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  1. I know I posted about this a few hours ago in feature requests, but this is serious enough that this "feature" needs to be reported as a bug. If Highlight files are so easily corrupted, there simply needs to be some sort of warning box or a built in safety measure. When the Highlight file becomes corrupted, it doesn't just disappear. If it did, I would open a backup. By contrast, it gradually corrupts itself. As a result you can work for MONTHS without realizing something is wrong, and so you keep doing daily backups of a corrupted file without knowing it. I literally back up my computer every day to try to protect all my work, but I can't read the Bible cover to cover every night to check of there is a problem before backing up. By the time the corruption is bad enough to notice it is so catastrophic the file is unusable. I am needing to go back to a highlight of last year to even find something "usable" but obviously losing almost a year of work in the process barely makes it worth it. I am going to radically change how I work so I am not dependent on the highlights anymore, but I am feeling pretty burned out since I had put so much work into this file. I will attach a photo showing what the corruption looks like. As you can see, I could not even place the X on the left if I wanted to. Files like this are not usable. Some programs have some sort of precaution, so that if the user starts doing something, it sort of self protects. It appears, I am not a programmer, but it appears that if the file gets to large it sort of starts writing over itself, or something? I don't know. 😢
  2. I like to highlight all indicative verbs in NA28 Greek NT with a parallel ESV and NRSV pane. I can do a search for [VERB indicative] for a range say 2 Cor. 5, but this wiill only show 19 out of the 21 verses since only 19 verses have indicative verbs. In the attached screenshot, verse 5 is not shown. Is there a way to show all 21 verses and also highlight the indicative verbs?
  3. ArnoldsBibleResource

    Highlights don't sync

    Hi Highlights don't sync. I tried all sorts of permutations. Thx A
  4. Hi, Sometimes I fail to apply highlighters correctly. For example, when red underline is applied, I see that it stretches also across the space between the sentences, which was not my intention. If I had Undo available, I could press Command+Z and adjust selection and apply red underline highlighter again. Now I have to remove underline highlighter, sometimes it removes not just underline, but background highlighter as well… and I have to apply two highlighters anew.
  5. I'm running Accordance 13.1.3 on Windows 10 x64 on a Dell Latitude E6540. I am preparing a Bible lesson, and in the course of preparation highlighted several key words in Accordance in my NA-28 GNT. Now I want to export that passage with the highlights to Word, or some other word processor, but I cannot figure out any way to do so! I finally thought I had the solution when I found the "print selection" command. So I selected the passage (1 John 3), right-click, and select "print selection" and print to a PDF file. But the highlights get ALL messed up! See the attached screenshot. How do I export a passage with highlights to get it out of Accordance? If Print to PDF would work properly, I'd be all set. But as it is, the results are unusable. Help!!
  6. Greetings! I tried searching the forums first for an answer, but no joy. Issue: When I open the highlight panel and look under Styles, I can't read the text (font color = black) inside each style. I've attached a screenshot indicating the issue I have. I can't see where I can change the font color to white so I can read the text in each Style. Any advice? System: I'm running Accordance 13.0.5 using "Dark Mode" theme, on Mac OS 10.14.6.
  7. Not sure if this may be a bug or a feature request but couldn't find any threads prior. Using highlight and pen markings on desktop, then syncing through Dropbox (on Windows 10) so that I can access it on iPad The highlights sync but the pen markings do not Would be great if these would sync too? Thanks
  8. Highlights are not syncing between computer phone and tablet. Both tablet and phone running v 2.0.3
  9. I am running Accordance 13 on my PC, and have created a UBS5 Greek New Testament version that has extensive highlighting. For example, I have highlighted all the nouns in red, all the verbs are green, all the articles ate dotted underline...the list goes on and on... My question is...now that I have spent all that time to get this perfected, is there any way that I can export (copy/paste...print to PDF...whatever else...) the text WITH the highlights? I don't seem to be able to figure it out! I would like to be able to use a printed version in teaching my Greek class. HELP!!!
  10. Eric J. Tully

    Sync corrupted highlight files?

    In Acc. 12, I had three highlight styles defined: a yellow, a blue box, and a red pattern with vertical lines. I had each of these style named. I would sync these to my iPhone and could add/clear highlights there and they would sync to my desktop- it worked beautifully. I upgraded to Acc. 13. Then yesterday, I added a yellow highlight to some text on my phone. When I clicked "Sync" (to Dropbox), I got an error message that said something about a highlight file that needed to be changed to support the new version, or something like that. Then, my three styles were gone on my phone. They have been changed to "yellow," "turquoise," and "magenta" with no patterns and no longer any labels. When I launched my desktop version (13) this morning, at first it showed me my original three highlight labels. Then it crashed. Then I re-launched and, before my eyes, it changed the three styles to "yellow, turquoise, and magenta." Does v. 13 no longer support text labels for highlight styles? Thank you,
  11. ColeJw

