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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I am using Accordance mainly on my iPad and iPhone, I have also installed it on my desktop computer and laptop. Situation: While reading the Bible I usually take notes in "user notes", I also highlight verses and/or words, and so on. After my reading time I usually hit the sync button on my iPad and after syncing I also do the same on my iPhone. This will allow me to have the same notes and highlights on my phone as well. Straight forward and simple. Now, as we all are well aware of, Dropbox had a policy change and charges a fairly high amount of money for subscription. I would like to see the feature to sync all Accordance files via a file folder. The file folder of choice, obviously can be located in a cloud folder, where in turn all files would be synchronized. Has anyone solved the same or a similar problem? Has anyone the same request? Matt 6:33 Blessings, Olivier
  2. Hello everyone, I've got a number of questions for you: 1. Are there absolutely no differences in features between the paid versions besides the size of the library that comes with it? If so, this really ought to be advertised front and center as a major selling point for people on a budget. It's certainly the biggest reason I'm leaning towards Accordance over a certain other piece of software. 2. I've heard conflicting reports on how well Accordance presents itself as an e-reader, what are your opinions on it? 3. How committed is OakTree to increasing the number of available modules in the store? How seriously do they take user suggestions for additions to the store? 4. How hard is it to look up words in the original languages for Bibles without Strongs tags in Accordance? 5. Are there any modules on the cheaper side that you guys would strongly suggest? I see that the Matthew Henry condensed commentary is free, are there other free modules in the store? Lastly, a suggestion: there are a number of resources modules in the Accordance store which are only available in packages. This combined with the somewhat limited library options makes it notably more difficult to find what I want within my budget. Seeing as budgetary reasons are the biggest reason I and a number of others will likely choose Accordance over Logos it might be a smart idea to try and separate those out.
  3. Hi, I've just gotten Accordance and was trying to figure out if the following feature exists: In many programs and browser, you can click the mouse-wheel button which transforms the cursor into two arrows, something like an auto scroll function begins, and moving the mouse cursor up or down relative to the position of the original click determines the scroll speed and direction. I tried it out in reading and regular view and looked through the help files and options menu but wasn't able to find anything that seemed to enable this. What it makes for is a 0-click scroll experience for longer passages which still allows for stopping and thinking without auto-scroll moving forward. It also allows for fast scrolling to the beginning or end of documents and is part of my natural carpel-tunnel preventing workflow of programs I use otherwise. I wanted to ask if that is an option I am somehow missing, or if it is not currently a feature. Programmatically I would hope it wouldn't be too hard to implement by modifying the auto-scroll function (tie middle-mouse click to turning on auto-scroll, and tie the scroll speed value to the position of the cursor relative to the position of the initial click). Thank you for any "pointers" in this regard.
  4. Timothy Jenney

    #155) Info Pane Improvements

    Wow! The Info Pane sure has improved since we first released it in Accordance 11. This podcast covers all the additional features and the new categories added since that initial release. In addition, it includes charts of the wide array of cursor hovers, clicks, and keyboard shortcuts that help make it so very, very fast. https://vimeo.com/223231310
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #149) Accordance 12 Features

    Podcast 149 is a quick, concise look at Accordance 12's new features. Description: [Accordance 12: Basic] Accordance 12 is here! It includes five major new features and/or improvements: Stack, Paper, Improved Analytics, Research Analytics, and Info Pane. This initial release of the newest version of Accordance also includes eighteen other minor features and improvements. Join Dr. J as he reviews them all in this podcast. https://vimeo.com/194379376
  6. While we are waiting for Accordance 11, what new features would you like to see in future versions?
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