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  1. Kristin

    font on notes

    Given that this is coming from someone who has written so many notes that the notes have crashed, I am aware it is remarkable that I don't know this, but I would appreciate some help with fonts. Whenever I write a note it defaults to Lato and I need it in Times New Roman. So I select all, change and save, for every note edit. I am aware how to make the notes "view" as Times New Roman, but is there a way to set notes so that when I make a new note that it is automatically set to Times New Roman? Also, and this is sort of a side note, or maybe not, is there a way to set it for notes going forward without it messing up prior notes? Since some of my notes are written in Hebrew I know that Acc will only go the correct direction with certain fonts, and if the note is changed to another font I wouldn't want it doing that without supervision so I can fix any directional problems immediately. Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide. Kristin
  2. I am pretty sure this is a bug. This is not super important, but since it seemed unusual I just wanted to report this. If I copy a word and paste it in a note and then I want to focus on a specific letter I sometimes color the letter to bring attention to it. However, if I copy and paste Hebrew I cannot color parts of the word since if I do the color erases and changes vowels, and even sometimes changes the order of the letters. In case it is helpful I am attaching a picture of a few examples. Sincerely, Kristin
  3. bdollahite

    Accordance Font

    Environment: On a Macintosh using Accordance 13.0.5 (But my issue has been true across various MacOS versions and Accordance versions) Issue: When I copy any text's or tool's content that is displayed in the Accordance font into MS Word, what I copy is displayed almost like it was in Accordance. The difference is the spacing between lines. (The issue is best seen in the attached PDF). Detail info: When I paste in MS Word using the Paste and Match Formatting menu item, the line space issue is resolved — at least for English only texts. [NOTE: This paste option is not always available in other apps — e.g. when pasting the same-copied text into MS PowerPoint. This may be a PowerPoint issue and the slide predefine formats may also be contributing to my issue.] When copying English and Hebrew text — like from my K&D Library module — the normal paste appears again at 1.5, and the Hebrew is preserved. However, pasting into MS WORD using Paste and Match Formatting — the line space issue is resolved, as I was in Times New Roman, but the Hebrew is not displayed well. Two issues: The Hebrew points are not under the letters, and while the right to left spelling is preserved, the Hebrew words are reverse (i.e., if the following quoted English were Hebrew words "three two one" — copying and pasting comes out as "one two three" but the characters in each Hebrew word are correctly shown right to left.) Selecting the Hebrew text and changing it to the Accordance font fixes the pointing issue, but the word order now needs to be addressed and the line spacing issues returned. Reordering the words, while straight forward, is a time consuming process, and once done then the line space issue needs tp be fixed by using MS Word's "Paragraph" formatting menu and forcing the lines in that paragraph to be a fixed point size, which I guess at to make the results look like the rest of my paper. Attempts to resolve: I have worked with several people in Accordance support as well as Webinar instructors — all that ultimately have encouraged me to post this issue here as a feature request (as they likewise saw no easy or known fix to my issue). I have also tried various preference changes — some at webinar instructors’ suggestions, as well as my own testing. To date, none of those changes have resolved my issue. Desired feature: The ability, within Accordance, to set the line spacing used on copy/paste and export, or at least set the line spacing default to be single line space (which seem more logical to me than defaulting to space and a half. Space and a half is just my guess as what is pasted line spacing is — it appears to be 1.5 lines spaces — see attached PDF). I appreciate some of the issue in that mix language characters may need for space. I see this in my K&D module — where lines with Hebrew take up more line space than lines containing nothing but English text. That said 14 point etc. should be 14-point text when displayed. If the Hebrew is to small then I see two options — increase font size displayed in the tool's content window, or an option to do what it does today — English at one height, Hebrew/Greek at another. Having the ability to set these preferences and have them carry through to the export to whatever app I pasted into, would be an appreciated new feature.
  4. Hello, I use Parchment background color for all commentaries, and Cambria font. However, when I use Live Click, new Research zone opens with the white background and text is shown in some other font. Could you please use the default font and background color settings also for this zone/pane?
  5. Mr. Craig

