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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings Accordance family, I am really feeling like a rookie here, and I am sure the answer to this question is right before me. But I need a little help here. Reading Schaff's Church Fathers, Origen, de Principiis, book 3, "On the freedom of the will". I notice there are two sets of readings that are nearly the same. The chapters are numbered twice. There are two #1 chapters and two #2 chapters and two #3 chapters and so on. I notice after the Preface of Rufinus it says... Translated From Latin of Rufinus. Translated From the Greek. Is that saying that the first reading is from Latin of Rufinus? What is Rufinus? Is the second reading translated from Greek? I noticed the first number of the paragraph is larger then the second every time. I should have stayed in school 🙂 Thanks for your help. Marco
  2. Dear A, It would be wonderful to have the Catholic University of America Press's Fathers of the Church series. It must already exist in digital form because Logos is selling it. It is even on sale at a discount this month, but we all know that A is much better and more useable. The CUA series is much better than the ANE, PNE etc series which A currently offers Please consider adding it! Thanks and regards, David
  3. josue.carames

    Church Fathers

    Is there a module that covers all the classic-theological texts after the 800 A.D.? I bought the module of "Church Fathers" but that does not cover writings after the first millennium. Thank you.
  4. When I type "Barnabas" it comes up with the modules I am looking for. Today I noticed when I type "Basil" it doesn't come up. (I eventually found it in NPNF2)
  5. I typically read scripture on my iPad with 2 Panes. The top is the bible, and commentaries below. It is very powerful to include other's insights (and be able to switch between them). We often see references like this from Adam Clarke's Commentary on Hebrews 9:14. He obviously read older saints' writings, and many of them are now digitized - even as part of Accordance. - - - "... Cyril, Athanasius sometimes, Damascenus, Chrysostom, and some others. But the common reading is supported by ABD**, and others, besides the Syriac, all the Arabic, Armenian, AEthiopic, Athanasius generally, Theodouret, Theophylact, and ... " - - - I have Church Father's Collections / Modules and wondered if there is a way to reference their comments on verses in the same (or similar) way as we can switch between other commentaries? Thanks in advance, Paul
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