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Found 7 results

  1. as you can see link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5yo5ur3smy9k96/2019011600001%20Accordance%20Input%20Roman%20with%20Korean%20Issue.mp4?dl=0 and Attached file
  2. “You will lie down, and none will make you afraid; many will court your favor. But the eyes of the wicked will fail; all way of escape will be lost to them, and their hope is to breathe their last.”„ (Job 11:19–20 ESV) No problem with Citation Format in English. “네가 누워도 두렵게 할 자가 없겠고 많은 사람이 네게 은혜를 구하리라 그러나 악한 자들은 눈이 어두워서 도망할 곳을 찾지 못하리니 그들의 희망은 숨을 거두는 것이니라„ (Job 11:19‚Äì20 NKRV) What is that Character? Is it ‘절’? or Dash in Korean Character Area? Before Updating, it's no problem. “하나님이 어찌 정의를 굽게 하시겠으며 전능하신 이가 어찌 공의를 굽게 하시겠는가 네 자녀들이 주께 죄를 지었으므로 주께서 그들을 그 죄에 버려두셨나니 네가 만일 하나님을 찾으며 전능하신 이에게 간구하고 또 청결하고 정직하면 반드시 너를 돌보시고 네 의로운 처소를 평안하게 하실 것이라„ (Job 8:3–6 NKRV)
  3. You can see that Issue happend through link below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fofko77beepenns/2019010600002%20Accordance%20Input%20Korean%20Issue.mp4?dl=0 In User Note, I can input Korean without problem. but it's repeating after cursor each character. I've not used User note and used Evernote instead of it. I tried, it happened. whatever type of IME(Microsoft, Nalgaeset) is, same always. Same issue on Search form in Library pan. and Where can I find Importing bibleworks' notes in Application.
  4. Timothy Jenney

    Key Number Tagged Korean Bible?

    Is anyone aware of a Korean Bible tagged with Key Numbers?
  5. Hi, I always thank you for providing such a great Accordance software. Recently, I tried to make an User Tool in language of Korean. But it seems that Accordance does not allow to make an User Tool in Korean language. Even though I tried to import a Korean HTML file, the content would change into unreadable characters. The original HTML was UTF-8 encoded. Is there any plan for supporting such that issue? Thank you.
  6. rndkjc

    Korean Bible Module

    I want to get two versions of Korean Bible: New Korean Revised Version 2005, Revised New Korean Standard Version 2001. But too small users... How can I get the Korean Bible? *information Youversion.com service Revised New Korean Standard Version 2001 for free with their App and Web site.
  7. Hello. I am a user of ‘Accordance Bible’ for 2 years. It is very useful for me, my church and our saints. But, I unsatisfied with the lack of Korean font. Especially, when using the ‘User Note’, the Korean fonts are broken. So could you fix this problem soon? I and Korean users will really appreciate of your work on fixing it. I will wait for your response.
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