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Found 21 results

  1. דוד בן משה

    Where are the suffixes?

    Go to Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica) Tagged → Show Interlinear. The interlinear treats every single word except suffixes. It's like they don't exist. How can this be fixed?
  2. Hello, I got to poking around on the WordMap, and it is indeed great. It got me thinking, why doesn't this automagically integrate as an interlinear choice? I mean, Professor Gottlieb went to the trouble of aligning all of these books, we might as well be able to see them in the interlinear drop down. Just my $0.02. Dan
  3. kdetwieler

    ESVS vs ESV Website

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the greek to match on the interlinear feature in accordance. The original greek on ESV website does not match what I see in Accordance. I'm wondering if it's a setting or I'm missing a module.
  4. I used to love using the interlinear feature, but recently I haven't been able to see it. For some reason it is greyed out. I know I have to choose a tagged text, but I've tried with various texts even ones that say they are tagged with no joy. How can I see the interlinears? Acc 12.2.5, Mac OS10.13.4
  5. KevinPurcell

    ESV Interlinear missing data

    My ESV with Strongs is missing data when I turn on every line of the interlinear. Here's what it looks like. Is there anything I can do short of deleting the file and reloading or deleting the app and reinstalling everything?
  6. Hello, I have been using the interlinear view lately and noticed that when you hide the interlinear (or close it) the view stays at "separate verses". I always use the view "paragraphs with space". Would it be possible when interlinear is closed (or hidden) to have the show as return to the previous view or even the default view?
  7. Morning all I really benefit from having various texts open in parallel panes on screen, but I wonder if I can do something similar in print? Is it possible for instance, to print out a passage in the ESV for example, but with any differences between the ESV and say, the NIV 11, highlighted. Then I can simply look on screen to study the difference and any original language words? Or any other tips on exporting and printing some of the parallel pane benefits? Thanks Adam London, UK
  8. Sometimes I'd like to copy the Accordance transliteration of a given Hebrew word and then paste it into notes I'm taking. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  9. I recently use interlinear a lot and it is really useful. But when I use interlinear, original text and interlinear contents are not aligned. It's like this. http://i.imgur.com/7oss3lD.jpg This is because words of text and interlinear are not aligned. This is not the worst case because I can see the interlinear contents though not aligned. But when I move cursor to the end, I can't see any interlinear contents. http://i.imgur.com/TPQYLtf.jpg I think this is a bug and this makes me so annoying. This is same on iOS. Solution of this bug is aligning text and interlinear. http://i.imgur.com/PcNWwcS.jpg This is an image that I edited using Photoshop. Please consider this in the future update. Thank you.
  10. mfisch53

    I Pad interlinear

    When are you going to have an interlinear?
  11. Is it possible to display an interlinear horizontally in one column and then "stack" several versions vertically one on top of the other in one other column? I've got this (a separate column for each translation): Something like this is what I want (stacked translations in one column; it's sloppy since I just pasted together screenshots):
  12. dandennison

    Add Interlinear to iOS

    There are many reasons why the pace of iOS development in Accordance is not what we would like, and I appreciate sincerely the efforts of Chris, et. al. have been giving to us. I consider myself a Mobile First user, and I am not alone here, since the entire world is shifting in this direction. Further, a huge reason I own so much of Accordance besides the awesome pricing is due to the iOS platform. It is simply too hard to curl up in a chair with a Macbook, and I refuse to have so many dead trees in my home since we tend to move around a fair bit and I hate clutter. All that said, we really need the interlinear mode. When translating or checking translations, I love to use the interlinear mode. For the OT, the MT-LXX interlinear is fantastic. But, none of this awesomeness is available on my iPad. Yes, there are many things unavailable on the iPad, such as syntax, diagrams, interactive maps, interactive timelines, etc., and I'd love to have all of those things. But what I'd love to have most is the interlinear. Interlinear plus Airplay projection means I have one less reason to drag a laptop around to the various translation committee sessions. It also means I can finally understand a variant reading in church. From what I can tell, OT has nothing at all like Comfort or Metzger's textual commentary, so all I have to go on for a 1:1 tool is the apparatus. Best, Dan Ultimate, Hebrew/Greek Masters, etc.
  13. So I decided to create a custom interlinear for front-line text critical comparisons of the Versions... I started with the BHT, and added the MT-LXX interlinear, the DSS, and the SP. To test it, I went to a text for which I knew what the results should be, and discovered some discrepancies. At Gen 2:2, the MT reads ויכל אלהים ביום השביעי But the LXX, the Peshitta, and the SP all read הששי. Yet the interlinear that I created has the SP reading השביעי along with the MT. To ensure that I was not losing my mind, I added the BHS apparatus and the SP in parallel, and they confirmed what I was noticing—that the interlinear is rendering the reading of the SP incorrectly. Also, I noticed that ששי in the (parallel) SP was not cross-highlighting, yet the definite article does. (Please see images attached). I don't know if these two problems are related. Is it possible that I just missed something? Or is this a bug? Thanks! David
  14. Hello There is something strange in the Interlinear of UBS5 Greek NT (Sigla). I can only use it with itself. And it's not listed in the other list. Greetings Fabian
  15. jrethorn

