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Found 14 results

  1. David Gouge

    Turkish Bible

    I thoroughly enjoy using Accordance. The only thing lacking is a readily available Turkish translation. I've seen it on MacSword as a module and it's also available on Youversion.com. The "Kutsal Kitap Yeni Ceviri" (www.kitabimukaddes.com) published in 2008 by the Bible Society (Turkey) is the most widely used and most recent translation. As I mentioned it available quite readily. How difficult would this be to implement?
  2. Hello Should not the Related Product be first in the same language? For example a German Bible, has Bibles as Related Products which are in another language. Instead of other Bibles in German. It is even more strange as no other German Bibles is mentioned. Same for the Commentaries. I picked the single volume. $
  3. Sbjernegard

    Basics of Latin - Zondervan

    Zondervan recently released "Basics of Latin" in the same series as Bill Mounce's Greek and Miles van Pelt's Hebrew (both currently on Accordance). I want to request this new resource be made available on Accordance. https://zondervanacademic.com/products/basics-of-latin "Basics of Latin: A Grammar with Readings and Exercises from the Christian Tradition by Derek Cooper introduces students, independent learners, and homeschoolers to the basics of Latin grammar with all readings and exercises taken from texts in the Christian tradition. As part of the widely-used Zondervan Language Basics series of resources, Cooper's Latin grammar is a student-friendly introduction. It helps students learn by: Minimizing technical jargon Providing only the information needed to learn the basics Breaking the grammar of language down into manageable and intuitive chunks Illustrating the grammar in question by its use in rich selections from ancient Christian authors. Providing grammar, readings, exercises, and a lexicon all in one convenient volume. Basics of Latin provides an ideal first step into this important language and focuses on getting the student into texts and translation as quickly as possible."
  4. miclew

    Add modern Greek audio

    More and more people are switching from Erasmian to modern Greek pronunciation especially since more people are learning Koine outside of the university system where Erasmian is prominent. If you could get Spiros Zodhiates's rendition that would even be better. His is beautiful.
  5. I would like to request the addition of two essential Greek textbooks: A Manual Greek Grammar of the New Testament - Dana & Mantey Essentials of Greek Grammar - Summers/Stevens Both of these are still widely used and would be a great addition to the Accordance Modules. Both Logos and Bibleworks include Summers' book already, but neither have Dana & Mantey. It would be great to see Accordance leap ahead and get both books available as a module.
  6. Hi, I always thank you for providing such a great Accordance software. Recently, I tried to make an User Tool in language of Korean. But it seems that Accordance does not allow to make an User Tool in Korean language. Even though I tried to import a Korean HTML file, the content would change into unreadable characters. The original HTML was UTF-8 encoded. Is there any plan for supporting such that issue? Thank you.
  7. I am a listening person. So Naturaly i like to listen to the Bible to. And specialy if you learn Hebrew or greek it is very helpful to listen to the text, especialy in hebrew beceause of there strange vocalsystem. But when i followed the adwise to change the voice beceause the current voice dosent speak Hebrew i found that all this voices have nice names. witch maby show you there origen if you know the language. But what if you just learn a language? and i mean not just hebrew or greek but every language? The names of the voices dont say there language. That should be changed i belief. I mean you can leave the nice names as the are, and put the language it speakes in parenthesize. but please do something.
  8. Hi everybody, I'm in the research stages on trying to figure out which Bible Software product to purchase. We at the seminary had a demo of the newest version of Accordance and was quite impressed, but there was a couple of questions I couldn't get an answer. I have material in Spanish that I'd like to import into Accordance. Spanish, as other languages like French, German and such have special characters - for example, accents (á, é, í, ó, ú), ñ, etc. - you get the idea. So question #1 is, can I import Spanish/French/German material into Accordance and keep the special characters? #2 (or 1a) - I tried looking in the forums and was able to find some information from an old thread about UTF-8, but it also said there were bugs in it. Have these bugs been fixed so I can import material in other languages? #3 - does the imported material have to be exclusively in .TXT format, or will it take .RTF, .PDF, .EPUB, etc? #4 - Once the material is imported, will it be indexed and ready to search on in the main dashboard, or will I need to do a separate search? #5 - could I search for a term in English and Spanish (for example, search for love (amor in Spanish) and have a way to get results in both languages? #6 - I read somewhere that Accordance connects to Dropbox instead of a local server... does it mean I'd need to buy a subscription to Dropbox (I think there is only like 2gb of free storage) - could it also connect to Google Drive or Onedrive? #7 - BONUS - what are some things that would make Accordance stand out from say Logos (Aside from price and flexibility of use in older computers, and maybe speed)? Thank you everybody for your help. God bless. Victor
  9. Hello, since updating to version 11.2.4 and installing macOS Sierra I have several problems. My biggest problem is a crash that occurs when using the arrows to scroll down in the preferences window or in the text windows or in any other window. Please find attached a screenshot that contains the error. There were several more crashing experiences with Accordance. But they all did not occur every time I use the software. The second problem I have on all my devices (MB with macOS and iPad and iPhone on iOS) is that the language when choosing a book is english. Before I updated to the current version the books were displayed in German. Pleas find attached my second screenshot. I hope you can help me! Thank you very much in advance. Best regards Stefan
  10. mlanglois

    Choose localization?

    I updated Accordance 11.1.5 on my Mac and was surprised to see it has been localized in French. I guess this is the default behavior, since my Mac is in French, but I want to stick with the English interface. I couldn't find any setting anywhere that would let me choose between localizations. Did I miss it somewhere? Otherwise, can this be added to the next version? And in the meantime, can I go back to 11.1.4 (or is there a settings file somewhere that I could edit)? Please help!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm having trouble using User Notes. While Accordance crashes when I try to access notes from a text, I was able to create a new User Notes file and went into editing mode just by clicking into the Notes window. Now here's the problem: I'm trying to write notes to my Ugaritic Database. However, first of all, there is a 'Notes order' (apparently some Bible version), which I can't change and which obviously doesn't apply. Secondly, I cannot use the selected (on the Mac) keyboard; Accordance only seems to offer three possibilitites: Default, Hebrew, Greek. Now, I use transcription quite heavily and there is, unfortunately no way of inputting it. Don't know exactly what Accordance uses as 'default'. At any rate, it would be great for Accordance to just go with the system-wide keyboard. Thanks for any advice. - David
  12. If you have experienced some problem with Easy Install, You can change system locale from your language to English (United States). 1. Open Control Panel - Change display language under Clock, Language, and Region 2. Click Administrative - Change system locale... 3. You can see your language(to me Korean), then change to English (United States) I'm not sure It's able to solve with only "English (United States)" Following values are what I've changed. Formats to English (United States) Location - Current location to United States(This is not related to the problem Actually) Keyboards and Language - Display language to English (United States) I think they'll fix it, but now(11/12/2013) you can fix install it like that.
  13. andypearce

    Export vocabulary lists

    It would be great if it were possible to highlight a section of Greek text and easily export a vocab list for use in ivocabulary / provoc. Added frequency options would make it even better. Is that feature in the current accordance version?
  14. Dear friends, Does anybody know how can I use Turkish letters in my notes section. There is a choice of Helvetica and I believe normally support turkish letters. But there is no section for Times News Roman, Arial etc. Basically I can not write notes, or if I write I have to us s not ş, or u not ü.. Thank you for help Kerem
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