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  1. Hi, would you consider to add a Catalan Bible translation to accordance? It would be highly useful! For example the translation from the Trinitarian Bible Society: http://www.tbsbibles.org Thank you!
  2. Caspar

    German "NeÜ" bible

    Hi, I would really like to see the German "NeÜ" (Neue evangelistische Übersetzung) bible in Accordance. Thanks, Caspar
  3. May I suggest Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible, edited by Kevin J. Vanhoozer, et.al. from Baker Academic be offered in Accordance sometime in the near future.
  4. Hello, I would really appreciate some Czech Bible translations in Accordance. This is probably the only drawback for many users in my country. For many years I have been user of other software, but I made switch to Accordance. Only thing I miss is an opportunity to easily view Czech Bible translations. I have to use online versions or other software to get the Czech texts. One of the main translation is Český ekumenický překlad (Czech ecumenical translation, abbreviation is ČEP), published by Česká biblická společnost (Czech Bible society). Postal address: Česká biblická společnost Náhorní 1816/12 182 00 Praha 8 - Kobylisy Czech Republic Phone: +420 284 693 925 e-mail: info@dumbible.cz Would you please consider adding this module to Accordance? Thank you. P.S.: I am also a technical advisor for Biblion (publisher of Czech Bible 21 translation). They are trying to include their module as well. If you want, I can get you the contacts for main Bible publishers in my country to add the modules that would make Accordance much more interesting for many users here. Sincerely, David Živor, pastor
  5. Hello, are there any plans to bring the NeueLuther Bibel 2009 (http://www.buonanovella.com/die-bibel) to Accordance? Thanks and greetings, Johannes
  6. Caspar

    German "Hoffnung f

    Hi, I woul really like to see the German "Hoffnung für alle" bible offered in Accordance. Thanks
  7. What more needs to be said? A fascinating translation by Goldingay and Wright (Ot and Nt, respectively). Its both the companion to the For Everyone Commentary series, as well as a reworking of the text by Goldingay. Its also already available in digital, so, shouldn't be a problem, Wright?
  8. David Gouge

    Turkish Bible

    I thoroughly enjoy using Accordance. The only thing lacking is a readily available Turkish translation. I've seen it on MacSword as a module and it's also available on Youversion.com. The "Kutsal Kitap Yeni Ceviri" (www.kitabimukaddes.com) published in 2008 by the Bible Society (Turkey) is the most widely used and most recent translation. As I mentioned it available quite readily. How difficult would this be to implement?
  9. Are there any plans to offer the Dictionary of Deities and Demons of the Bible as an Accordance module? As a graduate student studying the Ancient Near East, this would be immensely helpful. I am planning to buy a print copy, but if it were available in Accordance I would definitely buy that instead. Thanks! David (דויד)
  10. Hello I would love to see more coherence between the german Bible Book names. For example the Schlachter 2000 has english and german Bible Book names, but the Elber-LEM has only german. Thats not the problem. The problem is that the two german versions differs. So I must every time think about which version I have as search Bible. Otherwise I have to write again. For me this is in the most case. Thats very annoying. For example In Elber-Lem "Apg" for acts is working but not in Schlachter 2000. There I have to write Apostel or Acts. And there are more like this. In the average 50% of the Bibles are on the one side and the other 50% in the other. Please give all German Bibles the same. Best all the same like the Elber-LEM or Luther-LEM 84. If this was happen in english Bibles, you had it adjusted before 19 years. It's really very annoying (nervtötend). Greetings Fabian A small step for Accordance, but a big for the German users.
  11. Hi, Could you please provide Modern Russian Translation (Современный русский перевод (2-е изд.) (СРП-2)) of the Bible as Accordance module? In several cases I find it more useful, but it's currently available only in other apps, not in Accordance. Title Современный русский перевод Библии (СРП) Copyright © 2011 Bible Society in Russia (BSR) All rights reserved https://www.bible.com/ru/versions/1999
  12. Hi, Baker OT Wisdom & Psalms commentary, section Ps 50:2-3a — the same Bible link points to two different texts. First part Ps 80:1-2 to the default English text, second part [2–3] to the Hebrew text. Is it intended so? Or a bug? “Shining forth” is what Yhwh does when coming to act, not coming to speak (e.g., 80:1–2 [2–3]; 94:1–2). The prophet will not merely be sharing words but announcing action. https://accordance.bible/link/read/BCOT_Wisdom_&_Psalms#20805
  13. kitbogan

    Bible21 (Czech)

    Hi Accordance! You've made so many terrific translations of the Bible in modern languages available--I'd like to ask for one more! Bible21 was published in 2009 for Czech believers and could be simple to get permission to add on. It's already available on The Bible app, but Accordance is always my go-to app, and having B21 in Accordance would be terrific. Some details from their site: http://www.bible21.cz/english/bible21 Bible21 is a contemporary translation of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Scriptures into modern-day Czech language. Avoiding literalism on the one hand and a free paraphrase on the other, it strives to communicate clearly, yet faithfully both the meaning and the literary style of biblical writings. A team of evangelical translators and linguists led by Alexander Flek has worked on this version for 15 years. Since 2009 when it was first published, Bible21 became widely popular among the Czech churches and the general public. http://www.bible21.cz/ke-stazeni/texty Name of the work: Bible. 21st century translation (abbreviated: Bible21 or B21) Translation author: Alexandr Flek et al. Issued by: Biblion, os, info@biblion.cz http://bible21.cz/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/some.jpg You are free to use and distribute the work under the following conditions: Specify the author Do not use the work commercially Do not interfere with the work For more details on the terms of use, click here: Creative Commons Provide Author - Do not Use the Work Commercially - Do Not Affect Works 3.0 Czech Republic Thanks for taking time to consider this module! God be with you, and have a happy Thanksgiving! Grace and peace, Kit Bogan Carney Evangelical Free Church, Carney, MI
  14. Hello, I have a bible on MSWord.docx and I was wondering if it can be imported into Accordance? I also have it in PDF if that helps. Note: it can be imported into another bible software and hopefully it can for Accordance. Thanks,
  15. Jim Bates

