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Found 6 results

  1. Lost Books of the Bible: The Great Rejected Texts by Joseph B. Lumpkin. ISBN13: 9781933580661. © 2009 Joseph B. Lumpkin. Contact Fifth Estate Publishers, Post Office Box 116, Blountsville, AL 35031. This book contains: The First Book of Adam and Eve The Second Book of Adam and Eve The Book of Enoch Introduction to The Second Book of Enoch: The Book of Jubilees Jasher The Story of Ahikar APOCALYPTIC WRITINGS AND THE END OF DAYS The Apocalypse of Abraham Apocalypse of Thomas 4 EZRA / 2 ESDRAS 2 Baruch - History Conclusion The War Scrolls - The War Between the Sons of Dark and the Sons of Light The War Scroll LOST SCRIPTURES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Introduction to Gnosticism History of the Gospel of Philip History of The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene History of The Apocryphon of John The Apocryphon of John History of The Gospel of Thomas The Gospel Of Thomas The Question of Judas * The Gospel of Judas The 29th Chapter of Acts I think these could be good materials for the Bible students. I already found several interesting references.
  2. Could we get a Book, Chapter, Verse selector similar to what Bible Works has or even e-sword. Only having a book selector makes for a lot of scrolling or clicking on the chapter up or down button. It is also more convenient that typing in references. The Logos one is not that nice because choosing a chapter opens an accordion which then has to be closed. I am attaching some images of both Bible Works and e-sword ways of doing this. The Bible Works is nicer because it opens up in a rectangle so that you do not need to scroll for books, chapters or verses.
  3. Is there a chapter selector button available in the Bible window anywhere? It seems that you can only choose a book, but then you have to either scroll or use the chapter up and down arrows to move to the chapter that you want to get to. Other programs like Bibleworks, e-sword and Logos all have that option. e-sword seems to have the best one. I have attached a screenshot of it.
  4. Hello I am interested to see the following book as a module for Accordance: A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar, second edition, by Christo H. van der Merwe, Jacobus A. Naudé. https://bloomsbury.com/uk/a-biblical-hebrew-reference-grammar-9780567663337/
  5. Hi, Could you please add book "Not in God's Name" by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks to the Biblical Studies section? Very exciting interpretation of stories found in the book of Genesis.
  6. I would love to see the addition of the ability to set up a one-way, or one-direction, tie between books. What I would like to see would be the ability to scroll through a Bible text and have the Commentary scroll along, but then be able to scroll through the commentary without the Bible text moving. For instance, If I am studying Esther 3:10 and my commentary is more general and is divided by "Esther 1:1-2:20" "Esther 2:20-4:17" "Esther 5:1-6:14" etc... When I scroll to Esther 3:10 the commentary naturally jumps to the section treating "Esther 2:20-4:17." Great. But, now if I scroll the commentary and go to far, my Bible text jumps to Esther 5:1, so I scroll back and my Bible text jumps back to Esther 2:20. Not Good. I would love to be able to have the Commentary stay in a one-way tie with the text so that it scrolls with my text, but gives me the liberty to scroll through the commentary without changing my Bible Text location. Thank you for your consideration!
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