a comment that the resource isn't loaded or a comment that the resource name contains too many characters. I then have to go into the user tool and recreate the links. Often most if not all of them. It seems that the resource names are corrupted with lots of additional symbol characters. Or the resource name is truncated. The Search field is typically blank. Trying to save (by hitting the "Update" button) fails until I have replaced all the corrupted resource links in the current block. I will get an error message for the next corrupted resource link each time I try to save. (I am keeping the block size small to minimize the amount of work before I can save again.) Once successfully saved the links work, for a while, and then get corrupted again. I can't figure out what event is triggering the corruption. Perhaps quitting and restarting Accordance? I am syncing my user tools with Drop Box. Perhaps Drop Box sync triggers it? And I am using several devices: my desktop mac (running 10.11.4), my older Powerbook running 10.6.8, and an iPad and an iPhone (both up-to-date). The corruption problem will occur even when staying only on my desktop mac. I don't have to switch devices to see it happen. P.S. Another issue I ran into when recently updating my links is that many of my long-standing scripture reference links had to also get rebuilt because of a following punctuation mark ("." or ":" for example) causing an error message when saving. I have been working on this user tool for many years. So it was a surprise that scripture reference links that worked for a long time suddenly started to have errors. P.S.S. Long term I would like to see Accordance supporting authoring more. Right now Accordance seems to mostly support note taking and not larger scale authoring. But having access to resources via links is so useful that authoring outside of Accordance itself means losing some very powerful tools. It would be super to be able to publish a user tool to a website and have the links all still work even without the Accordance application. (Perhaps some sort of subscription to online Accordance resources might be needed.) Thanks.
  14. Guntis

    Web links

    If I add Web link in the user notes and put it in the brackets, and then use automatic link detection, Accordance adds both brackets to the link itself. Could you please add little logic here? If there is opening bracket before the http, then please don't include it and closing bracket in the end of the link as part of the link! For example, (http://www.example.com) — ( ) brackets shouldn't be part of the link. The same with < > and [ ] brackets.
  15. Today I opened Ps 27, where I had user note: First six verses is ..., then vv 7-13 is prayer. I decided to add a proper link now. So I opened user note in editing mode, selected "7-13" and clicked on the link button. It was preselected to the Scripture/Text type, so I just added Ps. 27: before 7-13 and clicked "OK" button. When I placed cursor on the link in the user notes, I was surprised to see that it points to /www.gobible.org/study/755.phphttp://www.paultripp.comPs. 27:7-13 I don't know where it got such a link! I have multi clipboard manager software (PTHPasteboard Pro), it hasn't such link in the list of recent clipboards. And now it says that it is Web URL type link. I've noticed this several times that when I insert scripture links, I end up with the Web links. Second time when I edit link, it stays as intended. Can you look into this issue?
  16. Hello By importing HTML files with links to User Tool they are lost. This happens in 11.0.2. This I have with www links but also in a more delicate situation. I had made a Word file with URI's to Accordance. After I had save it as Website filtered. And had open it in Safari. Here the link is working but the word "Kyrie" are replaced with _____. But in Accordance then all information was lost. So in the import routine, some information get lost by converting to a HTML file --> Bug by MS And some get lost by importing as User Tool. --> Bug by Accordance Greetings Fabian
  17. Timothy Jenney

    #133) User Notes and Tools

    Ready to make your own Accordance modules? We've given User notes and User Tools am major update recently, with a new Edit Window, the ability to add pictures, and insert many different kinds of hypertext links. Join me as we walk through the improvements—many of them based on your suggestions and requests. http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p133_usernotesandtools.mp4
  18. Hello, When I click in user tool on any scripture link, it opens in a second tab in my workspace. I'd like to open Bible links in the first tab, not in the second. Played with the "Content is Recycled" button, but that didn't solve my problem. Either new tab is created, or link is opened in the second tab. (First tab has NRSV with two commentaries, second tab has NRSV with some other commentaries).
  19. I pasted some text in the user notes on my iPad and was pleasantly surprised that Accordance made them into links. But tapping on those links didn't bring up popup window. Tapping on the link creates grey background for that link and that's all.
  20. This one might be technically really really difficult - and quite possibly the market for fixing it up just too small, but in using User Notes with the Pseudepigrapha I'm finding repeatedly mismatches between the Charlesworth and Charles english texts, where a note written on say Jubilees 5.12 in one will appear as if it is on Jubilees 5.11 on the other. I've generally not tried writing notes on the greek where it exists - I know that it's difficult to get all these disparate texts to line up nicely. Also this might just be incompetence on my part - or it might be a current limitation of accordance but I haven't yet worked out if there's a way of making links to canonical biblical texts in user notes on the pseudepigrapha and vice versa.
  21. Recently, I began taking most of my bible notes within the Accordance software package on my MacBook Pro. I was a little weary of using them in lieu of writing notes in my Bible, but have since been very glad I did. One area that I was particularly excited about was the prospect of being able to download my notes to my tablet and being able to teach and preach from my Accordance iOS app. I was under the impression that if I touched my linked verses in my user notes on the iOS, that the verses would pop up, much like other instant details pop up in the iOS. To my disappointment, my linked verses in the user notes did nothing when I touched them. I got in touch with a tech support person and they told me that this feature was not currently available. He advised me to come to this forum to request this feature. Personally, I think Accordance is losing a great deal of the tablet BIble software market share because of not offering better user notes functionality. There are free programs that enable one to take notes with linked verses and the verses pop up that even some Accordance customers are using in lieu of Accordance's iOS. I understand that there is probably a good reason why this feature has not been included. I appreciate so much all that you guys do. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the software, but I would really like to see this feature added. I've discussed this with a few of my preaching friends, and they would really like to see Accordance provide this feature as well and would use Accordance much more on the tablet for teaching and preaching if it was there. This feature has probably already been requested, but I'm throwing my two cents into the hat for it as well. Thank you for your consideration of including this feature. Sincerely, Torrey
  22. Beloved John

    Creating Links in User Tools

    Greetings Accordance Fans, I am educating myself on Accordance User Tools, and I have a question about linking to other modules from my user tool. In Accordance help article, Creating Links in User Tools, it gives one example, and I quote, "Nearby English words can be included in the link, such as this example of a Greek word in BDAG: [bDAG, Greek Entry, agaph] Love." I don't have the BDAG, but I do have the Mounce Greek Dictionary (smile). Thanks Accordance! Anyhow, what I wish to know is what the nearby English word is in the example above from the Accordance help file. I think it is the word Love on the end there. So, I tried it out. I copied and pasted the text into my user tool, substituting Mounce Greek Dictionary for BDAG in two ways, as follows. [Mounce Greek Dictionary, Greek Entry, agaph] Love and [Mounce Greek Dictionary, Greek Entry, agaph] I get the exact same search results from both links. In other words, I made links of both Mounce Greek Dictionary examples, and I hoped to find something different for the first one because it has the word Love on the end of it. All I wish to know is how do I use Accordance to create a link to an Accordance module within my user tools that will find nearby English words. If I am getting the same search results, as previously stated, I must be doing something wrong. Please help. Thanks. Gracias. Danke. Peaches, opps I mean Peace and Shalom.
  23. Please consider making the "Link" feature in User Notes portable to IOS devices. It would be great to get a popup window for linked scripture references when using user notes on the ipad. Thanks, Joey
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