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Found 8 results

  1. When I try and open Accordance, I'm given a Finder window and asked "Where is the file for the "ESVS" text?" I navigate to the Texts folder, select "ESVS.atext", and click "Open." I'm given the following error message: I/O Error #0 in the file "ESVS.atext". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Accordance, and get the same error message. macOS Mojave: 10.14.6 Accordance: 12.3.6
  2. atriyanto

    ESVS.atext problem.

    My Accordance doesn't open anymore. It keeps searching for ESVS.atext file.
  3. clankford

    ESV Crossrefs, Search

    I have used Accordance for a very long time. I am on Yosemite 10.10.1, and have the Ultimate Collection. I noticed that when I was scrolling over the ESV Cross References in my ESVS module, nothing was appearing in the Instant Details window, which I found odd. To contrast, when I would scroll over the asterisks in the ESVS module, the ESV translation notes (I think it's the ESV Notes module) would appear in the Instant Details window without issue. When I went to look for the actual module, I cannot find anything. This becomes more accentuated when I do a Search All in Accordance and I receive a dialogue window listing numerous (so many they exceed the dialogue window...) modules which are not installed or that Accordance cannot find (I am attaching the screen shot of the dialogue). I am guessing that over the years, having updated Accordance numerous times and through several version iterations, the program has barnacles from older versions, and also some of the newer modules have been lost in the process. I am not sure what to do or how to rectify the situation, but I have finally come to the point where I am ready to do the heavy lifting of figuring it all out. What do I need to do?
  4. I just went to highlight a passage for the second time now in Luke 8 (part of verse 2 and 3) and when I clicked highlight it highlighted the verse above the section... last time I did it it highlighted the part of the verse I wanted and then all of the verse after it? Also, it highlighted the text in the parallel pain (the Arabic Bible) which I've set 4 times now to "verse highlighting off". I only highlight new words/phrases in the Arabic text and so I don't want the other highlighting from my default text (the ESVS) to be included and then clutter up the text. but like I said, I've set it numerous times, and it works in the beginning but then always 'undoes' itself... and yes I've set it as the default setting for that text. Any ideas? Thanks kindly... PS- I don't have any other problems highlighting other parts of the text or other tools... just this section for some reason.
  5. This morning I had my accordance open working fine... then the update box popped up with 3 small updates, the ESV, ESVS and KM something (I forget the title). I clicked update but then a couple of minutes later it came back with a message I've never seen before saying that it couldn't complete the request/update. I then closed it and then closed Accordance. This is what it looks like when I open accordance: Upon Opening Accordance.tiff When I reopened it, the only thing that came up was a box saying it can't find the ESVS... and the Accordance file that it gave (the one in My Documents) didn't have the ESV or ESVS... only a bunch of texts and tools I don't use, and all grayed out. This is what the texts folder looks like: Accordance Files (My Documents) - Texts.tiff I then tried searching the Application support files in the Library folder but all of the texts there were greyed out as well... ESVS in Library-Application Support-Accordance-Modules.tiff So I'm still stuck without accordance. The only thing I did last night before I shut it down was delete my caches and then update my Time Machine... but I can't see how either of those would have effected it... plus like I said, it was working this morning. Thanks, Dave
  6. Whenever I check for content updates, I get the option to update the ESV with ESVS. Only problem is I already have the ESVS installed. The ESV is still listed in my texts folders so that may be what's triggering the update offer to show up. Although I would have thought the installation of ESVS should have updated the original ESV, it appears as a separate text as shown in the screenshots below. I assume that if I delete the ESV this might go away, but I wanted to let you guys know about it before I do so. Thanks, Nicholous
  7. Daniel Saunders

    Upgrade to ESVS 3.2 fails

    Hi, I clicked on 'Check for Content Updates' recently and noticed an upgrade from ESVS 3.1 to 3.2. However, when I try to upgrade I get the error message 'The file "ESVS" is no longer available to Accordance.' (See attached). When I restart Accordance, ESVS is still available, though still at version 3.1 I'm running 10.1.4 from the App Store.
  8. I was using the ESVS to search for "name of the Lord" in the Old testament; it returned 86 results I then wanted to see how often the word Lord was [KEY H3068]: i got 85 results.. I then wanted to see the one result that was not [KEY H3068]: Ps 116:13 It had no info in intilinerar mode and showed no info in instant details.. then Accordance crashed. I tried it again and same thing Third time i get info and instnat details, but Ps 116:13 still shows up in search for "name of the lord<not>[KEY H3068]".. Just wanted to let you all know
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