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Found 17 results

  1. For some reason when I use a bookmark to go to a Greek or Hebrew text, and then open a parallel pane, that pane always opens in EBC-R. I would like to be able to set that default text to a translation that I frequently use. Thanks for considering this request. I have no idea at all how much coding that would take!
  2. I have noted a bug. I generally read on my iPad, and this year I am reading the NIV (2011) with G/K numbers. I bookmark the four places that I read. Occasionally I read on my iPhone, but have noted that bookmarks for this module created on one device do not open the module on the other. Here is a screenshot. I have tapped on the bottom bookmark. It highlights the choice but nothing happens. The module does not open to that chapter and verse. Tapping on other bookmarks of other modules (texts and tool) works seamlessly between devices. I only note this with NIV (2011) with G/K numbers. I am using the latest release versions of iOS and Accordance for iOS: Accordance for iOS 2.6.4 [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation], [iOS 11.3.1 iPhone 7]
  3. Hello Accordancers, This is rather small, but I would love to have the option to display my Bookmarks from newest to oldest instead of the current default (oldest to newest). Thanks, Jonathan Sorry, I meant to post this in the Features for iOS. Could someone please move it for me? Thanks!
  4. It would be great if bookmarks were a pull-down on the main reading screen rather than treated as another separate item in the library. Bookmarks are currently very cumbersome to retrieve and launch from. Thanks!
  5. Benjamin Gladd

    Bookmarks in Toolbar

    Hi all, To save time, is there a way I can put my bookmarks in the toolbar for easy access? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have a zillion bookmarks but I only want to keep 10% of them. Is there a file somewhere that I can edit to clear the 90% quickly rather than one at a time? Dave
  7. Hey Team, It would be sweet if the bookmarks set in Accordance on the Mac would sync with the ones on the iPad/iPhone. Then if a user would long press the chapter navigation arrow, it would pull up a menu of bookmarks either in front of or behind your current text selection. Kind of like how in Safari, if you hold the back button, it will give a list of last viewed pages on that tab. Oh and tabbed browsing for multiple texts/ tools would be a great addition as well. Thanks!
  8. Love the bookmarks feature in IOS. It works fine with most modules however I'm finding while I can make a bookmark in the books in my 'my tools' folder it doesn't lead me back to that spot when I click on it. These are books I've imported like 'Orthodoxy' 'The distinguishing Marks' 'Mortification -Owen' -same problem whatever the book. Accordance for IOS 1.7 iPhone 4s thanks in advance rayr
  9. Anthony Sepulveda

    Improved Bookmarking System

    I was wondering if we could improve the bookmarking system (like saving and managing the bookmarks I've set for bible texts, or even tools). For example, while studying a text I have a sudden curiosity, and go to a different biblical passage using the search bar; but after that, I wanted to get back to the text I was previously working on, and it wasn't as easy as just pressing a 'back' button --like I would in a web browser--, especially when I jump between OT/NT texts (the 'Mark Selection' feature didn't help much). Thanks, --anthony
  10. Rick Conklin


    Dear readers, More on "Bookmarks" 1. In iOS it appears the bookmarks are sorted by the order I made them. Would you please allow them to be sorted by the Biblical Order? If I have several bookmarks on my iPhone (or iPad) its difficult to find the one I'm looking for. 2. On my Mac, I had hoped that in OSX when I click Cmd7 (right click - Mark Selection) this bookmark would synch with iOS (when I run the Dropbox synch). But, it doesn't seem to do that. Is that a bug? If its not designed to synch, would you please consider that as an enhancement? Thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  11. I love the fact that we have bookmarks now, but was wondering if there is a way to have a persistent bookmakers folder avalible in the recently opened list? Bookmarks and recently opened are in many ways the same thing, and it would be nice to be able to access them with one less step . I know it's not hard to push the library button, but I really feel that they belong in the recently opened page more than in the library... Thanks for all the hard work on both the Mac program andiOS app
  12. Here are some ideas for reading helps. Margin Notes I often find myself reading a work and wanting to make some notes in the margin. I do this all of the time with real books I own. It is, frankly, cumbersome not to be able to make such notes readily. Even using User Notes on Bible Texts (which is all I believe they work on... please correct me if I am wrong). I would just like to be able to make a quick note in the margin of the text by clicking on the margin or something simple. Bookmarks I would very much like to see a simple means of quickly bookmarking the place I was last reading in a work. It might work to have the work automatically open to the last location it was open to in most cases, but a simple bookmarking keystroke or buttons (one for the primary reading bookmark and another for a pull down selection of all bookmarks?). Highlighting I find highlighting in Accordance cumbersome. I prefer the highlighting of WordSearch/QuickVerse. However, it seems to me a small list of highlight colors in a bar in the title bar or surrounding window frame of each work would be much easier to use. Allowing each user to set the number of highlight buttons normally visible would be good as well. The Logos highlighting is very elaborate and I suppose useful for those who use it in that way, but I am simply trying to read and mark and note my way through a work. Word/Acronym Definition It would be nice if a protracted hover over a word/acronym would bring up a definition and if there wasn't a definition it would allow you to supply one. It would also be helpful is the user could define the hover time. These are just some observations and some things I, as a user, would like to be able to do easily and simply.
  13. Chairsteleios

