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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Very, very, very cool to see the Chinese Bibles with Strong's in Accordance. Unfortunately in the Dynamic Interlinear the Chinese characters fails. Or do we have to change the standard font for Chinese? If so then it would be good in the description of the shop like for the Ethiopic OT. Greetings Fabian
  2. How do you get license to reproduce or use Bibles? For instance, I am thinking of my language: Telugu Bible. What would it take - time, money(?), procedure etc... to get permission? (permission could be any Bible; here I am using Telugu Bible as an example).
  3. Hello I don't like how Logos handles the books. It is really necessary for every book to have a own entry in the library? Here is Accordance better. But also in Accordance I hate it to have some Commentaries as OT and NT. Put these together in one. No I don't mean what we can do as user in the Parallel Pane/Zone. I talking about as a search module. The worst case is here by the Texts. Do all related in one! So we can search the whole in one! The only exception here is for the Parallel Text. Here it makes sense to have two, so we can have it in parallel. BW has all in one, also the parallel. For the parallel I see the advantage to have it as separate module. But definitely not for all other books. Why is the KJV in two modules, why is the BHQ split, RSV Apocrypha separated from RSV etc. etc. the list is nearly endless and fills the library for nothing. We can then not search the whole Bible at once. We cannot import User Bibles except we split them too. To have different module can make sense in PRINT, BUT you are not like this as Rick always say. So the advantage of the software is limited because of your decisions years ago. This is so unpractical. Stop it. And put them together in one. Your software should make it easier not more difficult. I know I push against your history habit, which you holds with all power. Let them go. It makes no sense for electronic texts. Since Accordance 12 we can search in the library for a specific book, or as a Reference search in Research. This is great, we don't need it separated in the library to find them. If we want to search the whole Bible Accordance has the ability to set a Range in different ways. So here too, nothing is against to bring them together in one. BW is here definitely better. Greetings Fabian
  4. jryan

    Tree of Life Bible

    As a Pastor of a Messianic Jewish congregation heavily invested in reaching and discipling Jewish people for Jesus, I can say that the Tree of Life Bible is the #1 Bible being used in congregations throughout the country. I hope soon to see a digital version of this Bible offered in Accordance, as it is already in Logos. https://www.logos.com/product/46265/holy-scriptures-tree-of-life-version
  5. Mark Nigro

    Chapter and passage headings

    Typically i try to avoid the use of chapter and passage headings, but there are those occasions when I do like to reference them in my paper Bible for a quick, handy birdseye perspective of topical chapter division. It might be a useful feature to enable the toggling of the headings that accompany each respective Bible translation, such as those in the ESV or NAS etc. Other than the toggle option being directly accessible in the user preferences (such as 'show text with headings' etc.) or right from from a bible pane, perhaps a separate module that opens like a graphic table or textual outline to scroll along would be another idea?
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