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Found 7 results

  1. I tried searching the forums for these two issues but came up short. I'm running Mac OS 10.14.6, Accordance 13.1.7, with Dark Mode enabled. #1 - Editing a User Layer in the 2D Atlas (see Screenshot 1). When I go to edit my new User Layer (Tovar Bible Study), parts of the editing palette that appears are very difficult to see. #2 - Editing a User Note and adding a Resource Link (See Screenshot 2). The text I enter in the "Search" field is very difficult to see (light gray against white background). Is there any thing I can do to fix either of these issues? Secondly, is it possible to further customize the editing palette (i.e. make it bigger)?
  2. Whenever you are using a custom theme or font, when Mac OS goes to Dark Mode, Accordance leaves the custom theme with light background. The other default themes like (Athens, etc) swap over no problem. The opposite is true too. If you change your custom theme to have a black background, when you switch back to light mode it retains the dark background. Maybe we need an option for a light custom theme and a dark custom theme that Accordance will automatically utilize if you have customs enabled.
  3. I'm unable to read certain text in the Holman Bible Commentary while in dark mode (specifically the "Main Idea" and "Supporting Idea" sections). I'm using an iPhone XS running iOS 13.4 with the latest version of Accordance. See attached. Any ideas?
  4. I would like to see a feature implemented where Accordance automatically switches from light mode to dark mode (or vice versa) when the system changes the device from light mode to dark mode, or vice versa. On the Mac, the computer can be set to shift to dark mode / light mode automatically if the "general / appearance" setting is set to "auto" and the "displays / night shift" is given custom hours. On the iPad, this device feature can be set in the "display & brightness / appearance" setting. I am often using Accordance on both devices in the evening when night shift / dark mode comes on, and then again in the morning when it goes off. If Accordance could be made to follow along automatically, that would save the step of manually closing Accordance on both devices and reopening it on each in order for the change to take place. Thanks for considering this request.
  5. Because a text box in ESV STUDY BIBLE is whited out in dark mode, I tried to change it back to day mode and found that my buttons are gone...... My phone is restarted and the app is updated version.
  6. When my Mac automatically switches from Dark to Light to Dark around sunrise/sunset, Accordance prompts me to restart. Can you just do your thing? Pretty please?
  7. Guntis

    Dark mode UI

    Hello, Please add dark mode to Accordance user interface. When I enable it in macOS Mojave, Accordance remains bright as the daylight and highlights in the black menus are hardly visible, because light grey toolbar affects contrast of the menu highlights. Here in the attached screenshot I highlighted Show All, but I can hardly notice highlight there. Once you are at it, please add dark mode for the user highlighters. Simply inverting colorus won't work well. OK, we can start with that, but I'd like to adjust the same colors for the dark background and white text.
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