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Found 9 results

  1. Lost Books of the Bible: The Great Rejected Texts by Joseph B. Lumpkin. ISBN13: 9781933580661. © 2009 Joseph B. Lumpkin. Contact Fifth Estate Publishers, Post Office Box 116, Blountsville, AL 35031. This book contains: The First Book of Adam and Eve The Second Book of Adam and Eve The Book of Enoch Introduction to The Second Book of Enoch: The Book of Jubilees Jasher The Story of Ahikar APOCALYPTIC WRITINGS AND THE END OF DAYS The Apocalypse of Abraham Apocalypse of Thomas 4 EZRA / 2 ESDRAS 2 Baruch - History Conclusion The War Scrolls - The War Between the Sons of Dark and the Sons of Light The War Scroll LOST SCRIPTURES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Introduction to Gnosticism History of the Gospel of Philip History of The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene History of The Apocryphon of John The Apocryphon of John History of The Gospel of Thomas The Gospel Of Thomas The Question of Judas * The Gospel of Judas The 29th Chapter of Acts I think these could be good materials for the Bible students. I already found several interesting references.
  2. I've spent about 45 minutes today trying to find the additions to Daniel in Accordance, and especially to view it properly with all the different translations and commentaries I have available to view it. So I loaded my Swedish Bibel 2000 translation, NRSV, LXX in both Greek and translation, as well as the Eerdmans commentary. It turns out, however, to be an incredibly frustrating experience to find texts like Susanna, Bel etc which have now been excluded from the main text of Daniel. This means that it is hard to find the actual differences between the Greek and Hebrew texts. Now, I understand why this causes problems, but as Accordance seems to work now, it seems incredibly hard to even navigate to these parts of the book. After much trouble, I managed to find the Susanna story in NRSV after the Letter to Jeremiah. I know for a fact that in the print version of Bibel 2000, this text exists. It will not show up, however, when I try to add it as a parallel to NRSV. The Brenton translation also does not work as a parallel, while the Rahlf's LXX and NETS versions do. Also, the Oxford commentary comes up as a related commentary, but not the Eerdman's commentary. When I finally did find the text at all, I learned that it seems to be called "Sus", but when I try to search for this as a verse reference, nothing comes up. Please fix this. Best regards, Peter Berntsson
  3. Johannes

    Text of the Book of Enoch?

    Hello, does anyone know a digital version of 1Enoch in the internet in Greek and/or German that I can import as user bible in Accordance? (I know this module: https://www.accordancebible.com/store/details/?pid=PSEUD-TBut I invested some money in Accordance in the last days and I only need 1Enoch at the moment ;-) And another question: Is there a cross reference tool in Accordance that shows links between the New Testament and apocrypha/pseudepigrapha? E.g.: Jude 14–15 -> 1 Enoch 1:9 Thanks! Johannes
  4. Does anyone know what source text(s) were used for the Greek text in the Apocryphal Acts module? There is no accompanying "read me" file with the info. It would be immensely helpful for my current research to know which texts it is based on.
  5. All, In paper versions and Logos the Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Jews appears as part of The Additions to Daniel between The Letter of Jeremiah and Susanna. Why is this missing out of the Accordance edition of the NSRVS or does anyone know where it may appear as I don't see it in the table of contents? blessings
  6. Vessoul1973

    Göttingen Deutero-canon

    I am wondering if anyone knows whether or not the full Göttingen Deutero-canon will be available for Accordance anytime soon? Logos has the entire OT collection available, but apparently you cannot purchase individual titles. Thanks
  7. Hello, I am trying to find Allusions to a specific text from the Old Testament in Second temple literature. I tried minimizing the range to a specific Book - Jeremiah - and then opening a New pane with the module such as Qumran and then entering an Infer command. But something doesn't work well. How do I do if I just want to find the Allusions to some chapters from the book of Jeremiah and not for all of it? Thank you
  8. andrejwerner

    Remove Apocryphes?

    Hi, im very new in Accordance. Is there any way to remove the Apocryphes from a Bible Module? For example the Lutherbible from 1984. It is very annoying when I search for a word and he shows me the results also in the apocrypha. Im German so sorry for my english. Nochmal auf Deutsch. Gibt es irgendeine Möglichkeit die Apokryphen aus einer Bibel zu entfernen, sprich, das sie nicht mehr angezeigt werden. Wenn ich zB. nach einem Wort suche werden mir auch die Ergebnisse in den Apokryphen gezeigt, was ich gerne Vermeiden würde. lg
  9. I just learned from Martha Halladay that none of the English translation modules contain Tagged Apocryphal books. (I own the Apocrypha [and Pseudepigrapha] in original languages, and several English versions which contain the Apocryphal book--but none are tagged.) Does anyone else wish Accordance would tag translations of the Apocrypha?
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