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  1. Kristin

    auto add to Info Pane

    I really appreciate that when I buy a commentary, grammar, or something from a topic on the Info Pane, that the new resource automatically gets added there to the Info Pane. ❤️ Thus, when I buy something which does not fit in a category, it won't show up and I will quickly forget about it. Thus, awhile back I went through my entire library and added EVERYTHING that was not already in the Info Pane to the "My Toolset" section. However, since I did this so late in the program and had a lot to manually add, I can pretty much guarantee that I missed something. I realized this last night as I re-discovered the Accordance Outlines while working with Tech Support. My feature request is thus two fold: 1) Most important, that when I buy a resource that does not fit into a normal Info Pane section, that it is auto added to the My Toolset section of the Info Pane. 2) That there is a more practical way to add resources to it (such as selecting 10 resources and adding, or ideally drag and drop to the Info Pane). As it is, I did it all manually from the Info Pane. The way it is done is not that bad for one resource, but trying to do 50x resources like that gets really confusing after awhile. Thank you for considering this. Kristin
  2. Hello As a non English native I would love to see the possibility that gives theWord in Accordance too. Here you can select the headings from the selected Bible or the standard outlines. In the Accordance Info Pane this would be here: The heading from the Notes. Thanks Greetings Fabian
  3. I am sorry how basic this question is. I think the information is somewhere, but I cannot find it. With that said, I have some questions concerning the info pane. I love the info pane and use it all the time. While it lists my commentaries, I find myself not using other resources which are classified as dictionaries, since the info pane does not have a dictionary setting. I think that I can add other resources to the info pane by adding them to "MY TOOLSET". If I add a resource, whether a dictionary or something else, it will appear there when an entry matches, and not appear when no entry is found, just like the commentaries. Is this correct? If this is correct, is adding resources by editing the MY TOOLSET directly on the info pane the right way to do it? Thank you for any clarity you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  4. (New User Alert) How to Question I just bought two theologies in the current sale. I noticed that the Info Pane lists commentaries when they link to the current verse, but I do not see that any theologies appear. For example I was looking at a verse on baptism to see what would happen. No theologies appeared in the info pane. If I open a new window for the theological works and do a search on "baptism" I can check each theology manually book by book for an entry, but this seems like it might be the wrong way for me to approach this. Question: If a theology cites a verse that is the current verse in focus, should links to theologies appear in the info pane? Question: Is there a recommended way to check for comments on the current verse in theologies (or works other than commentaries)? Thanks for any help or tips maranatha, Craig
  5. I am a 100% Newbie. I just moved from BibleWorks. The Word List in the info pane has no preference settings that I can find. I can't find anything in tutorials or help. I would like be be able to set the word list to verse > chapter > book. Am i missing something? In Bible works there was a Word Frequency window that the context for word frequency could be changed. The results could be sorted by frequency or alphabetically. I don't see a great benefit of a word list for one verse.
  6. In Matt 28.19, the grammar section of the Info Pane shows only Robertson's Grammar while if I do a research on [Grammars] the list includes Wallace and Mounce from my library. See attached screenshot. My questions are: 1. Is this inconsistency a bug? 2. Or perhaps does the Info Pane follow a different tagging of resources since as I understand the Research command follows the folder in the library? 3. If so, how does the Info Pane identify related resources? 4. Is there a way to customize this in order to make the Info Pane sections prioritize identified resources? Thanks.
  7. Timothy Jenney

    #173) Researching Cultural Background

    [Accordance 12.2.9: Intermediate] One of the hardest parts of studying the Bible is identifying important cultural background issues. Fortunately, Accordance offers a wide variety of resources dedicated to this subject—and an array of techniques to access them quickly and easily. Join Dr. J as he explains how to research cultural background information in Accordance. Additional note: I'm really pleased with the progress biblical scholars have made in this area in the last twenty years. These resources are now more available and easier to assess than ever before. As far as techniques, Accordance has made incredible improvements in the last four years (since Accordance 10). Once upon a time we "amplified" a word to a single source, investigating the sources one-by-one as we searched for insights. Now, Accordance 12 offers us powerful search tools and filters to investigate multiple resources as a group: the Info Pane, Live Click, and Research. I wonder what we'll come up with next?!? (Like our Accordance facebook page!) https://www.facebook.com/accordancebible/videos/1507019752775164/ (Like our Accordance facebook page!) https://www.accordancebible.com/Cultural-Background
  8. I open Info Pane, click on the gear icon in the My Toolset section, add to the Toolset "Cross References" and "Outlines of Bible Books", Save. My Toolset shows only the first resource icon.
  9. Timothy Jenney

    #163) Philip and the Ethiopian

    Join me (Dr. J) in this study of the Ethiopian’s conversion (Acts 8:26-40). This podcast digs deeper into the passage, determining its limit, establishing its literary and geographical context, and investigating unclear and unknown items in the passage. The study is a good model of how to use the Info Pane quickly and efficiently. Watch the video here: https://www.accordancebible.com/Philip-and-Ethiopian
  10. I would find it exceptionally useful to be able to use outside resources more fully in my studies. Namely, I would love to be able to integrate academic articles more fully into my research. For example, if there were a JSOT article on Genesis 2:4, I would love it if, when in the course of things I were reading Genesis 2, when I read through that verse, the Info Pane would show me that I have an article with this Scripture reference available. As best I can tell (as a rookie), this would simply involve allowing the Info Pane to also display results from indexed User Tools. Then the Scriptural References that are automatically detected and linked upon import would link up with the article in the same way that a commentary's reference would. Also, it would be much easier to just be able to add my PDF of these article rather than having to format it into a HTML to import it. Thank you for a great program. I appreciate you listening to my feedback and consideration of these suggestions. Colin
  11. Timothy Jenney

