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  1. Would love to see an update to the above, to include the latest volumes that are currently available in print.
  2. Jan Klein

    Concordia Commentary

    A profound and devotional commentary. A must have for preachers. https://www.cph.org/c-1428-concordia-commentary.aspx?REName=Books%20%26%20Bibles Those who also have Logos can already buy it
  3. Ben Tovar

    Creation and Blessing

    I would like to see the following added to Accordance please: Title: Creation and Blessing by Allen Ross Publisher: Baker , 1998 Why? Again, primarily because it's the other required textbook for my institution's Hebrew language class in Seminary. But, after using it on several occasions for exegetical work while preparing sermons to preach, I've come to appreciate Ross' style and depth of study (at least in this particular commentary on Genesis, but also in cursory readings I've done in his other commentaries on Psalms).
  4. Hello I would like suggest Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible as a module for Accordance. See http://www.baylorpress.com/en/Series/5/Baylor%20Handbook%20on%20the%20Hebrew%20Bible /Stefan Green
  5. I would like to request True to Our Native Land: An African American New Testament Commentary Publisher: Fortress Press Why: Does Accordance offer any modules of commentaries written by African Americans? This seems like a good, general place to start.
  6. It seems to me that the New Cambridge Bible Commentary would be good resource. Of course, it all depends how much it will cost, but looking at the Psalms in this series I see it is really good commentary. Any hope to have it in Accordance?
  7. Hi - I currently have the 6 available volume set for this on Accordance but there are many more available. Wondering if there were any plans to get the full set on Accordance (Amazon seem to have 19 available on Kindle) in the near future? Thanks
  8. I'm curious if anyone knows when the next update for the Tyndale Commentary Series will go into effect for the module? At least three revision-books have already been released concerning the hard copy: Genesis, Ecclesiastes, and 1/2 Samuel. And Logos is currently allowing users to pre-order these titles until they are licensed (ex: https://www.logos.com/product/176139/genesis-an-introduction-and-commentary) So my question is when will these updates be available in Accordance? The reason I am asking is because I am trying to discern if I should purchase the entire commentary series now, or if I should wait for the updated version to come out if it will be soon.
  9. I would love to have the Reformation Commentary on Scripture (IVP) on the Accordance platform. Will this happen soon?
  10. I just ran across a lectionary commentary that has a different spin - "Preaching God's Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary" This would be nice to have in Accordance.
  11. I've heard many positive things about "A Commentary on the Book of Genesis: from Adam to Noah" by Umberto Cassuto, Israel Abrahams. I want to purchase it. I can find it on Logos and Kindle but I really would like to have it in my Accordance Library instead. The publisher is Magnus Press / The Hebrew University. Please consider making this an Accordance module!
  12. I was wondering if you had any plans to provide Everett Fox’s, “The Early Prophets,” as part of the Schocken Bible series (you already have Volume 1, The Five Books of Moses). I was also wondering if you were going to add Robert Alter’s magisterial work, “The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary. Both of these texts, together with the their commentaries would be a phenomenal addition to the Accordance suite.
  13. The Chronological Gospels By: Michael Rood This is a chronological gospels commentary which include all 4 gospels into one single chronological story with Michael's comment's. Since it is in chronological order you get the cause and effect on each of Jesus handelings, and why and when he was in Jericho and why he went up to Jerusalem so many times, why he turned the wather into vine etc. Michael's revelation brings you inside the brain of the second Temple period Pharisees and reveals the answare to one of the most important biblical questions.(Matt 5.20) how can we know if Our righteousness exeed's the Pharisees? There are no other commentary even Close to the knowledge put in this one it is an revelation from heaven and it will change Your life if you read it. Michael spent 38 years to put this together including 20 years in Israel. Also included are the acts of the apostles and the book of Revelation Aviv Moon Publishing www.thechronologicalgospels.com
  14. I would like to have a module for Dr. Constable’s Expository (Bible Study) Notes. I just changed over from BibleWorks and also have been using e-Sword for my commentaries. Constable is available as a free user generated module in e-Sword. I was hoping to integrate commentaries and language study into a single Bible program. Constable is a conservative premillennialist, I think from DTS. His material is very helpful. I created a poll also. I also would accept any advice on how to create a module but it appears that there is a bias against users tampering with module creation in Accordance. Many Thanks! Craig
