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  1. It is possible that I just don't know how to use the program, but I am fairly sure this is a feature request. It concerns commentary footnotes working like biblical footnotes. When I am reading a commentary sometimes the author of the commentary is making their point and in the middle of their sentence there is a footnote. If I hover over the footnote I can see the footnote in the instant details, which is helpful. When the author's footnote is just another book, that is also normally sufficient. However, sometimes the author's footnote contains a bunch of supporting scripture links and I would like to read the verses. I am aware that if I click on the footnote it will bring up the verses and I can click on them, but if I do, there is no practical way to get back to the sentence I was reading without starting over. With all this said, it would be helpful if when clicking on a footnote that the footnote material opens in a new window, how it already does when clicking on a footnote in a biblical text. Thank you for considering this.
  2. I'm curious if anyone knows when the next update for the Tyndale Commentary Series will go into effect for the module? At least three revision-books have already been released concerning the hard copy: Genesis, Ecclesiastes, and 1/2 Samuel. And Logos is currently allowing users to pre-order these titles until they are licensed (ex: https://www.logos.com/product/176139/genesis-an-introduction-and-commentary) So my question is when will these updates be available in Accordance? The reason I am asking is because I am trying to discern if I should purchase the entire commentary series now, or if I should wait for the updated version to come out if it will be soon.
  3. Hi, I select portion of text in NAC, right-click > Copy As > Bibliography. Paste in Pages — nothing is pasted. Go to Edit menu > Paste — nothing. Try to copy as Citation. Also only selected commentary text is pasted, no Bibliography. The same with NICOT. Accorance 13.1.5. MacOS 11.1.
  4. miguel1981

