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Found 18 results

  1. When using accordance 13 on Windows 10, I have noticed that when hovering over words in NA-28, the hovering is off by a certain amount, apparently due to the program not taking into account the spacing between the end of the reference (ie, in the example below, Heb. 2:5) and the text itself. In other words, it seems that Accordance is acting as if the space does not exist, so hovering highlights the wrong pixels. The same behavior affects highlighting text to copy and paste. The wrong letters get copied. E.g., Copying the text "Οὐ γὰρ ἀγγέλοις" returns "ὰρ ἀγγέλοις ὑπέ": I never noticed this before upgrading to Accordance 13. Below I give examples for the first three words of Hebrews 2:5 to demonstrate what I mean. Notice that the highlighted area is the correct size for the word, but is simply in the wrong location (so when ἀγγέλοις is highlighted, it is larger than for ου or γαρ). Also note that this does not always happen for the NA 28, but only certain passages, but is affecting Hebrews. E.g., compare Heb 2.5 and Matt 1.1 This error is also happening with NA 28 with Sigla, but does not happen with GNT-T (ie NA 27):
  2. It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to toggle source and cross highlighting, or to be able to add such a shortcut. Also, as long as I'm mentioning shortcuts, it would also be nice to have shortcuts for the live highlight options: toggle enable, toggle whiteboard, clear whiteboard, etc. Thanks! It feels strange to ask for more from a great piece of software. Is it whining? Accordance users are spoiled. ;-) Thanks again! Jimmy Doyle
  3. I can no longer open hightlight files in iOS on an ipad when I've made changes to those highlight files in Accordance 13 when those files have had pen elements added to them. Is this a known problem?
  4. I am writing this post at the request of the technical support department. I had been using Accordance 12 and it had been working great. I use it for classes, which means that I often need to read a text and then look away and then go back to the text. As a result, I love using highlighting as a way to mark pronouns and not lose track of who is who. I would put one highlight symbol under one person and another symbol under another. I would thus select a word and highlight, then I would press my repeating highlight shortcut (command 8, but I think it is originally command E) and it would highlight it again with the same symbol. Super simple, super fast. Using the fictitious verse as an example, “he (grape) said to him (star), 'I (grape) will go to you (star),' and he (grape) went to him (star).” However, in accordance 13 when I select the symbols I have a highlight looking symbol and I need to DRAG the SYMBOL along the word as if I were highlighting. The symbol thus drops randomly and I need to pick it up and center it. Then I am selected a new word but the act of selecting it drops another symbol. It appears to be that in Accordance 12 you select the word and then highlight with the symbol, where as in Accordance 13 you need to first select the symbol and then highlight, since you can't select a word without highlighting again. That in itself would be fine (I would not say I like the change, but it something someone could get used to), but it is very time consuming that when you “highlight” with a symbol, that the symbol just drops randomly and is not centered over the word like in Accordance 12. This causes the extra step of centering the word. More importantly though, when I press command 8 it no longer repeats the same highlight, but repeats the last highlight which is not a symbol. So if I drop a grape icon (and do the extra step of centering it) and then press command 8 to insert it again on the next word, instead of another grape icon it underlines the word pink. I see a lot of advantages to Accordance 13, but the new way of highlighting was so disruptive to my work that I wound up downgrading to Accordance 12. Technical support had been screen sharing with me and had seen the issues I was having with the highlights randomly dropping (causing the extra centering step) as well as the way that command 8 no longer repeated the last highlight. They then said they thought it would be good if the two ways of highlighting (the old way in Accordance 12 and the new way in Accordance 13) could be a toggle or something so that people would have the option to keep using the symbols and highlighting as it had been done in Accordance 12. (I had realized that there were new highlights added in 13, but had not realized the whole thing had been totally changed before I was working with it.) I am dependent on highlighting enough that I will just stay with Accordance 12, but I hope this is helpful for the Accordance team and I appreciate all of the work which has clearly been put into designing Accordance 13. Respectfully, Kristin
  5. bcordoba

    Reading mode improvement

    While in reading mode the "highlighting" (the one that shows the word with the same root in another text pane) should be disabled since there is only one pane open. Thanks for the great program and support! Benoît
  6. If you delete a style from a Highlights File it removes the name of the following style in the list, however the correct style is deleted. Therefore what happens is that it transfers the name of the deleted style to the next style in the list. So I have the following list I select 'Contrast' and delete it and get the following message to confirm deletion (which is correct) However once you confirm the deletion the result is It is actually 'Comparison' that has disappeared and 'Contrast' is still there. You will also notice that 'Contrast' now has the style that was originally 'Comparison'.
  7. I have made several highlights in my ESV text. When I sync the text in IOS, it does not bring over my highlights. Must my desktop highlights be exported to mobile highlights?
  8. After adding new highlight file and clicking on toolbar's highlights button, the whole program freezes - then Acc has to be closed by killing the process with Windows Task Manager and restarted. Windows 7 SP1, Acc 11.0.1
  9. JoshPannell