  15. Hello I don't like how Logos handles the books. It is really necessary for every book to have a own entry in the library? Here is Accordance better. But also in Accordance I hate it to have some Commentaries as OT and NT. Put these together in one. No I don't mean what we can do as user in the Parallel Pane/Zone. I talking about as a search module. The worst case is here by the Texts. Do all related in one! So we can search the whole in one! The only exception here is for the Parallel Text. Here it makes sense to have two, so we can have it in parallel. BW has all in one, also the parallel. For the parallel I see the advantage to have it as separate module. But definitely not for all other books. Why is the KJV in two modules, why is the BHQ split, RSV Apocrypha separated from RSV etc. etc. the list is nearly endless and fills the library for nothing. We can then not search the whole Bible at once. We cannot import User Bibles except we split them too. To have different module can make sense in PRINT, BUT you are not like this as Rick always say. So the advantage of the software is limited because of your decisions years ago. This is so unpractical. Stop it. And put them together in one. Your software should make it easier not more difficult. I know I push against your history habit, which you holds with all power. Let them go. It makes no sense for electronic texts. Since Accordance 12 we can search in the library for a specific book, or as a Reference search in Research. This is great, we don't need it separated in the library to find them. If we want to search the whole Bible Accordance has the ability to set a Range in different ways. So here too, nothing is against to bring them together in one. BW is here definitely better. Greetings Fabian
  16. I have been investing a lot in accordance bible resources recently and have been recommending Accordance to my friends. One of my main sales pitches to go with accordance compared to other competitors has been that the Tyndale series are included in some of the introductory collections, and with $199 for English learner or $399 for English discoverer or triple learner, that was almost alone worth a large portion of the price. Yet alone getting an excellent software focusing on the bible text to go alongside with such a great commentary series. Recently a friend of mine bought an English discoverer collection based on these recommendations, and he has several times come back to me to tell how helpful especially the Tyndale series have been for him in both personal bible study and preparing teachings for bible study days in his church. I am very much enjoying using Accordance 13 so far and consider the upgrade well money spent. Noticing today that the Tyndale series seems to have been switched with the Wiersbe BE Series as the introductory commentary in basically all collections apart from English master at $36,999 somehow dampened the enjoyment in terms of how excited I am to recommend Accordance to new users that are looking for a first-time introductory library. Most of my friends are non-bible professionals who love the Word and are involved in their local church as well as working in business or other areas of society. I am aware that there are probably many good reasons for this, and that the excellent staff at Oaktree has been discussing both upgrade possibilities of the series and the removal of Tyndale as a part of collections in a thorough way. The Tyndale series have not been updated in a long time, and I would dare to guess that this has to a large extent been a result of being a part of a collection that are hard to upgrade when it comes to licencing deals with the publisher. Possibly also that the publisher upped the price so that the current price levels of collections would have not been able to stay in the same range. I can only speculate in the underlying causes, but I do notice that this change has been a quiet one. No matter what the reasons are, I must say that the accordance collections are now harder to pitch to my friends as a $199/$399 all-that-you-need-for the-basics tool for their bible study. It is still an excellent software, and the search functionality and other core functions really outshines any competition as far as I am concerned. Yet the Wiersbe Be Series is in a different league of the Tyndale series in terms of commentary quality, and the base collections are hence less attractive in Accordance 13 than they were in Accordance 12. My friend mentioned above were looking at saving up some extra and go with a competitor package, but I convinced him to stay with accordance and consider how much powerful resources and functionality there are at such a cheap price. I would probably be a customer anyhow, but this exact sale would likely not have happened with the current collection offering in accordance 13. Even though I still would have recommended Accordance as the #1 bible study software in so many other ways. To end on a more positive note. These changes probably means that we are going to see updated Tyndale commentaries in the not too distant future. Although many of the classic volumes still hold up to their worth, many of the updated volumes seems promising. Seeing that the earlier thread requesting updates are one of the most viewed threads on the forum, this is going to be a most welcomed upgrade for many of us. Pax et bonum Helge (I wrote the comment above two days ago and have been pondering whether to publish it in the forums or not. Please understand my intentions that I do not want to criticise or come with negative remarks just to tell them, but rather comment and possibly have a discussion on some strategic choices in the selection of tools for the new collections in accordance 13. These thoughts are emerging mostly from my finance and business management background and are coming from a motive to bless Oaktree and Accordance. They are solely my own observations and considerations in regard to the accordance 13 collections, and I am aware that I could be wrong in this matter and base my conclusions on the wrong basis. I really am very fond of the Accordance software and are very happy with the changes in the Accordance 13 core functionalities.)
  17. If the Word Biblical Commentary is a good one at the macro level, what would be a great commentary on Bible backgrounds, that is conservative in its approach? Rejecting the documentary hypothesis and deutero-Isaiah and the like. Thanks.
  18. Sbjernegard