    Let's Study Series

    I would love to see Let's Study Series in Accordance https://banneroftruth.org/us/store/collected-workssets/lets-study-series-set/
  5. Hello I don't like how Logos handles the books. It is really necessary for every book to have a own entry in the library? Here is Accordance better. But also in Accordance I hate it to have some Commentaries as OT and NT. Put these together in one. No I don't mean what we can do as user in the Parallel Pane/Zone. I talking about as a search module. The worst case is here by the Texts. Do all related in one! So we can search the whole in one! The only exception here is for the Parallel Text. Here it makes sense to have two, so we can have it in parallel. BW has all in one, also the parallel. For the parallel I see the advantage to have it as separate module. But definitely not for all other books. Why is the KJV in two modules, why is the BHQ split, RSV Apocrypha separated from RSV etc. etc. the list is nearly endless and fills the library for nothing. We can then not search the whole Bible at once. We cannot import User Bibles except we split them too. To have different module can make sense in PRINT, BUT you are not like this as Rick always say. So the advantage of the software is limited because of your decisions years ago. This is so unpractical. Stop it. And put them together in one. Your software should make it easier not more difficult. I know I push against your history habit, which you holds with all power. Let them go. It makes no sense for electronic texts. Since Accordance 12 we can search in the library for a specific book, or as a Reference search in Research. This is great, we don't need it separated in the library to find them. If we want to search the whole Bible Accordance has the ability to set a Range in different ways. So here too, nothing is against to bring them together in one. BW is here definitely better. Greetings Fabian
  6. I have been investing a lot in accordance bible resources recently and have been recommending Accordance to my friends. One of my main sales pitches to go with accordance compared to other competitors has been that the Tyndale series are included in some of the introductory collections, and with $199 for English learner or $399 for English discoverer or triple learner, that was almost alone worth a large portion of the price. Yet alone getting an excellent software focusing on the bible text to go alongside with such a great commentary series. Recently a friend of mine bought an English discoverer collection based on these recommendations, and he has several times come back to me to tell how helpful especially the Tyndale series have been for him in both personal bible study and preparing teachings for bible study days in his church. I am very much enjoying using Accordance 13 so far and consider the upgrade well money spent. Noticing today that the Tyndale series seems to have been switched with the Wiersbe BE Series as the introductory commentary in basically all collections apart from English master at $36,999 somehow dampened the enjoyment in terms of how excited I am to recommend Accordance to new users that are looking for a first-time introductory library. Most of my friends are non-bible professionals who love the Word and are involved in their local church as well as working in business or other areas of society. I am aware that there are probably many good reasons for this, and that the excellent staff at Oaktree has been discussing both upgrade possibilities of the series and the removal of Tyndale as a part of collections in a thorough way. The Tyndale series have not been updated in a long time, and I would dare to guess that this has to a large extent been a result of being a part of a collection that are hard to upgrade when it comes to licencing deals with the publisher. Possibly also that the publisher upped the price so that the current price levels of collections would have not been able to stay in the same range. I can only speculate in the underlying causes, but I do notice that this change has been a quiet one. No matter what the reasons are, I must say that the accordance collections are now harder to pitch to my friends as a $199/$399 all-that-you-need-for the-basics tool for their bible study. It is still an excellent software, and the search functionality and other core functions really outshines any competition as far as I am concerned. Yet the Wiersbe Be Series is in a different league of the Tyndale series in terms of commentary quality, and the base collections are hence less attractive in Accordance 13 than they were in Accordance 12. My friend mentioned above were looking at saving up some extra and go with a competitor package, but I convinced him to stay with accordance and consider how much powerful resources and functionality there are at such a cheap price. I would probably be a customer anyhow, but this exact sale would likely not have happened with the current collection offering in accordance 13. Even though I still would have recommended Accordance as the #1 bible study software in so many other ways. To end on a more positive note. These changes probably means that we are going to see updated Tyndale commentaries in the not too distant future. Although many of the classic volumes still hold up to their worth, many of the updated volumes seems promising. Seeing that the earlier thread requesting updates are one of the most viewed threads on the forum, this is going to be a most welcomed upgrade for many of us. Pax et bonum Helge (I wrote the comment above two days ago and have been pondering whether to publish it in the forums or not. Please understand my intentions that I do not want to criticise or come with negative remarks just to tell them, but rather comment and possibly have a discussion on some strategic choices in the selection of tools for the new collections in accordance 13. These thoughts are emerging mostly from my finance and business management background and are coming from a motive to bless Oaktree and Accordance. They are solely my own observations and considerations in regard to the accordance 13 collections, and I am aware that I could be wrong in this matter and base my conclusions on the wrong basis. I really am very fond of the Accordance software and are very happy with the changes in the Accordance 13 core functionalities.)
  7. I'm not sure how best to explain what I'm asking but I'd like to be able to search ALL the commentaries I have in Accordance at the same time. Is there a way to do that? In other words, I'd like to be able to type in a single reference and then see all the places where it is discussed in ALL the commentaries. As it stands (at least how I'm doing it), every time I have a passage I want to study, I have to enter the reference separately for each commentary. This is time consuming and I miss things because it's too much effort to search each commentary individually. Any help? Thanks, Charles
