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Found 20 results

  1. I have two note questions. The first of which is sort of an unusual question, but I am trying to figure out how many notes I have in each book. If I open my note to a new tab it says “ESV with Strong’s (5445 notes)”. But I don't know how many notes are in each book. I assume most of them are in Genesis, but is there a way to know specifically? I am trying to separate my notes into smaller note files and want to attack this project as productively as possible. Second, the "ESV" caught my attention as I also have Notes in the NIV and Schlachter. I know I can find those notes by opening those bibles, but my concern is that I have notes in other bibles I am not thinking about. Is there a way to track down those notes? ps - I know I posted about this on another thread, but does anyone know how to make sure text pasted a spreadsheet does not paste with one word in one cell? I thought this was a numbers issue, as it "sometimes" pastes my notes one cell at a time, which takes forever, but workable, but then "sometimes" it pastes my notes one word at a time, which is not workable. I thought this was a Mac issue, but my mom has a Chromebook and said she has experienced this also on on whatever the Google spreadsheet is, so I think it is user error somehow. Thanks. Thank you for any help anyone can provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  2. jeffscoggins

    Exporting Notes

    I need to export my notes but I get a message that there's a limit of a thousand verses. Any idea how I can export large notes files?
  3. When I export the bibliographic information for any Bible text to a .ris file and import that into Zotero Accordance apparently exports my entire library (or a large portion of it) instead of just the Bible text(s) I had selected. Exporting the data for other individual non-bible-text modules works just as expected. Can anyone else confirm this is a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  4. bdollahite

    Accordance Font

    Environment: On a Macintosh using Accordance 13.0.5 (But my issue has been true across various MacOS versions and Accordance versions) Issue: When I copy any text's or tool's content that is displayed in the Accordance font into MS Word, what I copy is displayed almost like it was in Accordance. The difference is the spacing between lines. (The issue is best seen in the attached PDF). Detail info: When I paste in MS Word using the Paste and Match Formatting menu item, the line space issue is resolved — at least for English only texts. [NOTE: This paste option is not always available in other apps — e.g. when pasting the same-copied text into MS PowerPoint. This may be a PowerPoint issue and the slide predefine formats may also be contributing to my issue.] When copying English and Hebrew text — like from my K&D Library module — the normal paste appears again at 1.5, and the Hebrew is preserved. However, pasting into MS WORD using Paste and Match Formatting — the line space issue is resolved, as I was in Times New Roman, but the Hebrew is not displayed well. Two issues: The Hebrew points are not under the letters, and while the right to left spelling is preserved, the Hebrew words are reverse (i.e., if the following quoted English were Hebrew words "three two one" — copying and pasting comes out as "one two three" but the characters in each Hebrew word are correctly shown right to left.) Selecting the Hebrew text and changing it to the Accordance font fixes the pointing issue, but the word order now needs to be addressed and the line spacing issues returned. Reordering the words, while straight forward, is a time consuming process, and once done then the line space issue needs tp be fixed by using MS Word's "Paragraph" formatting menu and forcing the lines in that paragraph to be a fixed point size, which I guess at to make the results look like the rest of my paper. Attempts to resolve: I have worked with several people in Accordance support as well as Webinar instructors — all that ultimately have encouraged me to post this issue here as a feature request (as they likewise saw no easy or known fix to my issue). I have also tried various preference changes — some at webinar instructors’ suggestions, as well as my own testing. To date, none of those changes have resolved my issue. Desired feature: The ability, within Accordance, to set the line spacing used on copy/paste and export, or at least set the line spacing default to be single line space (which seem more logical to me than defaulting to space and a half. Space and a half is just my guess as what is pasted line spacing is — it appears to be 1.5 lines spaces — see attached PDF). I appreciate some of the issue in that mix language characters may need for space. I see this in my K&D module — where lines with Hebrew take up more line space than lines containing nothing but English text. That said 14 point etc. should be 14-point text when displayed. If the Hebrew is to small then I see two options — increase font size displayed in the tool's content window, or an option to do what it does today — English at one height, Hebrew/Greek at another. Having the ability to set these preferences and have them carry through to the export to whatever app I pasted into, would be an appreciated new feature.
  5. Mr. Craig

    Export Font Size option

    Unless I am overlooking a new feature, I don't see the option to export a specific font size. I would love this feature. I know there are a number of workarounds to achieve this. That is not what I am interested in. blessings, Craig
  6. I am running Accordance 13 on my PC, and have created a UBS5 Greek New Testament version that has extensive highlighting. For example, I have highlighted all the nouns in red, all the verbs are green, all the articles ate dotted underline...the list goes on and on... My question is...now that I have spent all that time to get this perfected, is there any way that I can export (copy/paste...print to PDF...whatever else...) the text WITH the highlights? I don't seem to be able to figure it out! I would like to be able to use a printed version in teaching my Greek class. HELP!!!
  7. Say I've got several Bible modules up in parallel, and I want to copy a verse or range of verses from one of them to the clipboard. I know I can use Cmd - Opt - A and put in the reference and copy, but if I'm already at that location, that seems labor intensive. I thought maybe right click or two-finger click to bring up the context menu would do it, but "Copy" there seems only to apply if you've selected something.
  8. I am trying to export all the verbs from 1 John to an excel sheet for a translation project I'm working on. I know you're able to do that with Logos. I have tried to attach a screenshot of what it looks like from Logos but for some reason it's not uploading. Here is a copy and paste of the formatting. The top row is the name of the columns. The bottom row is the search results. Resource Reference Result Part of Speech Lemma (Greek) Person (Logos Greek) Case (Logos Greek) Number (Logos Greek) Gender (Logos Greek) Tense (Logos Greek) Voice (Logos Greek) Mood (Logos Greek) Sense NA28 1 John 1:1 ἦν verb εἰμί third person — singular — imperfect active indicative to exist
  9. Matthew LaPine

