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Found 3 results

  1. I open «Feasting on the Word (Readings)» resource and copy last two Bible references from the Proper 18: James 2:1–10 (11–13), 14–17 Mark 7:24–37 I open Bible text search pane (with Latvian Bible 2012 as my default Bible) and paste these Bible references in the Search field. I remove brackets and add comma after 10. Looks like this: James 2:1–10, 11–13, 14–17; Mark 7:24–37 I press Enter and Bible texts are shown from the Latvian Bible 2012. So far so good. I close Accordance and reopen it. I click on the Bible text button on the left and choose NRSV with Strongs. Now the same verses are shown from the NRSVS. Nice! I close Accordance and reopen it. Oops. Error message pops up: "There are extra characters after the end of the verse reference." Accordance workspace opens, in the Search field are wrong characters: James 2:1‚Äì10, 11‚Äì13, 14‚Äì17; Mark 7:24‚Äì37 Probably something to do with the initially used Unicode Bible text? Can you fix this? It would be nice if Accordance could correctly interpret brackets, too.
  2. ​Hello, I have a problem with the Bible text scrolling and the user notes not showing notes for the top Bible text verse. I searched for "no mean city" and found it in the NKJV version in Acts 21:39. So I added a user note for that verse. Then I switched NKJV to NRSVS. It's the button before the text search field. I adjusted the slider to show 3 verses before and after the currently shown verse. I scroll up and down, the Bible text has additional user notes for other verses, but my user notes suspiciously stay at Matt 2:1 and don't show any user notes for these verses. Even if I close user notes pane and click on the user notes icon, it opens that pane to the same place. Top is empty and at the bottom it shows my notes for Matt 2:1. When I click in that empty space and press spacebar, it opens empty note for some Apocrypha.
  3. Hello, Just upgraded from v.11 to v.12 and also bought Hermeneia Commentary. Wow! Thank you!!! One small problem with 12.0.2 (Mac, macOS Sierra): I paste into the Bible text reference field: Isaiah 9:1-4; Psalm 27:1, 4-9; 1 Corinthians 1:10-18; Matthew 4:12-23 Press Enter. Isaiah 9:1 opens, default Bible is NRSVS. When I switch to the Latvian Bible, Accordance suddenly opens 1 Corinthians 1:10. It happened several times. WHY?...
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