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Found 14 results

  1. Hey! I've made my own bible that i want to import into Accordance and i would like to make headlines in the text. Some bibles in my library have them, so it seems possible? How do i make the headlines in the .txt file and how should they be formatted? And is it even possible to do? Thanks in advance! Ruben
  2. Is it possible to include footnotes in a user Bible? If so, how? (I don't see anything in the Help files about it.) If not, what would be the best alternative – a User Tool? How best to format it?
  3. gavincmurphy1

    Book Names for iOS

    Hello Accordance people! I hope you're all doing well! I would love to see book names/psalm names (Genesis, Exodus, Psalm 1, etc.) on the iOS app. It would really help with identifying when a book/psalm is over and the next one starts. I'm not sure if they are already on the desktop software. Please see attached mockups/pictures :-)
  4. When I search, for example, the journal library, and it shows, say,100 results, all I can see is a short text snippet, but it doesnt show the heading of the title/article it came from. I have to manually mouseover the text to make the title popup. This can be annoying to have to mouse over all 100 text snippets. Is this normal, or is it a config thing unique to my computer? I note that there is no config/text formatting option for this panel.
  5. Hi! Text formatting in the User notes is very odd. If I choose font style Bold (Cambria font), then clicking on the [ B ] button doesn't change anything. The same with the Italic. If I choose Italic from the drop-down menu, I can click on the [ i ] button in the toolbar —it doesn't remove Italic formatting. I have to change it from the drop-down menu by choosing Regular. Two different / incompatible ways of formatting text?
  6. dwhunter

    Pasting Problems in Word

    I am having an issue when copying and pasting passages into MS Word. I've tried in Scrivener and have no issues there, so I'm guessing it may be an issue with the latest version of Word, but I don't know for sure. Whenever I copy and paste a passage, the "paste" in Word takes up several pages. It inserts blank pages between verses, and sometimes even where a footnote notation or cross-reference notation is. Sometimes when I paste into Word, I get the option to "Match destination formatting" and then I can select that and everything resolves, but I don't always get that option. And when I copy/paste into this post to try to demonstrate, it pastes just fine with no problem. Anyone else having this issue? I've attached a screen shot to demonstrate. Thanks, Don Hunter
  7. The ESVi occasionally has more asterisks than it should. In Ephesians 6:5, it reads, "obey your earthly masters**". Tapping and holding either asterisk results in a popup window that displays the same cross references. Ephesians 6:8 reads, "whether he is a bondservant*** or is free." Tapping and holding each of the three asterisks shows the same cross references. 1 Corinthians 7:23 reads, "do not become bondservants**". Each asterisk does the same thing here, too. Ecclesiastes 1:14 and 5:7 have the same issue. I'm using Accordance version 2.4.3 for the iOS.
  8. I copied 3 paragraphs from this link http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/2016/10/17/who-do-you-think-you-are/?platform=hootsuite into Accordance 2.4.1 Then I select all text, apply different font and font size. Accordance doesn't apply neither of them to all text. See the attached screenshot. If I select those portions of text which differ and format them again separately, then my chosen font style is applied.
  9. There's been discussions over the years regarding user notes formatting. As it is known, it remains frustrating to change all one's note fonts. The changes in 11 with Greek and Hebrew fonts have helped some, but still not resolved the issue. Helen has posted before about a pending change to this, but I was wondering what's in store for user notes? What about markdown, plain text editing and a html preview pane in the workspace? Plain text would allow uniform regulation of one font instead of dealing with rich text styles. Notes might be easier to export in this way and also make external editing possible.
  10. Hi there, I don't know whether this is a bug or feature request. If you create subtitles of various levels, and for readability indent those subtitles the "Table of Contents" presents badly (imho). Thus sub-expandable triangles will display all that leading space which doesn't make sense in a table of contents (especially since the Table of Contents is in a confined space). Can this be fixed in a future update?
  11. Hi, When I format user note text in the editing window, I see one thing, when I press Update button, I see something else in the user note wind… Letter / tab spacing differs in the editing and user notes pane. See attached screenshot. The same font, the same size, but second column isn't aligned properly as in the editing window. And vice versa — to have columns aligned properly, I have to remove some tabs in the editing window, as seen in this screenshot.
  12. One of the consistent problems with formatting is getting it to work on iOS. Accordance along with many others have chosen to go down the plain text route. Could I ask you to consider Markdown or Multimarkdown? The markup languages are simple and in a plain text format. Many notes apps on iOS have gone down this route. They allow simple markup of text and then it can be rendered. The note can be edited in plain text and then rendered to reveal the formatting. This would be much simpler than trying to create an RTF format plus it drastically reduces file size. Markdown is also viewable on nearly every computer OS available and the beauty of it is that you can edit your plain text document in any programme you like. It would also solve the problem of editing notes on iOS that were created on the Mac and losing the formatting as they are simple plain text documents. Multimarkdown would be better as it includes things such as footnotes.
  13. Greetings. I have a collection of New Testament Briefs that I submitted for a class in seminary. The purpose of the assignment was to create a one page overview of New Testament texts for our future reference. I wanted to use them in Accordance and thought a User Tool would be the best way to go. I opened the document in Pages, copied, and then pasted them in the Edit Window in Accordance. I added links, adjusted fonts, and everything looked well. After updating, I found that word's with apostrophes did not look right. What's even more odd, is that a title and subtitle just above was inserted the same way with no problems. I'm including a screenshot to illustrate what I mean. I'm grateful for the assistance.
  14. How can I change the verse formatting or style when I copy and paste into my word processor? Thanks
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