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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I am using Accordance mainly on my iPad and iPhone, I have also installed it on my desktop computer and laptop. Situation: While reading the Bible I usually take notes in "user notes", I also highlight verses and/or words, and so on. After my reading time I usually hit the sync button on my iPad and after syncing I also do the same on my iPhone. This will allow me to have the same notes and highlights on my phone as well. Straight forward and simple. Now, as we all are well aware of, Dropbox had a policy change and charges a fairly high amount of money for subscription. I would like to see the feature to sync all Accordance files via a file folder. The file folder of choice, obviously can be located in a cloud folder, where in turn all files would be synchronized. Has anyone solved the same or a similar problem? Has anyone the same request? Matt 6:33 Blessings, Olivier
  2. Ιακοβ

    Split reading problem

    This has been bugging me often enough I figure it's time to report it! When you are reading a passage, often the last line refuses to scroll to the visible area, i.e. Today I was reading heb 1:1-14 split English/Greek and the last few words in the top English panel refuse to come back into the visible area
  3. EricInSeattle

    iPhone enhancements

    I've just bought Accordance and find it much easier to use than the previous programs I have been using (BW and BS). There are a couple simple changes to the iOS app, though, that I would like to suggest. 1. On the iOS version, when two windows are open, four lines are taken up with the Bible name and the book name in the two headers, for example: GNT28-T Matt. 1:3 ESV with Strong's Matt. 1:3 Why not put the Bible name and the book name on the same line, one to the left and one to the right, as follows: GNT28-T Matt. 1:3 ESV with Strong's Matt. 1:3 Real estate is so precious on an iPhone! 2. Syncing verses in two windows is a little awkward, because the top of the leading verse has to be dragged all the way up to the header panel in order for the follower verse in the second window to move up. What makes this awkward is that the edge of the header panel is not visible, the background color of the header panel being identical to the background color of the text panel. How about making the header panel's background always darker? Maybe even black, with white text?
  4. I've read help and troubleshooting, and nothing works. I just got an iPhone and have Accordance for iOS. I've followed the instructions to synch, but the dialog box that is supposed to find my device can't find it. My iOS says "waiting for Accordance." What am I doing wrong? I'm on wi-fi with both devices. I also tried disconnecting ethernet.
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #97) Tweaking Accordance iOS

    Want to enhance your Accordance iOS experience? Why not tweak the resource settings to your exact preference? http://youtu.be/4osMIPkO4cQ
  6. Downloading modules on my iPhone 5 is very slow compared to my iPad 2, not to mention my MacBook. I don't have any problems downloading other apps quickly e.g. If I download a module of 22 MB it usually takes roughly 10-15 minutes to download/install. Installing several and/or larger modules is actually a pain. Does anybody happen to experience the same? Can anybody help? Thorsten
  7. I erased my laptop HD and upgraded to 10.6 Now when I try to sync. with my iphone accordance says I am synced with another computer. What should I do? My versions... laptop 10.6.8 iphone ios verizon 5.1.1 accord 1.5.3 Thank You Marco
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