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Found 6 results

  1. TWC


    I am trying to tie photo guide overview to a bible text. It shows to be tied but when reading the text the views do not change in photo guide. Could you recommend graphics that would tie to and that will scroll and change images with my text? I have photo guide overview and many other visual aids installed like satellite images,Turkey,Europe and so on. Kind regards Tom C
  2. As my graphics resources grow I feel more lost than ever when trying to find information relevant to the passage at hand. What is your method for getting the most out of your graphics/maps resources? Right now, I Research a word for "Images" or "English" in [Graphic Tools] but it still seems that I'm having a hard time finding relevant information. Practical example: I wanted to find a map of Isaac's move from Beerlahairoi to Gerar and then to Beersheba, in Genesis 26. I could find nothing in my searches, but later stumbled across a map image in the Life Application Study Bible that was exactly what I was looking for! (https://accordance.bible/link/read/Life_App_Study_Bible#868) Is there a way to find information like this without searching each resource individually? And, what about the new "Picture the NT: A PhotoCommentary" module? It seems that it is a step in the right direction of being a type of InfoPane for graphics resources. How much would that module link to other resources in my library? Any practical advice would be appreciated!
  3. As I'm writing I'm saying to myself "Stop typing, no one asked for your opinion..." BUT I can't help asking this question?! Does anyone else beside me feel that the orange and yellow Accordance lamp is somewhat outdated? I've always kind of thought that, but it became really apparent when Accordance 11 and the new website came out. The new website is amazing (with the white icon outlines overlaying the pictures (see the bottom of the website)) as are the icons that are in the accordance 11 app itself (the 'off' grey icons)... they look so modern, so crisp and clear. But when when I see old faithful, that orange and yellow lamp overplayed the Accordance 11 logo/design, it just doesn't seem to match... it's two different generations. I also saw that Accordance is moving into a new field (hats and mugs and the like) which I think is great (I love community building ideas like that) but to be honest, to me, the orange and yellow coloured lamp on top of the new Accordance 11 design just doesn't match... Now I know this is only my opinion, and its unsolicited at that, but I was just wondering if there are other people out there that think like I do and would love to see an updated lamp. The perfect example does exist though! It's the lamp at the top of this page. It's still the same, it's just a greyed out outline of the lamp but it looks amazing. Or the email/twitter/facebook icon outlines on the homepage of accordance that I mentioned above... they look stunning... I would to see that on a T-Shirt or especially in my dock! And lastly, I've seen there are polls sometimes undertaken on the site, is this something that a user like me could do to see what people think or is it only from the top?
  4. Today I attempted to find a map of Jerusalem to use for a visual presentation, but did not find any images in The Bible Knowledge Commentary module. The caption is there directing you to view the map which normally accompanies the commentary at John 5:2 (Pool of Bethesda at the Sheep's Gate). Am I correct in concluding that this module currently is 'text only' or did I fail to look correctly?
  5. David Foster

    Life Application Study Bible

    I was just going through a print version of the Life Application Study Bible recently and was impressed with all the maps and charts and diagrams that it contains. So I went on my computer and opened Accordance and saw that the Life Application Study Bible in Accordance contains no graphics (maps/charts/diagrams) what so ever... So I did a search and found one post from way back in 2009 saying that some study bibles only contain a few graphics and that the Life Application Study Bible has no graphics at all. Does anyone know if there is an add on or a place i have to search (i.e. a the back of the tool) or is it still the case that there are no graphics what so ever? If that's the case it would be nice to see them included one day....
  6. Timothy Jenney

    #96) Using Graphics Effectively

    One great way to keep an audience's attention is to illustrate your Bible study with good graphics. In this podcast, Dr. J shows us how to identify, locate, and present Accordance's great graphics resources. http://youtu.be/2oPKnVNIPl4
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