    Export Font Size option

    Unless I am overlooking a new feature, I don't see the option to export a specific font size. I would love this feature. I know there are a number of workarounds to achieve this. That is not what I am interested in. blessings, Craig
  6. How does one change the font used in a stack? And, how can one set a default font and size for a stack (or all stacks)? Thanks! - Ladd
  7. Kristin

    Tool Font Size Setting

    To make this post even make sense, I will mention that I don't see that great. I thus need to make sure the text I use is large enough. When I work with notes, I usually use 24 pt font, and it views as 24 pt font. And that works great. (I don't standardize notes since I use different fonts). However, when I work with tools, it is completely different. I have it also set to view at 24 pt font, and it does. However, when I create or edit a tool, the text MUST be set to 12 pt font. (I likewise can't standardize tools since I use different fonts). - If it is 12 pt font in the edit window, it will view saved as 24 pt font. - If it is set to 24 pt font in the edit window, it will view saved as 48 pt font. I thus need to do all my edits with 12 pt font, but I can literally hardly see it. I am sure this is an obvious setting error, but I can't figure it out. I am attaching a screenshot which will hopefully clarify this. Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  8. I tried to type hebrew using Yehudit in Word or Pages. When I typed vowel sign, I felt streessed. Last year I loved to use Yehudit. But, there is a problem. When I typed letter with [option] + [shift], the letter was different from Accordance font manual. Usually, [option] + D is qametz, [shift] + D is also qamets with a different location. But [option] + [shift] + D is not qametz. I tried many things, but I can't get any solutions. Please help me. Jeon Okyob (JOY)
  9. Stretching myself through reading some of the manuscripts with their variants. The cool font that is designed to look like manuscript handwriting is cool, but I’m not quite ready for that, although I’ll learn it eventually. Can we convert the font to a normal modern Greek font? (I’m on iOS if it matters)
  10. When I hover mouse cursor over thy Bible reference in the Tool display, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Cambria font, small size. When I hover mouse cursor over some Bible reference in the User notes, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Verdana font, larger size. It seems that I have no control over it to show both in the same font face and size?
  11. CanarsieMan500

    Accordance Font problem

    I am running version 12.3.2 on Mojave. The Accordance font is no longer displaying Greek text properly; I'm not sure if this began with the upgrade to Mojave or later on. I have tried these: 1 - reinstall Accordance program from scratch 2 - reinstall Accordance font by itself - both in my font management program Suitcase, and when that didn't work, in FontBook as well. 3 - Did a restart after all the above Font still displays incorrectly. Any suggestions on this? Thanks, Rich
  12. Ιακοβ

    15pt font size

    As I was sitting there getting frustrated that I couldn't change the greek font in accordance (I do more and more reading and greek lately, so it gets more and more frustrating that I can't switch to one of my preferred greek fonts), I had an idea about the whole problem that we can't get 15pt font size. I was thinking, I wonder if we could get an estimate for how much work effort it would cost and we could see if we can get a kickstarter or gofundme page going to see if there is enough interest in funding the development of support or 15pt font size? I can't see myself upgrading from the 12" MacBook screen in the next year or so, so being stuck with a slightly too small or slightly too large font when doing bible study on the laptop its going to continue to be an irritation for me for the next few years at least. (Although I do use the iPad more and more lately)
  13. Bible programs are not there to merely provide searchable, highlightable and hyperlinked text—PDFs, iBooks, even text editors do as much, and are free. Bible programs must logically connect texts to one another and enable access at will, and do this well. Accordance (IOS on 10.3.3), has consistently failed to furnish a shining product. Each and every update has consistently come with ruining something that worked before, often without fixing what it set out to fix. This time is no different. The OT ref links in my notes, which were once working fine, are disabled, and haven't been fixed through several updates. The new heralded formatting (poorer in my view) is forced upon the user, without warning or the ability to prevent it, even after manually reformatting them. Checking the note settings, nothing seems to have been changed. Yet, in those old notes that I edit, the Greek text is all reset in Cardo, and in a smaller size then the English (which remains in Helvetica). The result is awful, but worse, I am not able to prevent it, or even correct it. You guys are undoing my work. I think I need to stop updating Accordance and retain my sanity.
  14. While exporting (save as text file) from Paper in Accordance to docx my font is getting assigned the wrong font color. This is how it should look and the way it looks as a Paper within Accordance: How it looks when exported as docx: Notice that the red and blue colors are completely reversed (red text is blue and blue text is red) while the black text is fine. I can consistently reproduce this color swap error.
  15. After upgrading to iOS 11, Greek fonts are missing both in the commentaries and in pop-up windows.
  16. When I paste from the Greek text into my notes, the p's are turned into pilcrows (¶). Please see the attached screen shot. BTW, I have since removed Helena from the system in case that was the problem. I also have started Accordance in safe mode and selected "Clean installed fonts" twice. No help. I'm using MacOS Sierra and the latest version of Accordance. Thanks! Kevin
  17. Guntis

