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Found 22 results

  1. Caspar

    German "NeÜ" bible

    Hi, I would really like to see the German "NeÜ" (Neue evangelistische Übersetzung) bible in Accordance. Thanks, Caspar
  2. Many accordance users who are doing graduate work need to learn theological german; many who did their grad work a long time ago and have forgotten their german need some help. I know that tagged german texts would be a lot of coding but surely there is a published with an epub lexicon or a public domain German/English dictionary out there? I would happily pay to be able to search a german lexicon in accordance rather than using google translate and comparing that to a few other websites or manually looking up a word in a physical dictionary. French and Spanish might be good as well.
  3. Hello, are there any plans to bring the NeueLuther Bibel 2009 (http://www.buonanovella.com/die-bibel) to Accordance? Thanks and greetings, Johannes
  4. Caspar

    German "Hoffnung f

    Hi, I woul really like to see the German "Hoffnung für alle" bible offered in Accordance. Thanks
  5. Hello @Mark Allison It would be great if you would add https://www.sefaria.org/sheets/349729?lang=bi https://www.youtube.com/embed/dStVdjZkygY?rel=0&showinfo=0 Thanks
  6. Hello I would love to see more coherence between the german Bible Book names. For example the Schlachter 2000 has english and german Bible Book names, but the Elber-LEM has only german. Thats not the problem. The problem is that the two german versions differs. So I must every time think about which version I have as search Bible. Otherwise I have to write again. For me this is in the most case. Thats very annoying. For example In Elber-Lem "Apg" for acts is working but not in Schlachter 2000. There I have to write Apostel or Acts. And there are more like this. In the average 50% of the Bibles are on the one side and the other 50% in the other. Please give all German Bibles the same. Best all the same like the Elber-LEM or Luther-LEM 84. If this was happen in english Bibles, you had it adjusted before 19 years. It's really very annoying (nervtötend). Greetings Fabian A small step for Accordance, but a big for the German users.
  7. Fabian


