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Found 11 results

  1. Many accordance users who are doing graduate work need to learn theological german; many who did their grad work a long time ago and have forgotten their german need some help. I know that tagged german texts would be a lot of coding but surely there is a published with an epub lexicon or a public domain German/English dictionary out there? I would happily pay to be able to search a german lexicon in accordance rather than using google translate and comparing that to a few other websites or manually looking up a word in a physical dictionary. French and Spanish might be good as well.
  2. JPark

    French Tagged Texts

    Hi, Just wanted to put in a request for tagged texts in French! Thanks for all your great work! God bless, Jason
  3. I am in need of a modern French Bible. I have a French Bible called the Louis Segond Bible, but it was apparently published in 1910, which is obviously too old for a modern French student. So I did some research and found that La Bible du Semeur is similar to the NIV (which would be good). Accordance does not seem to carry La Bible du Semeur though. Is this correct? If that is correct, does Accordance have a French Bible in modern language (with an NIV, ESV readability)? Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  4. Hi there, I was wondering if it would be possible to add in another French Bible translation, particularly Le Semeur. In my experience in France, protestant churches tend to be about 50:50 on using the Semeur or the Segond 21. I'd love to be able to buy a digital version of the Semeur and use it in Accordance (with an English version as needed!). Thanks. Kelly
  5. Donald Cobb

    A new French-language Bible

    The Société biblique française released on September 20 an in-depth revision of La Bible en français courant. This is a major update of one of the most widely used Bible translations in the French-speaking world today. The Bible en français courant has been in existence since the 1970s and is used by Protestants, Catholics and Evangelicals. Its translation philosophy is between that of dynamic equivalence and linguistically/theologically informed paraphrase. The revised edition is somewhat closer to a "literal" translation of the Greek and Hebrew than its predecessor, while still retaining the goal of being understandable to a wide French-speaking audience. The revisions were undertaken by a team of sixty specialists, on the basis of the original Greek and Hebrew texts. You can read about it here, and get some more detailed information here. I would strongly suggest an Accordance edition! If there is interest, I would be willing to put Accordance into contact with some of the people involved in the production of this version.
  6. I work quite a bit with French since I live in a French-speaking country. I especially use the French LSG version a lot. I've noticed a capitalization issue throughout the electronic version in Accordance. Not a huge deal, but a bit annoying all the same. Bear with me a moment while I explain, since not everyone on here knows French. In French, certain words like "de" and "le" and "la" are normally contracted when followed by a noun that begins with a vowel. So "le + amour" becomes "l'amour". This also applies to proper nouns like "Ammon". But the capitalization doesn't change, so de + Ammon is spelled "d'Ammon", not "D'ammon" (unless it is at the beginning of a sentence, in which case it would be "D'Ammon"). Does that make sense? The problem is that in the electronic version of the LSG version in Accordance, the capitalization is always shifted to the wrong letter. I will copy and paste a few just from the chapter I'm currently studying, Zephaniah chapter 2: le Dieu D’israël - should be le Dieu d’Israël L’eternel [the French translation of YHWH] - should be l’Eternel D’ammon - should be d’Ammon D’askalon - should be d’Askalon I think that is enough examples to illustrate my point. I've no idea how this happened, if it was an overzealous auto-correct that did it, or if someone just typed them wrong, or what. But is it something that could be corrected? Thank you!
  7. Daniel Z

    More french bible ?

    I'm actually considering buying this software, but I was wondering if you have any plan to integer more french bible. There are some french bible that I use regularly and are that are (i think) in the public domain like the "Bible Ostervald" or the "Bible Martin". Do you think you could add them to Accordance ?
  8. I would like to see German, Latin, and French dictionaries and grammars in Accordance. That would really be helpful, to carry those around everywhere on my iPad so I could constantly refer to them.
  9. I'm about to start my PhD program in the fall in Hebrew/OT. I recently studied German to pass a German proficiency exam to get into the program. Could Accordance ever get some grammars and dictionaries of the research languages? Like Wheelock's Latin, (I know there's a Latin dictionary already), and maybe "Reading German Quickly," Helmut Ziefle's German textbooks, or whatever other grammars/dictionaries might be possible.
  10. Hi everybody, I'm in the research stages on trying to figure out which Bible Software product to purchase. We at the seminary had a demo of the newest version of Accordance and was quite impressed, but there was a couple of questions I couldn't get an answer. I have material in Spanish that I'd like to import into Accordance. Spanish, as other languages like French, German and such have special characters - for example, accents (á, é, í, ó, ú), ñ, etc. - you get the idea. So question #1 is, can I import Spanish/French/German material into Accordance and keep the special characters? #2 (or 1a) - I tried looking in the forums and was able to find some information from an old thread about UTF-8, but it also said there were bugs in it. Have these bugs been fixed so I can import material in other languages? #3 - does the imported material have to be exclusively in .TXT format, or will it take .RTF, .PDF, .EPUB, etc? #4 - Once the material is imported, will it be indexed and ready to search on in the main dashboard, or will I need to do a separate search? #5 - could I search for a term in English and Spanish (for example, search for love (amor in Spanish) and have a way to get results in both languages? #6 - I read somewhere that Accordance connects to Dropbox instead of a local server... does it mean I'd need to buy a subscription to Dropbox (I think there is only like 2gb of free storage) - could it also connect to Google Drive or Onedrive? #7 - BONUS - what are some things that would make Accordance stand out from say Logos (Aside from price and flexibility of use in older computers, and maybe speed)? Thank you everybody for your help. God bless. Victor
  11. Brother Phil

    French Bibles

    I was wondering if you could release some more french bible translations, as well as tagging one or more versions. I would buy anything you would release in french.
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