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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everybody dear Accordance team as exchanged in https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/27814-linkingmerging-hebrew-lexica-halot-dch-bdb/ it would be great if one could link all the Hebrew lexica together so that scrolling along is possible. It is a feature I know form Logos and it is working really fine. Up to now it seems limited to Scripture etc. http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX13/Default.htm#topics/04_gswa/tie_separate_tabs.htm%23kanchor745 (as Fabian pointed out to me). So here is the request: It would be great to treat the lexica just like the text versions that one could really match them on one entry. It will save a lot of time and it should be possible since the lexica are digitally «lemmatised» already Many regards and thank a lot for your inspiring work Florian
  2. Greetings! While using the Hebrew Bible module (HMT-W4) with "Live Click" enabled, I click a particular word in a passage in Genesis which yields the corresponding entries in two resources I'm using for class: Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament and BDB (Complete) in the "Lexicon Lookup" pane. From there, I hover above the entry I want and click "Open" which opens that entry in a Tool pane above it (the expanded version of which is in the screenshot). Here's where my difficulty lies. Since I'm working specifically with a passage in Genesis, I'd like to first see relevant material in the TWOT entry for my passage in Genesis. I thought by adding an additional search parameter with Scripture (I tried other options also) and plugging Gen. 2 (or even just Gen.) would highlight areas of the entry that have that verse, chapter, or book reference but it won't. Accordance states "These words (or verse references) were not found in the tool "TWOT"." even though they clearly are. What am I doing wrong?
  3. In a screenshot of the BDB module (https://www.accordancebible.com/files/images/22384-custom.png), I see in the upper left-hand corner that the 'Addenda and Corrigenda' comprise a separate section. Are there links in individual dictionary entries to the relevant entries in the A&C section? Also, is it possible to search the module for parts of speech or other descriptors (n.pr.loc., gent., etc.)? This would compensate for the absence of a 'gentilic' tag in the Hebrew Bible modules. Thanks!
  4. Hi Accordance Support, I use Accordance on both Mac and ios. I have lots of modules, and most of them appear very well on both machines. However, BDB is an exception. I have it on the Mac, and get update notifications etc. But it doesn't appear available on the ios. Is this particular to BDB (not available to ios) or some other issue? Thank you for your help Tim
  5. JPaul

    BDB Crash

    I am running: Accordance 10.1 on OSX 10.7.5 Often, when I triple click a Hebrew word in BHS-W4 to bring up BDB Complete, Accordance crashes. For example, a triple click on the last word in Nahum 1:14 "qallota" creates the crash. Opening BDB Abridged does not seem to have the same problem.
  6. Strange thing happened today, which may have always existed but never was noticed until now. In BDB certain Hebrew entries are displaying incorrectly, that is without their Hebrew fonts, while others display perfectly. The entries in question are consistently doing this. Please see screen shot. Thanks.
  7. Was wondering why I was getting BDB in a new tab for only certain words even though I had the recycle on. I think I have figured it out, but want to check here with Accordance. Is it the case that if a word is not found 'as is' under an entry, Accordance will open another tab and search for it as Hebrew content, while if it is an entry it will recycle the tab? Most of the words I searched were recycled, but a few, such as יוֹעֵץ֙ were not. I noticed this particular word was found in the body of the definition under יָעַץ and suspected this might be the reason. So rather than automatically switching the search field to "content," it creates a new tab. If this is the case, it makes sense but I just wanted to understand if that is what was happening.
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