    Allen Ross - Psalms

    I want to recommend Allen Ross's 3 volumes on the Psalms. They are extremely helpful for pastors and scholars alike. Are there any plans to get these in Accordance? https://www.amazon.com/Commentary-Psalms-Kregel-Exegetical-Library/dp/082542562X https://www.amazon.com/Commentary-Psalms-Kregel-Exegetical-Library/dp/0825425638/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/142-6776436-6336907?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0825425638&pd_rd_r=7ca04717-3d1f-11e9-9b21-9156a1fa947a&pd_rd_w=o9ztD&pd_rd_wg=TONo3&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=4ZYHR0W22C5B91BNAJ2Y&psc=1&refRID=4ZYHR0W22C5B91BNAJ2Y https://www.amazon.com/Commentary-Psalms-90-150-Exegetical-Library/dp/0825426669/ref=pd_bxgy_img_3/142-6776436-6336907?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0825426669&pd_rd_r=7ca04717-3d1f-11e9-9b21-9156a1fa947a&pd_rd_w=o9ztD&pd_rd_wg=TONo3&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=4ZYHR0W22C5B91BNAJ2Y&psc=1&refRID=4ZYHR0W22C5B91BNAJ2Y
  19. Greetings to all, Last month (April of 2018) Regenery Faith published The Rational Bible: Exodus, by Dennis Prager. It is the finest commentary on Exodus since the one by the late Umberto Cassuto. I would add it to my Library the day you made it available if you choose to do so. I highly recommend offering it, as well as the volumes to come. I will also mention another module I posted about long ago. I would love to see the Commentary on the Torah by Richard Elliott Friedman. L'shalom, Benjamin Sendrow
  20. Any chance of getting the Hermeneia commentary series by Fortress Press? http://fortresspress.com/hermeneia There are some very good volumes in that series, including some of the Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphical books.
  21. Are there any plans to make available in Accordance the following Commentary Sets: Thru The Bible- J. Vernon McGee BE Series- Warren Wiersbe These would be a great addition to Accordance, especially for the lay person. Thanks! Jeff Hancock Alabama
  22. I request that you add a commentary to your list of available resources: "Believer's Bible Commentary" by William MacDonald, edited by Art Farstad and published by Thomas Nelson. It is a one volume commentary that many in our evangelical church have found very useful. It is concise, helpful and easy to use. It would be a great addition to the resources currently available. Thanks, Larry
  23. Who else would like to have William Macdonald's "Believer's bible commentary" in Accordance ?
  24. I would love to see J. Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible. As he was (and is) on the radio for many years I think he is well known and would be well loved by many people. https://www.amazon.com/J.-Vernon-McGee/e/B000APOQNM/ Thanks!
  25. Please add "A New Psalm: A Guide to Psalms as Literature" by Benjamin J. Segal. I have it in Kindle ebook format. For me it's one of the best small commentaries on Psalms. I wish I could have it as Accordance module.
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