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Found 10 results

  1. I would find it useful to be able to triple-click a verse reference in order to open that reference in my "Study Bibles" saved workspace. Currently, the triple-click is great, but limited to individual resources.
  2. Andrew Nance

    Amplify on iPad.

    Is there a way to change which dictionary instant details amplifies to for a greek/hebrew word? Or just a way to choose what resource to amplify to instead of some preset one?
  3. Timothy Jenney

    #141) Advanced Greek Searches

    Advanced Greek Searches, podcast #141, is up and ready for viewing. Picking up where Basic Greek Searches ended, this podcast covers Searching and Amplifying to Greek Tools, Research in Greek, Search in, and a bit more about using Tags in Greek Searches. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/168213861
  4. ldeck

    Word Chart filtering

    Hi all, I've read various posts on the forums about exporting words and their definitions (e.g., for use in flash cards) and it's honestly harder than it needs to be. Yes it's possible, but cumbersome for the average user. What puzzles me a little is why the Amplify > Language > Word Chart has no ability to filter the words presented to hit words from the search. Secondly how to hide verse references from it. With these simple features added to it (like the parse window, for example), it would be the ideal tool for exporting tab delimited results. That said, is anyone aware of a work around so that only the hit words that are of interest might be listed alone in the Word Chart rather than every particle? Thanks.
  5. In Logos for iOS, users can highlight and/or anchor notes to paragraphs, verses, and even words. You click and drag a selection of any length, then use the popup options to interact with the text easily. It would be great for ease of use to allow Acc. users a similar feel. As it stands, Acc. On iOS highlight/note interactivity is rather cumbersome and wooden. Also, it would be great to amplify to references linked from pop-over notes on the fly. Lastly, can we please have more formatting options for User Notes on iOS?
  6. When I amplify from the GNT28-T to All Greek (Amplify->Greek Tools->All Greek) I am presented with a series of pops like the one below. The popup references, in order, are "-", "Dictionaries", "-", "-", "-", "-", "All Others", "Commentaries", "Study Bibles & Tools", "Text Notes", "-". The named ones are folders I have created to organize my modules and I suspect the "-" are dividers. I am running Accordance 10.3.3 on OS X 10.9.1.
  7. Since upgrading from iOS 4.3.3 to iOS 7 (two versions of iOS 7, now using iOS 7.0.3), I have been unable to amplify KJVS or NASB (1995) and receive the error message, "This entry was not found in any of the tools or texts requested." If I use ESVi, ESVS, or NKJVS, these amplify okay. Is this a bug, or a settings issue? If the latter, please advise as to how to "request" te appropriate tools or texts. Thank you!
  8. Just upgraded to version 10 and am still trying to figure out the new interface. I used to be able to select a greek word > amplify to BDAG > filter by reference so I could quickly find out whether the reference in question was cited in the BDAG article. How do you filter in the same way in this new interface? Thanks BWD
  9. I am on iOS 6.0.1, Accordance 1.5.3, iPod Touch 4G. From 1 Samuel 27:8 in the NIV-G/K module I selected the word "Amalekites" and did an Amplify Word on it. I was taken to the entry for "Mount of the Amalekites" instead of the entry for "Amalekites." The up and down arrows at the bottom of the page were not grayed out but did not take me to any other entries dealing with Amalekites. My default dictionary is the Holman Dictionary.
  10. Timothy Jenney

    #67) Smart Amplify-Analysis

    [intermediate] Accordance 9.5.2's new "smart amplify" from analysis makes a great tool even better. Locate all occurrences of any form instantly. Search any resource directly right from the analysis pane. This episode clearly demonstrates some of the advantages of English key number Bibles over regular Bibles—and the advantage of grammatically tagged original language texts. Take your research to the next level! Check it out:
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