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Found 5 results

  1. I am enjoying listening to the Hebrew Scriptures. But, it would be very nice to slow the rate and which it plays. I try to read it and consider how it sounds. Then, I play a verse or sometimes a chapter. But, it goes so fast for my ears that I frequently have to stop and scroll back multiple times to get what I want.
  2. I now have the Hebrew audio module, yay! Im looking forward to learning to listen and speak what I am reading. Apart from the really annoying echo it seems great so far. The very first verse I randomly pulled up to test it, Ezekiel 3:1 appears to have odd pronunciation. I want to work out if this is odd due to the rules of pronunciation being different to what I have taught, or if it is a mistake. In Ezekiel 3:1 אֲשֶׁר is pronounced with an L sound at the end instead of an R, in contrast, דַּבֵּ֖ר is pronounced with an R sound at the end as I would have expected. Can someone help me understand this? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, So I have the Hebrew Audio—OT, and I love listening to it on my iPhone. It is very entertaining, as well as helpful for memorizing passages. However, there is a significant problem with listening on iOS while on the go. If I were listening to music/Apple music/Pandora or even Netflix, I can put my phone in my pocket, and turn the screen off (which happens automatically after a certain amount of time) and the audio continues; I can listen while I walk. But with the Hebrew Audio, as soon as the screen locks after a couple of minutes, the audio cuts out, making it necessary to stop and unlock the phone every few minutes. It is thus practically impossible to listen to the Hebrew Bible unless one is stationary and constantly manipulating the screen. Can this be changed? This change would make listening to the Hebrew Audio modules much more practicable. As a student of Hebrew Bible, this is very important aid and tool for me. Thanks, David
  4. When you open the Hebrew audio on iPad, the button to make split screen disappears, is this a bug? Am I just misunderstanding how to use it. I'd like to open the Hebrew underneath.
  5. I am considering purchasing this. I wonder, how does it actually work. It would probably be useful for me if it would allow me to read out individual verses (i.e. shortcut key to read out the verse I am in, i.e. I could sit there and press (P)lay a few times to get the Hebrew in my head) and perhaps less importantly, but also useful, can it play a whole chapter at a time? Thanks!
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