    Hello I'm a little bit confused you have updated the Basisbibel, many thanks for this, but in the from the library is the Basisbibel with the Psalms but not in the Bible itself. Matt Matthäus Mark Markus Luk Lukas Joh Johannes Apostel Apostelgeschichte Röm Römer 1Kor 1Korinther 2Kor 2Korinther Gal Galater Eph Epheser Phil Philipper Kol Kolosser 1Thess 1Thessalonicher 2Thess 2Thessalonicher 1Tim 1Timotheus 2Tim 2Timotheus Tit Titus Philem Philemon Hebr Hebräer Jak Jakobus 1Petr 1Petrus 2Petr 2Petrus 1Joh 1Johannes 2Joh 2Johannes 3Joh 3Johannes Judas Judas Offenb Offenbarung Psalms are missing. Greetings Fabian
  8. In these days I am occupied with the Septuagint - and there the desire grew in me to have the "Septuagint German" (LXX-D) in Accordance: https://www.academic-bible.com/en/bible-society-and-biblical-studies/scholarly-editions/septuagint/septuaginta-deutsch/ https://www.die-bibel.de/shop/septuaginta-deutsch-5122 https://www.logos.com/product/166659/septuaginta-deutsch
  9. I really love my Accordance software, but as a German speaking pastor who shepherd german churches, its quit easier to study and working on sermons for example, in the language you preach. The most of my colleagues use Logos - one of the reasons are the German resources they can buy on logos. I know that the market is not really big for german speaking people, but on the other side, Logos is serving the same market and sell a lot of german stuff. And I mean Im speaking not of translations into german. Im speaking of books from Bonhoeffer (who wrote nearly all his books, letters, manuscripts in german), german commentaries from like Keil/Delitzsch or Karl Barth.... Is there any chance to get these resources in the future? It would help me to stay with accordance. Thank you.
  10. Dear Accordance Developers The German-speaking part is a very wealthy and open market. We are traditionally very interested in complete solutions with professionality. As a excited user from Swizzerland I often advertise Accordance in my christian environment. Especially Bible-school-students seem to be very interested in your Products. I appreciate hardly, that Accordance is available in German System language. Because you know, many people do not have very good English-skills. Did you know, that the Elberfelder Bible, Schlachter Bible and the Luther Bible are the most common and seriously used bibles in Germany, Switzerland and Austria? Two of these bibles you already sell in your shop, the Schlachter 2000 Bible and the new Luther Bible. I guarantee you, that the New Elberfelder Bible is especially in the universitary level and in many common german-speaking bibleschools recommended and used. I encourage and please you, to provide the New Elberfelder Bible for Accordance. It is the most closly translated version to the Hebrew and Greek Texts. Please think about it seriously: We are ready for you. We know, that you surely have many other language demands, for example spanish. I personally have Spanish blood, but I am convinced, that the German-Speaking-Part is ready for a Upgrade of your offers. the average German, Swiss and Austrian has enough skills and openness for modern Software. Please expand your Offers for German-Speakers. Especially I ask for a tagged Version of the Schlachter 2000 (TR) and the Elberfelder Bible (NA). The New Luther Bible is mixed with TR/NA, so I think it is not yet needed. But the Schlachter 2000 Bible and Elberfelder is like your NIV, very close to the Hebrew and Greek. I understand, if you have to prioritize your expansions and projects. But again I claim sincerely, that the German market is ready, wealthy and highly technology-friendly waiting for you. Please offer the New Elberfelder Bible online. Please offer a Tagged Version of the New Elberfelder Bible and Schlachter 2000. If you need more information about the German-Speaking part, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Grace and Peace from our God, the father, be unto you. Flavio Wirz
  11. I would like to see German, Latin, and French dictionaries and grammars in Accordance. That would really be helpful, to carry those around everywhere on my iPad so I could constantly refer to them.
  12. I'm about to start my PhD program in the fall in Hebrew/OT. I recently studied German to pass a German proficiency exam to get into the program. Could Accordance ever get some grammars and dictionaries of the research languages? Like Wheelock's Latin, (I know there's a Latin dictionary already), and maybe "Reading German Quickly," Helmut Ziefle's German textbooks, or whatever other grammars/dictionaries might be possible.
  13. Hi, I would really like to see the German "CSV Elberfelder" bible in Accordance. Thanks, Caspar
  14. Hello In 11.2 is the German localization worst than on 11.1.6. Greetings Fabian
  15. Hi, I would really like to see the German "Neues Leben" bible offered in Accordance.
  16. Hi, I would really like to see the German "Volxbibel" offered in Accordance.
  17. Hi, I would really like to see the German "Unrevidierte Elberfelder" bible in Accordance. Thanks, Caspar
  18. Caspar

    Luther 1912 bible

    Hi, I would really like to see the German "Luther 1912" bible in Accordance. Thanks, Caspar
  19. Hi, I would really like to see the German "Luther 1545" bible in Accordance. Thanks, Caspar
  20. Caspar

    German "NG

    Hi, I would really like to see the German "Neue Evangelistische Übersetzung" (NGÜ) in Accordance. Thanks, Caspar
  21. Hello! In German there are conventions for the use of abbreviations of biblical books - see here: http://uni-helmstedt.hab.de/docs/abkbibel.pdf Can these abbreviations be used in Accordance? There is an option in the preferences named "Deutsche Konvention für Bibelstellenangabe verwenden" (see attachment) but I can not see that this option makes any difference. Can anybody help me? With the best wishes, Johannes acc.tiff
  22. Hello, I would like to point out to all who are interested in german resources that there is a new user-bible - the Menge Translation from 1926 - on Bibellesen mit Accordance (http://accordancebible.de). I also wrote a german review on Accordance 10 that you can find here: http://accordancebible.de/download/RezAcc10_d.pdf All the best, Johannes
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