    Catholic Bible Needed

    As a former Protestant and Catholic convert, and very longtime Accordance user, I'm constantly disappointed in the choice of bibles in Accordance. We need to have the New Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE) available in Accordance! I hope that many will agree with me! Jim Bates
  16. New Living Translation (2nd ed) not displaying correctly. Using Accordance 13.0.5. (See attached image.) Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
  17. Forgive me if this has already been addressed or if it's something simple I'm overlooking. Is there a setting that allows the name of the Bible book to be displayed at the beginning of the book? For instance, if I'm reading through Genesis in the ESV and come to the end of the book (Genesis 50:26), is there a way to display (in some sort of large letters or bold text) the next book name (Exodus) between Genesis 50:26 and Exodus 1:1? See below for an example of what I mean. This is standard in printed Bibles and lets you know immediately when you're moving from one book to the next as you scroll through reading the text. Am I missing something that is already in settings somewhere or is there a reason for not including this feature already? ------------------------------------------------------ 26 So Joseph died, being 110 years old. They qembalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt. EXODUS Ex. 1:1 aThese are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob, each with his household:
  18. jakeschotter

    MacArthur Sermon Collection

    I recently purchased the Spurgeon 63 volume archive that is searchable and I love it. I would like to see JOHN MACARTHUR'S SERMON ARCHIVE on Accordance in a similar style. His transcripts can be accessed at the Grace To You website but I would also like it with this software to look for specific things instead of a general idea that the website provides. It would also go well with his books and his commentaries. Thanks!
  19. Hello I don't like how Logos handles the books. It is really necessary for every book to have a own entry in the library? Here is Accordance better. But also in Accordance I hate it to have some Commentaries as OT and NT. Put these together in one. No I don't mean what we can do as user in the Parallel Pane/Zone. I talking about as a search module. The worst case is here by the Texts. Do all related in one! So we can search the whole in one! The only exception here is for the Parallel Text. Here it makes sense to have two, so we can have it in parallel. BW has all in one, also the parallel. For the parallel I see the advantage to have it as separate module. But definitely not for all other books. Why is the KJV in two modules, why is the BHQ split, RSV Apocrypha separated from RSV etc. etc. the list is nearly endless and fills the library for nothing. We can then not search the whole Bible at once. We cannot import User Bibles except we split them too. To have different module can make sense in PRINT, BUT you are not like this as Rick always say. So the advantage of the software is limited because of your decisions years ago. This is so unpractical. Stop it. And put them together in one. Your software should make it easier not more difficult. I know I push against your history habit, which you holds with all power. Let them go. It makes no sense for electronic texts. Since Accordance 12 we can search in the library for a specific book, or as a Reference search in Research. This is great, we don't need it separated in the library to find them. If we want to search the whole Bible Accordance has the ability to set a Range in different ways. So here too, nothing is against to bring them together in one. BW is here definitely better. Greetings Fabian
  20. Here is a very basic question but I have not been able to figure it out. I have two panes open. One with Hebrew and another with English Bible. How do I go from a present verse, say Zechariah 1:3 and move to Jeremiah 24:7, for instance? Thanks!
  21. It woulb be nice to add more translations in portuguese such as Nova Almeida Atualizada (NAA) from Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil or Nova Versão Transformadora (NVT) from Mundo Cristão, which are newer versions released in 2017. There too few translations for portuguese/brazilian users in Accordance. Best Regards,
  22. Greetings to all, Last month (April of 2018) Regenery Faith published The Rational Bible: Exodus, by Dennis Prager. It is the finest commentary on Exodus since the one by the late Umberto Cassuto. I would add it to my Library the day you made it available if you choose to do so. I highly recommend offering it, as well as the volumes to come. I will also mention another module I posted about long ago. I would love to see the Commentary on the Torah by Richard Elliott Friedman. L'shalom, Benjamin Sendrow
  23. HI! When I hover mouse cursor over any Bible link in Accordance (commentary or Bible outlines module) and press Command key, it shows the Bible text in another translation in the Instant Details pane. Why the same paradigm isn't used for user note Bible links? Press Command key and the same Bible text is shown in another translation, as specified in the app's preferences.
  24. dandennison

    Real Bible View

    I've wanted this is a Bible program for a long long time. Give us a UI that looks like a Bible you would hold in your hand. You could have a Quentel layout, Clarendon layout, Canterbury layout, etc. Add support for illuminated manuscript view. Illustrated drop-caps, etc. Anyone else wish for this?
  25. We've been asked to add a Messianic Bible translation to Accordance. What version would you recommend?
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