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Found 4 results

  1. I need a way for an external script to tell Accordance to open a URL in its internal web browser. With UI scripting, I can do File > New Tab > Web Browser, but I can't find a way to set the URL. There doesn't seem to be any keyboard shortcut or menu item to select the URL field. I also looked for an accord URL, like "accord://web/http://accordancebible.com/forums",but I don't see anything like that. Is there any way to do it?
  2. I posted this earlier in response to an old thread about iOS, but I figured it could use its own thread. Here are some macOS Automator Workflows that find verse references in selected text, and either open them in Accordance or display the text in a popup dialog. Once downloaded, just double-click to install the services. The one named "Accordance-Open References" will: Find references in the selected text. Show a selection dialog of references found. Open Accordance and search the default text for the selected references. ("Accordance-Open References (all)" skips step 2. The one named "Accordance-Verse Popup" will: Find references in the selected text. Show a selection dialog of references found. Show a popup dialog with the text of the selected verses. ("Accordance-Verse Popup (all)" skips step 2. One caveat, the dialog isn't scrollable, so it truncates the results if they are longer than will fit on screen. However, all verses are still there, so you can do a select all in the dialog and copy all verses. As with any Service, you can create keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences for quick activation. Accordance-Open References.workflow.zip Accordance-Open References (all).workflow.zip Accordance-Verse Popup.workflow.zip Accordance-Verse Popup (all) .workflow.zip
  3. Since Accordance started adding URL Link protocols, it's possible to create bookmarks in your web browser that with one click will look up any text you have selected in your web browser, and look it up in Accordance. This duplicates the functionality of the Accordance Services, but is much quicker, and perhaps a bit more intuitive for some. You can see a full write-up on Accordance Bookmarklets here: http://macbiblioblog.blogspot.com/2015/11/accordance-web-browser-bookmarklets.html If you have a request for a specific bookmarklet, ask and you shall receive.
  4. A number of you here on the forum seem to have a fairly good idea what you are doing with AppleScript, and occasionally when I've had a query that scripting could help solve, you have (graciously) responded by assuming I know at least some basics of scripting and how to implement your suggestions. I would love to! But I have done virtually nothing even with Automator, let alone AppleScript. So, for those of you who use these, both for Accordance and for various other things in OSX, what would be the best way to cut my teeth on these? Web resources, training-wheels projects, recommendations on where to start, that sort of thing. Thanks in advance! Tony
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