    Accordance 13.0.0

    First off, I love the new Pen tool!!! Creating a square and a line work fine as seen in the image, however, creating a circle is not working. The shape itself gets misplaced but if you want to erase it, you need to go over the original spot, not where the shape appears (For the circle only).
  12. The program is just crashing when I am trying to highlight the text. This happen after I did a Dropbox sync between my Macbook pro (Mojave 10.14.5) and an Android phone. I can do the highlighting in my phone just fine but when I do it in the Macbook, it crashed. I hope there is a solution to this problem. Blessings, Itthaphon
  13. I have the latest mobile app and now I cannot highlight more than one verse at a time. It’s really getting annoying. I’ve tried a hard reset of my iPad Pro. Help please.
  14. Schulschlus

    Highlight - moving Symbols

    I wondered if it would be possible, or an easy thing to add, to be able to move some of the symbols in the "Highlight"-window to the customized ones. Because when I color-code some Bible text, the symbols take up a lot of space, and it takes quite a while to look for a specific one that I use more often. (I hope the attachment brings some more clarity) This feature would be nice to have, but is certainly not necessary for using the wonderful program. Let me know your thoughts about this, or if you know a better solution. And keep up the good work!
  15. Is it possible that the Highlight box could be a part of the zone/workspace/UI instead of a separate box floating somewhere? If so, it would be more convenient and look more unified visually. Thanks.
  16. This seems like a question too easy for the forums, but I can't find an answer, so... How can I print or export text with my highlights? I can get a print screen to come up but the highlights are not even close to where they are supposed to be (like not inline or even within 3 verses). When I export, it exports hit highlights, but not my highlighted sections. Thanks, Shane
  17. BHopkins

    Cross Highlighting?

    I know it's possible to cross-highlight but I'm unable to find a button that turns it off and on. A friend sent me a screenshot showing his GNT and cross highlighted to his English texts. Here is mine:
  18. Hey guys Is there a way to dock the highlight window instead of having it floating about? I like to have 2 or 3 workspaces open at times. I'll use highlights in one, but in the other the floating window just gets in the way. Would be great to have that highlight window docked into specific workspaces. You can see in the image attached - I have an empty reference list on the left of my screen just so that my highlight window isn't blocking anything useful. I'd prefer that window to be "glued" in on the left instead of hovering over the empty list.
  19. I'm a crazy highlighter. After upgrading to iOS ver 2.4 it crashes over and over when I try to highlight more than one line. In the past I would hold one word to get the two "handles". I would drag to the right for multiple words and choose my highlight. Sometimes I would like to highlight multiple LINES. I drag the "right hand" handle to the right AND THEN DOWN. That has always worked just fine. NOW - Accordance will crash every time I try to use the above method to highlight more than one line. Please fix so I can go back and get my HIGHLIGHT fix. Thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  20. gordonhooker

    iOS Highlight Multiple Hits

    All, Is it possible to highlight multiple hits with a single action (like on Mac or Windows) in iOS? I have looked and checked help but I cannot find a way to do it. blessings, Gordon
  21. Benjamin Gladd

    Highlights in Toolbar

    Forgive me if this has been covered, but I'd like to see highlight buttons available for the toolbar. As it stands now, one has to click on the highlight button and then click the right color (see image). There is also the ability to pop out the highlights into a separate window, creating a widget of sorts. Perhaps we could have the option to allow any color to be available in the tool bar, eliminating those steps. I'm probably not the only one who uses the highlight feature nearly every time I open Accordance, and a tweak like this would be quite useful. Thanks!
  22. Hi! Now whenever I import user Bible, Accordance adds ° at the end of the User Bible name. Like this: Latvian Bible 1965°. I had previously imported Latvian Bible 1965, now it has different name and as a result it's missing all the specific word highlights. Could you add some migration tool to move highlights to the new name(s)? Otherwise I have quite a lot of highlights sitting in the highlights file, which won't be shown anymore anywhere.
  23. I understand that I can highlight a verse, customizing the highlighting file. However, I cannot highlight a verse for two topics, like "worship verses" and "memory verses." That's okay. I also understand that I can add a verse to one reference list (e.g. called "worship verses) and also add it to another reference list (e.g. called "memory verses). However, ... this is insufficient for me, largely because working with Reference Lists is so cumbersome. Re-opening a Reference List is a pain, how and where they are saved is not intuitive. (In the future, at the very least, Accordance needs to make them accessible via the Library.) Is there any other way to "tag" or "label" a verse with multiple custom tags or custom labels?
  24. I use Accordance on my iPad as well as a Windows PC. I sync my user files through Dropbox. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that whenever I set my Highlight preference in Mobile to use my custom highlight file from the PC that it will crash as soon as I select 'highlight'. I can set it back to Mobile Highlights and it works fine. I'm not sure what caused this change as I was using it before without an issue. I've tried rebooting, resyncing, and whatever "re" I can think of (short of reinstalling), but still encounter the same issue. Has anyone else encountered or have a solution for this issue? Thanks, Jason
  25. Is there a way to save text (or copy) as rtf without the highlights removed? In other words, is there are way to preserve the highlights (e.g., as background colours) when exporting a text.
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