    Highlighting in Accordance

    Is it possible that we could get some more highlighting options for Accordance in the future? Specifically I would like to see the following things: 1. Pre-programed asthetically pleasing highlights similar to the inductive Bible study. Could I highlight with crosses, clouds, rocks, etc? http://precept.org/data/sites/1/PDFs/PMI_IBStudyOverview_v2.pdf 2. A way to change the font color in a highlighted word only. Perhaps I have my default font in black and I would like to highlight sin in black, in this case I would like to change the font color to either a light gray or white. 3. Could we insert numbers and letters for lists with highlights that look like they have been drawn (eg. 1, 2, 3, 4 inserted as a highlight in the text)? 4. Could we have an option to combine highlights like we can with user notes? 5. Could we have a way to search highlighting? For example, perhaps I want to see all the highlights I have for covenants throughout the Bible at the same time. This is far more powerful and useful then a simple word search because it involves human intelligence and decision making. Thanks for your time!
  10. I just went to highlight a passage for the second time now in Luke 8 (part of verse 2 and 3) and when I clicked highlight it highlighted the verse above the section... last time I did it it highlighted the part of the verse I wanted and then all of the verse after it? Also, it highlighted the text in the parallel pain (the Arabic Bible) which I've set 4 times now to "verse highlighting off". I only highlight new words/phrases in the Arabic text and so I don't want the other highlighting from my default text (the ESVS) to be included and then clutter up the text. but like I said, I've set it numerous times, and it works in the beginning but then always 'undoes' itself... and yes I've set it as the default setting for that text. Any ideas? Thanks kindly... PS- I don't have any other problems highlighting other parts of the text or other tools... just this section for some reason.
  11. Timothy Jenney

    #103) Bless the Lord!

    [Accordance 10: Study] Psalm 103 is a paean of praise to God for all his blessings, past and present. In this podcast, Dr. J walks us through a step-by-step exegesis of this psalm, showing how to move from an initial reading to a final sermon or Bible study. Mingling personal insights with those from the best of the commentaries available in Accordance, Dr. J digs into the passage to mine its depths of meaning. http://youtu.be/6Za3SaLpDfI
  12. I would like to be able to select multiple words at once in highlighting like I could in kindle, adobe, pages, notes, etc. As of now my only options are to highlight by word, sentence, or paragraph. Perhaps I would like to highlight two, or three words of a sentence. Perhaps I would like to highlight "Jesus Christ" and not just "Jesus" or "Christ."
  13. JoshPannell

    Highlighting Poetry

    If I highlight poetry in Accordance when the poetry is not suppressed and the highlight goes over a single line, this is the result I receive from the highlight. Could we have a solution for this?
  14. I am currently working on Accordance 9, and I don't know if more functionality for User Tools was added in Accordance 10, but I wonder if anyone else has requested the ability to highlight User Tool files. I am taking classes that require me to study Greek texts that aren't available as modules, but are in the public domain (this term it is Plato's Phaedrus). I can copy sections from online sources into a User Tool and divide the text into sections, but what I'd love to be able to do is use my Greek highlighting system that I use in Biblical text modules instead of having to open an edit window and change font color. Additionally, I create a second User Tool for my translation and notes, and I wonder if there is any way to set up the headings so that the sections are linked for scrolling. Maybe I'm the only one looking for this functionality, but it sure would be nice to be able to develop my own texts over the course of my study. Thank you!
  15. What Logos calls "sympathetic highlighting" is the ability to highlight, say, all the verbs of a tagged text with red font, and all the prepositions with blue underlining, etc. This is extremely helpful for reading, especially in the original language texts. And I think it would be quite easy to write into the Accordance program. When looking for Bible software, I almost bought Logos instead of Accordance because it could do this and Accordance currently can't. But I didn't... Another highlighting feature that would be extremely valuable (that Logos or any other program I'm aware of doesn't have), would be the ability to highlight all the occurrences of a certain word or root in one text (or in section of a particular text, e.g., a book or chapter) with a particular highlighting style. For instance, one of my mentors has a print Bible in which he has highlighted all the key Greek words of, say, Philippians in a different colors and styles. This has taken him years to do (and of course he's gained great knowledge just in the process of doing it), but if I could highlight, for example, every occurrence of koinonia, "fellowship" in Philippians in each of my Bibles in seconds, and then highlight various other words in a similar way, and then read through that text and notice them all together and how they relate, that would be incredibly helpful! Again, this seems like it would be so easy to write into the program to work for any tagged text. If this highlight feature were ever to make its way into accordance, another really helpful feature would be the ability to search any amount of text in such a way that the search results listed all the words (or roots) in that text in descending order (with the number of occurrences of each word next to the word or root). This would enable one to objectively notice what vocabulary is most prevalent in a particular book, or in a particular parable or chapter, or in all of Paul's letters, etc. From that, one could then decide on what words one would want to highlight in Philippians, or in all of Paul's letters, or in the Synoptics, etc.
  16. Noticed today as I was switching between opened workspaces, that changing my highlighting set in one workspace causes it to change in all of them. This becomes a problem when using a different set for each workspace since, when it changes, the highlights made with a different set disappear until you reselect the set with which those highlights were made. I searched preferences and didn't find anything that could alter this, so unless I missed it, here's my official request for a feature to allow the selection of a highlighting set in one workspace without changing the selection in other workspaces that are opened. Thanks Accordance!
  17. Today I wanted to copy biblical text with its highlighting to then paste into a PowerPoint slide for a class I am teaching. However, I lose the highlighting in the copy/paste transfer. I have searched the help file and forum but haven't found this specific request. Is there a way to keep the highlighted portions? A workaround I have found, but which I'd like to avoid, is to select the text, print to PDF, and then I could bring in the document to PowerPoint as an image. Thanks for any advice. Mark
  18. Mark Nigro

    Highlighting Problem

    I am not sure if this is a bug or an oversight on my part, but I am unable to do any highlighting with my primary defined highlight set. I can change the set to any other of the five I have and highlight, but not with my main, which only gives me the error sound when I apply a color after selecting text. The texts I have attempted to highlight include bibles and tools. Is this because the highlight set has become associated with another workspace, or could this be a bug? Thanks.
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