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Found 7 results

  1. The latest version of iOS Accordance will not open HMT-W4 on my old iPad. It opens on my iPhone. Both have the most current iOS Accordance: 3.2.5, but different versions of iOS. HMT-W4 opened in earlier versions of iOS Accordance. Is this a bug for Accordance running on older iOS devices? Accordance for iOS 3.2.5 ( , [iOS 14.7.1 iPhone 12] Accordance for iOS 3.2.5 ( [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation]
  2. דוד בן משה

    Where are the suffixes?

    Go to Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica) Tagged → Show Interlinear. The interlinear treats every single word except suffixes. It's like they don't exist. How can this be fixed?
  3. I get different search results in a word search when switching between my Hebrew texts: BHS-T, BHS-W4, and HMT-W4. I've tried to uncover why they are different and have concluded it must be the result of whether or not variants are in the text rather than in a critical apparatus. Can someone confirm this or give me a better--that is, more correct--answer? Of those three texts is there one that is 'better' than the other two?
  4. Greetings! While using the Hebrew Bible module (HMT-W4) with "Live Click" enabled, I click a particular word in a passage in Genesis which yields the corresponding entries in two resources I'm using for class: Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament and BDB (Complete) in the "Lexicon Lookup" pane. From there, I hover above the entry I want and click "Open" which opens that entry in a Tool pane above it (the expanded version of which is in the screenshot). Here's where my difficulty lies. Since I'm working specifically with a passage in Genesis, I'd like to first see relevant material in the TWOT entry for my passage in Genesis. I thought by adding an additional search parameter with Scripture (I tried other options also) and plugging Gen. 2 (or even just Gen.) would highlight areas of the entry that have that verse, chapter, or book reference but it won't. Accordance states "These words (or verse references) were not found in the tool "TWOT"." even though they clearly are. What am I doing wrong?
  5. דוד בן משה

    Final letters misbehaving in BHS-W4

    Notice how in BHS-W4 the מנצפכ letters are mistakenly in their final form (םןץףך) before suffixes. This occurs whether or not the "automatic final letter" option is clicked in preferences→Greek & Hebrew, and whether or not Accordance is restarted. Notice this problem does not occur in HMT-W4 for the same words. I will now be switching to HMT-W4 but thought you should know. My accordance is up to date (13.1.2). My Mac is running Mojave 10.14.6.
  6. HALOT lists Num 22.34 under def. 1 as one of the instances of the root I-רעע. However, the Context window displays Num 22.32 when i cursor over this link. When i search the root רעע in HMT-W4, Num 22.34, which i saw in HALOT, does not appear at all. This discrepancy is very discomfiting. BDB complete, at def. 1, lists Je 24:2, 24:3 as instances of I-רעע. Clicking on the link to Num 24.2 gets no display in the Context window, and clicking on 24.3 displays 24.1. Either i'm doing something wrong, which is possible, or maybe Accordance needs to rework the two רעע roots carefully. But it seems i find one of these mistakes every time i use the program. In other words, there seem to be a *lot* of mistakes in Accordance's dictionaries. Can anyone explain why Num 22.34 doesn't appear in a search for רעע at all? What do other people have to say about how reliable Accordance is, really? John burnett.
  7. My problem: I upgraded to HMT-W4, but easy install will not do its thing. Each time it does not do the update ("Installation Status: Incomplete") because it says that I am missing the BHS Latin Key, which is supposed to be a part of HMT-W4. I am doing this to get ready to update from 9.6.6 to ver. 10. Any ideas?
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