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Found 1 result

  1. I work quite a bit with French since I live in a French-speaking country. I especially use the French LSG version a lot. I've noticed a capitalization issue throughout the electronic version in Accordance. Not a huge deal, but a bit annoying all the same. Bear with me a moment while I explain, since not everyone on here knows French. In French, certain words like "de" and "le" and "la" are normally contracted when followed by a noun that begins with a vowel. So "le + amour" becomes "l'amour". This also applies to proper nouns like "Ammon". But the capitalization doesn't change, so de + Ammon is spelled "d'Ammon", not "D'ammon" (unless it is at the beginning of a sentence, in which case it would be "D'Ammon"). Does that make sense? The problem is that in the electronic version of the LSG version in Accordance, the capitalization is always shifted to the wrong letter. I will copy and paste a few just from the chapter I'm currently studying, Zephaniah chapter 2: le Dieu D’israël - should be le Dieu d’Israël L’eternel [the French translation of YHWH] - should be l’Eternel D’ammon - should be d’Ammon D’askalon - should be d’Askalon I think that is enough examples to illustrate my point. I've no idea how this happened, if it was an overzealous auto-correct that did it, or if someone just typed them wrong, or what. But is it something that could be corrected? Thank you!
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