    #155) Info Pane Improvements

    Wow! The Info Pane sure has improved since we first released it in Accordance 11. This podcast covers all the additional features and the new categories added since that initial release. In addition, it includes charts of the wide array of cursor hovers, clicks, and keyboard shortcuts that help make it so very, very fast. https://vimeo.com/223231310
  12. Forgive my ignorance, but currently it appears that the Info Pane "word list" allows only one verse at a time. I would like to highlight a passage (eg Matthew 13:1-52) to look at the concentration of certain words within a verse range. Am I overlooking something obvious or is this a potential future feature?
  13. Timothy Jenney

    #153) Illuminating "Day"

    The latest podcast is up! #153) Illuminating "Day" (Heb. yom) What does the word “day” mean in Genesis 1:5? This podcast is a study of this question, one of the critical issues for interpreting the Creation account in Genesis 1. Using “day” as a case study, Dr. J shows both the correct and the incorrect ways to study a word in the Bible. In the process, he demonstrates five features in Accordance that make quick word studies easy—and sheds some “light” on this contentious issue. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/208870829
  14. Hi, Several translations show the Word List in one column, few other translations in two-columns. It seems to me that all translations could use two-column layout. Pane width is wide enough for that.
  15. Hi, Could you please optimise word list column width in the Info pane? It tends to show words in 1 column although there's plenty of horizontal space to accommodate two columns, thus Topics section could be moved upward. Secondly, perhaps you could link those words in the Word List with the dictionary in the Instant Details palette? When I hover the mouse cursor over those words, Instant Details could show original words, and vice versa, if I choose to list words according to their Key Number, Instant Details could show their dictionary translation.
  16. Hi, Could you add a checkbox to NOT display commentary titles beneath the book cover photos/icons? Cover photo is all I need. Those titles are so tiny and they are truncated anyway. In the given screenshot there could be 4th column for the commentary list, in my opinion.
  17. Timothy Jenney

    #149) Accordance 12 Features

    Podcast 149 is a quick, concise look at Accordance 12's new features. Description: [Accordance 12: Basic] Accordance 12 is here! It includes five major new features and/or improvements: Stack, Paper, Improved Analytics, Research Analytics, and Info Pane. This initial release of the newest version of Accordance also includes eighteen other minor features and improvements. Join Dr. J as he reviews them all in this podcast. https://vimeo.com/194379376
  18. It would be nice to have a little more control over Info Pane. One way I could see this happening is by adding a feature to be able to tag modules from your library that would set the priority in Info Pane. Another way would be to import user preferences via a CSV file. For each book of the Bible, a user could set favorite commentaries, dictionaries, etc... Blessings, Cliff
  19. Hello I would love to see if I hover over the Word List in the Info Pane if the word number would come in the Instant Details. How often this word is in the text, like on hover over the word in the text and press Command. Hover over a word of get
  20. In my Info Pane only one of my study bibles is liststed, the ESV Study Bible. I have two more in my libarary, Apologetics Study Bible and Life Application Study Bible. There is only a minus button and no plus button to add more, like you do with Commentaries. How do I get the rest to show up? I looked in the Set Info Pane Disaply under the Settings Gear icon menu. Any ideas? See attached screenshot.
  21. Ιακοβ

    Info pane display?

    Is it just me or has the info pane changed how it works? It seems like now when I open up a resource, the info pane stuff's itself next what you are trying to read. Has it always done that? Anyway its quite irritating because I am now essentially having to: - open a module - close the info pane - open the other things i wanted in parallel (I love the idea of the info pane, but mostly I don't have enough screen space, it is usually getting in the way and causing the "there is not enough space to put that panel there" error while I am trying to use accordance.)
  22. Timothy Jenney

    #137) Wine and Wineskins

    The latest podcast is up, a study on Matt. 9:17, Jesus' saying about new wine needing new wine skins. This podcast is designed for those new to Accordance, especially those who may have a limited number of resources. It focuses primarily on using the Info Pane to access study resources—and the resources are limited to those in Accordance 11's Bible Study Collection. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/160487340
  23. farcas

    Info Pane

    Currently the Info Pane has a place for commentaries and an apparatus to be listed if its available for that verse. But what about including a list of texts that have content for that verse? I'm thinking of a Qumran mss or NT mss where much can be missing. Or the Targums. Instead of keeping track of all the places a text has or does not have text, it would be nice to have the Info Pane do the checking ahead of time. Thanks!
  24. markchenhalls

    Info pane icon option for toolbar

    Please add the "Info Pane" icon as an optional icon to add to the toolbar The Info Pane is a fantastic resource. However causing the info pane to display is not intuitive It is currently an option under "Add Parallel" I understand there is a keyboard shortcut (however, the keyboard shortcut [command + letter] is not displayed so a person must remember the keyboard shortcut) There are times when a person wants to hide / unhide the info pane Adding an info pane icon in the toolbar will make it quick and easy for the user to hide/unhide this panel. It will also remind them about the wealth of info that this panel contains
  25. Hello (Joel) My Info Pane Cross References don't work properly. If I click on it then comes the select Vers.=all O.K. But with Command-click sometimes it brings only a few verse and sometimes an empty Pane. Greetings Fabian
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