    Interlinear formatting

    I've attached a few different screenshots of issues when using the interlinear feature. I see three different things that are causing problems. 1. When I have an English translation added, words sometimes get cutoff (screenshot 1 with the end of v18 & beginning of v19). 2. It seems like the dynamic resizing of the zones does not translate well. I have to keep fidgeting with the zone size to get the text to display properly (screenshot 2 showing PrtSpeech and tag being cut off). 3. The interlinear does not always line up the different elements very well (screenshot 3 shows the text does not line up with the other parts of the interlinear). I'm using 11.0.6 on a MacBook Pro Retina (10.10.3)
  16. I spoke recently with Helen about re-ordering interlinear rows, and she recommended I post a request on the forum. I guess in that way someone who maps future features might notice. I'd like to see (1) the ability to re-order the rows in the interlinear. There are times when one wants several lines, but certain ones are more important. Those should be near the top. (2) It would be helpful if even the relative sizes of the different lines could be changed to save screen space. (3) It also seems to me that the blank space between lines uses a lot of screen real estate. Maybe it could be configurable. If you've only got 3 lines to look at, no problem. But if you've got a dynamic interlinear up with several lines, the space between lines uses a lot of space. Of course, I only use a MacBook Pro, so I can't spread things out on several monitors. Accordance 10.4.1 on Mac OS 10.6.8
  17. Mark Nigro

    Interlinear Problem

    I don't normally use the interlinear but wanted to test something yesterday and stumbled upon some strange behavior. When I open the interlinear in the BHS-W4, portions of the transliterated text run off the margin of the pane, causing some of it to be unviewable. Widening the pane doesn't help, it just changes what parts of the text disappear. Magnifying the whole tab space to full screen does let me see all the text, but it results in the transliterated words splitting rather than remaining whole or even hyphening. Notice the screen shot where the text gets cut off to the left margin in normal pane view.
  18. Is there a way to copy and paste a dynamic interlinear view into a word processing application? Accordance allows interlinears to be presented/configured on the screen in multiple different ways, but how do you copy and paste an on screen view (whether a traditional interlinear or other configuration) into a Word, Mellel or other Word processing application? Accordance seems to only allow the source Text to be highlighted and selected for copying, but not the interlinear Tag, Lemma, Gloss, Translation, etc., that you can see on screen. I have been unable to find help specifically addressing this issue anywhere on the Accordance site. If the functionality exists, I am sure there would be plenty of others interested to know and an article or podcast would be useful. If the functionality is not in Accordance, please consider adding this to the next version/update.
  19. [basic: Accordance 10] The latest free update of Accordance 10, Accordance 10.2, offers users a number of exciting new features. The podcast covers two of them: 1) Combined Text allows users to combine two texts, like a Hebrew OT and a Greek NT, in a single parallel pane; and 2) The MT-LXX Interlinear displays the LXX under any tagged Hebrew Bible—and the Masoretic text under any Greek LXX. Join Dr. J as he explains these two new features.
  20. AdrianD


    I just upgraded to v10. Looks great! Unfortunately, I do not see the checkbox for the interlinear function that I see in the podcast. How do I access the interlinear function?
  21. Utilizing Accordance's new interlinear feature, I quickly realized how useful it would be to compare the MT and LXX in interlinear view. Combining the MT/LXX database with the interlinear feature seems to be a logical next step. Perhaps such a request can be added to the continually lengthening list of future features.
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