    Citation font styles

    Hi, I don't know is it a bug or is it a normal expected behavior and in that case this should it be a feature request… When I copy any Bible text as a citation and paste it in the word processor (Apple Pages), each citation contains three different fonts: Bible text is copied as Cambria (as it is in Accordance), Bible reference (in the brackets) is copied as Times, Accordance link is copied as Helvetica Neue. When I copy any commentary as a citation, and paste it in the word processor, I get this: Commentary text is show in Cambria (as it is displayed in Accordance), Commentary reference is shown in Geneva, which doesn't have Italics, thus the Book title cannot be italicized — this is not good at all!, Accordance link is shown in Helvetica Neue. Could you please use the same font for the whole citation, preferably the same font which is used for the Bible text / commentary? Thank you in advance!
  18. Hello, I am trying to add or install the Avenir Book font in Accordance. I saw it on the youtube video: Customizing Workspaces (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #146) at 5:09 https://youtu.be/T9hltcWyzUM?t=309 It show's the Avenir Book font being used. I have the font installed on Windows. I have closed accordance and reopened it. I have also been to my windows fonts folder C:\Windows\Fonts and I see that it is correctly installed. I still do not see the font on my list of fonts under Edit->Preferences->Text Display. Do I need to install this font somewhere else for it to show up in Accordance 12?
  19. I copied 3 paragraphs from this link http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/2016/10/17/who-do-you-think-you-are/?platform=hootsuite into Accordance 2.4.1 Then I select all text, apply different font and font size. Accordance doesn't apply neither of them to all text. See the attached screenshot. If I select those portions of text which differ and format them again separately, then my chosen font style is applied.
  20. Hi there, Just letting you know that some characters are not displayed when I've used the default Accordance font. For example, the dash in this following quote is displayed as a blank square unless I use a font other than Accordance. way 1–2 Chronicles Thanks.
  21. hiswork

    Text size control

    There is a option to choose a text size in Accordance. And the text sizes are predefined and I need to choose one of them. But sometimes the best text size I want is between the predefined size. Smaller one is too small to read and larger one is wasting my macbook's screen. I hope I can set text size as I want, for example by entering text size or adjusting slider.
  22. I have a custom theme for my user notes ("Standardize text display" is turned On). When I "Enter Reading mode" (Ctrl+R), the text is way too small. I can enlarge it, OK, but when I exit the Reading mode, font size doesn't change back to the smaller one. I have to decrease font size manually. And so every time. Why the Reading mode can't remember different font size?
  23. I have just clean installed my windows laptop and am running the latest version of Accordance (11.04.1) I sorted all of my usual preferences and have ended up with a strange font issue The default in the user files section of preferences had the font setup as Segoe UI, with nothing in the formatting field - I changed that to regular. Now - when I start a new user note - I cannot change the formatting of any of the text - eg to bold or Italic or underlined. Any existing notes are fine when I edit them Is there something I can try here? Many thanks Nigel
  24. Is there a setting by which I can ensure that the font size is the same every time I copy text even if I have enlarged the text for viewing purposes. The problem is that I need to export text at 12 pts., but that 12 pts. is too small for me for reading in Accordance.
  25. What is your standard/favourite font setting e.g. font type, size, spacing etc that makes Accordance most readable? I usually have Helvetica Neue Light, font size 18 with 24% line spacing which works good for me but I am curious what works for others...
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