  8. I just recently bought the AB and NICOT/NICNT series on Accordance. What great sales for awesome commentaries! And they are wonderful! These other series might have been requested already, but I would love to see the International Critical Commentary and the Forms of the Old Testament Literature series on here as well.
  9. Afternoon all, I am seriously considering a sermon series based on Judges, not sure yet if I will preach through the entire book or select certain judges. Either way I am looking at purchasing a commentary on the book of Judges and thought ya'll could chime in on which is most helpful. I currently have: Cundall in Tyndale Old Testament & Younger in NIVAC I am looking at: Butler in WBC or Web in NICOT, but am open to other thoughts too I am on a limited budget. Thanks for the help.
  10. I open book of Ruth and expect that clicking on the Add Parallel (button) > Reference Tools > Biblical Studies Accordance will offer me «The Gospel According to the Old Testament» series books (in this case, «From Famine To Fullness The Gospel According To Ruth»). It doesn't. It shows only 3 resources. But in that section I have more than 40 resources. Could you please fix this? The same relates also the the Info Pane. After the commentaries section Accordance could show relevant Biblical Studies resources. It's all about making the resources I already have more accessible and visible. (P.S. Perhaps not all resources need to be shown in Add Parallel menu, but only the relevant ones, about the currently opened Bible book.)
  11. Pocketbible and Olivetree both have J. Vernon McGee's commentary on the entire Bible. Pocketbible has Wiersbe's commentaries. Olivetree has the Living Bible. Would it be possible for my favorite software to offer all these? The Living Bible (a paraphrase by Ken Taylor unlike the New Living Translation) Wiersbe's "Be" Commentaries J. Vernon McGee's Through The Bible That'd be great! Thanks, Jerry
  12. I requested the FOTL and ICC commentaries awhile back. Is there any chance these might be turned into Accordance modules anytime? And the OT Library would be an awesome addition to the Accordance library as well.
  13. Hi, all. Looking on instructions, direction, or advice on how to better and more quickly navigate through large commentary texts on the Android app. First of all, I'm rather amazed and grateful that I am now able to have the Anchor and Hermeneia commentaries on my phone. Incredible amount of information at my fingertips when I'm not at home or at the library! But I'm wondering how to quickly access specific pieces of information on such a small interface. So, for example, today I wanted to quickly find an excursus or other in-depth discussion by Adela Yarbro Collins on Mark's sources and use of the 'Son of Man' in the gospel of Mark in her wonderful Hermeneia commentary. What would be the best way to find where she treats this issue in depth? I first tried to go to her commentary on Mark and then tried to do a search on 'Son of Man', but the search results started at the commentary on Matthew and I had to click through every use of 'Son of Man' in the Ulrich Luz' three-volume Matthew commentary before I got back to Adela's commentary on Mark. Very tedious. Is there a better way? In the PC program, I can start searches within a specific book without going through the whole series of prior commentaries. Is that functionality also available on the Android app or will it be eventually or is it just not realistic on a smartphone interface? Other suggestions might be to introduce the capability to go to a detailed table of contents or indices with links. If there are already directions on how to better navigate commentaries on the Android app, I apologize for such a tedious post, but would appreciate direction on how to find such instructional material. Thanks, robrecht
  14. As just advised on another Accordance forum, it's awesome to know that the Bible Speaks Today (OT) is now finally available for Accordance. I've just bought it. This raises a technical question. Not sure whether this constitutes a feature request?? Would it be possible for BST OT & NT to now be consolidated as a single resource? I ask for one small practical reason: In my default Accordance workspace, I have a panel on the right with a set of tabs for my favourite commentary series'. One of them is BST. But it's BST NT only, since that's all we've had until now. So if I were working on an OT passage, I'd need to open a separate tab for BST OT. It would be a lot more efficient, not to mention intuitive, if "BST" was .. um, well BST , so it would open to match whatever passage one were reading, whether OT or NT. Thanks.
  15. Hi! I thoroughly enjoy the "research" feature in Accordance 12, but I'm wondering if it's possible to isolate an individual volume within a module and "research" only that volume. For example, I'd like to search for a particular word or reference in Beale's Biblical Theology and in Osborne's commentary in ZEC. As it stands, I'm forced to research the entire ZEC corpus. I would love to have the ability to research particular volumes inside the module. Thanks!
  16. Hi, Could you add a checkbox to NOT display commentary titles beneath the book cover photos/icons? Cover photo is all I need. Those titles are so tiny and they are truncated anyway. In the given screenshot there could be 4th column for the commentary list, in my opinion.
  17. I am a big fan of the JPS Torah Commentary, and I know that others here are too, and so I am wondering: Given that Accordance already offers the Torah Commentary and the Commentators' Bible, are there any plans to bring the remaining volumes of the JPS Commentary Series to the Accordance platform? So far, there seems to be the Haftarot, Esther, Jonah, Qohelet, Ruth, and Song of Songs available. I would love to have more Jewish commentaries available on the Accordance platform. Please, please, please . . . ,חנוכה שמחה דויד p.s. I apologize if this question was answered elsewhere in the forum. I searched, but did not see this specific question addressed.
  18. I typically read scripture on my iPad with 2 Panes. The top is the bible, and commentaries below. It is very powerful to include other's insights (and be able to switch between them). We often see references like this from Adam Clarke's Commentary on Hebrews 9:14. He obviously read older saints' writings, and many of them are now digitized - even as part of Accordance. - - - "... Cyril, Athanasius sometimes, Damascenus, Chrysostom, and some others. But the common reading is supported by ABD**, and others, besides the Syriac, all the Arabic, Armenian, AEthiopic, Athanasius generally, Theodouret, Theophylact, and ... " - - - I have Church Father's Collections / Modules and wondered if there is a way to reference their comments on verses in the same (or similar) way as we can switch between other commentaries? Thanks in advance, Paul
  19. dsarmstrong

