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Found 3 results

  1. Timothy Hall

    Insight need on Judges

    Afternoon all, I am seriously considering a sermon series based on Judges, not sure yet if I will preach through the entire book or select certain judges. Either way I am looking at purchasing a commentary on the book of Judges and thought ya'll could chime in on which is most helpful. I currently have: Cundall in Tyndale Old Testament & Younger in NIVAC I am looking at: Butler in WBC or Web in NICOT, but am open to other thoughts too I am on a limited budget. Thanks for the help.
  2. Tony Pyles

    New* WBC volumes

    I know it was mentioned in the course of this thread, but I don't know of a topic in the Feature/Module request forum, so here goes… I'd love to see the missing volumes in Word Biblical Commentary in Accordance! I know there are difficulties with the rights transitioning to Zondervan, a new revised edition of Joshua coming late this year, the last Job volume not in an e-edition, yet, etc. On the other hand, the revised Psalms 1–50 volume is a decade old (and has some very helpful "catch-up" material from Tate), and the volume on Judges is only two years younger. Surely there are electronic versions of these out there somewhere? I was quite happy to pick up the set in the recent sale knowing that some volumes would only come along later, and likely at an update price. But please know that they are eagerly anticipated when they come! Thanks for your work, Tony
  3. Getinthebible

    Elohim in Judges 17:5

    Hello, I would appreciate any insights you all may have. I have been doing a study on what the bible means when it uses the word "god". This is so I can get a better grasp of the identity of God, who He is and what He is. This study has been ongoing for quite a while. I recently started to consolidate all my research into a user tool. I found that there was a discrepancy in the number of hits that are found when searching the NAS95S for the key number H0430, now as apposed to a few years ago. Namely in Judges 17:5, this verse used to come up with a hit saying that shrine was partly translated from H0430 elohim and partly H1004 meaning house. In other words the hebrew said a "house of gods" so it was translated as "shrine". My search now does not find this hit. I am no scholar but when I look it up in the BHS-W4 I find what I believe is elohim. I am worried that I am missing something that may have an impact on my conclusions. Is this simply a tagging issue or is there something else going on? Thanks for the help.
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