    Hebrew Export

    Perhaps this has been covered (I couldn't find it), but I'm still having a lot of trouble exporting Hebrew into Microsoft Word. I export so that I can create a translation in Word, but the export isn't coming over properly. See attached photo. Anyone have an easy fix here?
  10. Recently my seminary instituted a mandatory purchase of Logos for all students. They have made an exception for anyone who has Bible software that matches the bundle they selected as the minimum from Logos. God has blessed me over the years to have been able to invest in Accordance resources. I have no doubt I qualify for the waver. My question is, is there any way to export a list of what I own or is in my library? This would prevent me from having to type the list out. Thank you in advance for the help. Craig
  11. Hello to all! Can I export the verses' text from one selection with crossrefs? e.g. I have the following selection: I want to export the verses' text of those selected crossref o 'copy as verses text'. Is there some way to do that? Regards!
  12. I think we need some way to export a Paper out of Accordance into an editable document. Perhaps in RTF or even DOCX format. Working in papers is fine, though I hope to see some bugs and annoyances refined over time, but I feel like I can't justify doing real work in it unless I can be sure I can get my data out and rework/reformat it when needed. As is, even the PDF file that you can 'print' interprets some letter combinations as symbols rather than letters; so I can't even copy/paste out of the PDF into a Word document. Additionally, we need some keyboard shortcuts for navigating and creating outline items! That said, I am enjoying many of the new features of v12 and look forward to figuring out how to make the most of them. Thanks!
  13. tony10000

    Export Options

    I would love to have expanded export options in Accordance as I would like to be able to access information when I am away from the program. Currently, Accordance is not that export friendly as compared to Logos. For example, I would like to be able to export the cross references from the info pane to study later. My current solution is to do a screen capture and then import it into Evernote. Also, exporting a single article from a resource requires you to manually select it. Very tedious. I hope that the coders would focus on this functionality for future updates.
  14. One of the most common and important ways I use Accordance is to export text into either word processing (Pages or Word) or presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint) documents. I would love to see the capabilities for this feature to receive some much needed attention, and have asked for this before. One particular feature I would love to see is to allow us to select any color available on our platform for export, rather than just a few preselected ones. This is very important when preparing presentations in Keynote, since the colors used for text are often not a preset color (since a specific color will display better on projection screens). Would it be possible to allow us to select/create any color like in other Mac software? In Christ, Bret
  15. I use export a lot in Accordance. Unfortunately, this is one of the less feature rich parts of Accordance. I formerly used BibleWorks, which allowed me to save multiple export preferences, and then select the one I wished to use to export text. This allows saving export font, size, color, position of references, superscript settings, etc. and is a VERY useful feature. Could you please add such a capability to Accordance? In Christ, Bret
  16. Is there a setting by which I can ensure that the font size is the same every time I copy text even if I have enlarged the text for viewing purposes. The problem is that I need to export text at 12 pts., but that 12 pts. is too small for me for reading in Accordance.
  17. jeffscoggins

    RTF Paste Limitation

    I have discovered that there is a limit of 1,000 verses that can be pasted into rtf file. I like to back up my work regularly, and this limitation has become a real pain, since I have to copy in sections rather than the whole thing. Is there a better way to export my notes to an rtf file?
  18. How do I export a text file of every word that is a hit for a search, including its address and parsing? For example, if I search for [VERB piel] I get 6490 hits. But then I want to export all those hits with the following information: Genesis 1:2 מְרַחֶפֶת is רחף Piel Participle FS Absolute Genesis 1:22 וַיְבָרֶךְ is ברך Piel wawConsecutive 3ms Genesis 1:28 ... The closest I can get is with the analytics drop-down menu on the upper right --> word count totals: analysis.By choosing the details, I can get a list of the inflected forms with their parsing and the number of times that that form occurs. But I also need chapter and verse for each occurrence. John
  19. Timothy Jenney

    #84) Make a Christmas Presentation

    Our latest podcast, just in time for Christmas Day! #84) Make a Christmas Presentation 9:33 [basic] Text and images in Accordance can be printed directly, copied and pasted, and dragged and dropped into other programs. In this episode, Dr. J designs a Christmas Keynote presentation for children, highlighting key words in a passage, then using Search All to find relevant photos and illustrations. He also shows how to make a movie of an animated route in the Bible Atlas and import it into a slide. The podcast concludes with the completed slide show.
  20. Johannes

    New UserBible

    Hello, I have two problems in creating user bibles: 1. During creating a german user bible I got the message: "There are too many verses in the chapter before genesis 33,1. ..." See attachment (in german). 2. Why can I put unicode-text in an user tool but not in an user bible? Thanks for your help! Johannes error.tiff
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