    Ironside Commentaries

    Hi! I just wanted to make a suggestion for adding a commentary set. Harry A. Ironside’s commentaries would make a valuable contribution to your already tremendous selection. I believe the set is a compilation of his sermons. His work has been a great source of blessing and material for pastors and teachers everywhere. I want to say Kregel holds the copyright now. They have recently been reprinted (2000-2008?) in hardcover.
  20. Module request: Psalms (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms) (Vol. 1-3) by John Goldingay.
  21. I highlighted a lot of commentaries while I was studying some Bible passage. Now time has come to sum up all those highlights. Currently I cannot find all highlights in a specific commentary set (user–defined commentary set) for the specific range (like Psalm 31 or Matthew 5). Please make this possible. Could be implemented by using RANGE command together with the STYLE command.
  22. AMBadenhop

    IVP NT Commentary Series

    Knowing the Accordance has clearly worked with IVP on such tools as the black dictionaries (though I'd still love to see the latest editions of the OT dictionaries on Accordance as well), I'd also love to see the IVP NT commentary series. I love the Accordance software so I'm patient, but I'd love to see the available content catch up with Logos.
  23. I have reviewed the limited discussion in these forums about the UBS Translator's Handbook series and don't seem to have seen any discussion about the value of the series for someone like me who already has the AYC, Word Biblical and Hermeneia commentaries but is tempted by the "very soon to expire" Accordance UBS Handbook offer. I would not need the UBS series to assist me in any of my own translating as I have only the most rudimentary knowledge of NTG! However, I am aware that, not only is knowing how best the text might be translated very useful to understanding English translations of the text itself (and reading other commentaries on it), but that the UBS also apparently operates as a verse by verse commentary, offering more than a purely morphological resource and aid. Before I let the offer pass, I would welcome hearing from anyone with experience of using the UBS series primarily as a commentary and whether they think it significantly adds to the textual commentary and help likely to be available from the other major commentaries (such as I have mentioned). Many thanks. Michael
  24. Ok, I really like John Phillips commentaries. What I have read of his has always been good. I recently watched the video that was sent out in the email about the John Butler's commentaries. His look really good too! I like alliteration and even use alliteration quite a bit. My questions is, if you could only get one, which would you pick? Why? I have to decide one or the other. Thanks for any information that you can give on this. It will be appreciated. PS - I would love to see Butler's outline of the book of Hosea, just the major points to compare with Phillips hardback book I have in hand.
  25. Timothy Jenney

    #103) Bless the Lord!

    [Accordance 10: Study] Psalm 103 is a paean of praise to God for all his blessings, past and present. In this podcast, Dr. J walks us through a step-by-step exegesis of this psalm, showing how to move from an initial reading to a final sermon or Bible study. Mingling personal insights with those from the best of the commentaries available in Accordance, Dr. J digs into the passage to mine its depths of meaning. http://youtu.be/6Za3SaLpDfI
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