    Bookmark and Highlighting Lists?

    If this feature already exists please let me know where to find it! I searched all over the help section. Accordance has a great highlighting feature. I love the ability to create and customize different highlighting formats. For instance, I have a style dedicated to texts that I have a question about/want to study in depth at a later date. I have a style dedicated to Purpose Statements ("For my name's sake I defer my anger," "to the praise of the glory of His grace," etc). Is there a way then (and if not I'm requesting it) to view all highlights for a particular text or module? For instance, with my Nook I can view a list of all highlights for an entire book and a separate list of all bookmarks. This way if I'm reading through a lengthy work of Jonathan Edwards or John Owen and highlight multiple sections I can view them in a list format, put in order of page number. Then if I click on one of the highlights it links me directly to the highlighted section in its context. This would be amazing! We all know how cumbersome it is to find something we highlighted in a paperbound book! And if we could access a list of all our highlights and sort them according to our highlighting styles that would be even better! I would also like to see a list of bookmarks. This is important for Modules such as The Complete Works of Jonathan Edwards, where I might be reading from multiple different places over the course of several months and have no real way of quickly accessing where I left off in a particular sermon or treatise. Imagine the possibilities!
  14. Greetings, I have looked but have not found out how to remove bookmarks in Accordance for iOS. Can someone help me, please? Thank you. Thanks Accordance team for including this bookmarking feature! Peace
  15. Timothy Jenney

    #85) Bible Study with Accordance iOS 1.6

    [basic] Version 1.6 of our mobile Accordance app combines a more polished interface with a host of new features: flex search, auto words/verses switching, bookmarks, Remember My Place, and syncing User Content between iDevices.
  16. Hi, Thank you for adding easy way to add bookmarks. This will open new ways to do Bible lessons in class. However, I have one grip with this feature, namely, when I tap on the Library icon, it constantly opens to "Recently Open" section, not to the Library itself or My Bookmarks section which I used before. I find it very disturbing. Could you add option in settings for each user to specify how they want Library button to function? Should it open "Recently Open" or "Library" itself, or the last section which was open in the Library? This could be integrated also in the Library window itself. Next to the Search Library input field place a button Default view: Recently Open Library Currently open section Actually Bookmarks also could be shown in the split window at the bottom of the screen. That would be the easiest way to navigate between them. You should add fourth section in the tools list there "Bookmarks" (along the Texts, Reference Tools, and My Notes).
  17. Hi there, I just started using accordance software, because it was recommended to me. So far I like most of it. I am using it on my MacBook as well as on my mobile devices (iPad). Actually I would like to use it on my iMac as well, but obviously the number of computers that can be synchronized with the mobile device is restricted to one only and there seems to be now way to synchronize my MacBook with my iMac. It would be very nice to see a change there. But my more important request: I am using my iPad for my daily bible-reading. I have my own reading plan, I do read some chapters in the old Testament, some in the gospels and the book of acts and some in the epistles. Additionally I read one chapter continuously, as this is the chapter we read as whole church. So it may be obvious that I need to have something like bookmarks to keep track. On my iPad I also have anther bible program installed (that synchronizes well with several platforms, cause it is done through a server) and there I can use bookmarks. As I really would love to move to one place for all my needs I have to wait for the bookmark feature. As long, as this is not there, I have to switch between programs. I really like the user tools. I can use it for my sermons. It would be nice to have additional formatting options like tables. But at least there are some basic formatting tools and I appreciate that. So are bookmarks to come? And is there a workaround for synchronizing between MacBook and iMac somehow? Megablessings Martin
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