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Found 2 results

  1. With the new features in 13.2 of Book names and Section headings — request the ability to control how they are displayed. Allow the user to set the Font, Font Size, Font Color, Style, and point size following and proceeding these items.
  2. Steve Lo Vullo

    Formatting in NABre

    Hi all: I have been reading the NABre on my iPad lately and have noticed a formatting problem (which I would think is not confined to the iOS only). The NABre has an "Outlines" module with it that is basically a listing of all the section headings that in the print edition (and other e-texts) are incorporated into the text itself. The problem is that wherever there would be a paragraph break introduced by one of these section headings, there is no paragraph formatting. So what should be a new paragraph just blends in with the previous one. All the other paragraph breaks are there, just not the ones that are keyed to section headings. While I am on this subject, I would really like to see the section headings incorporated into the text module itself. I know many people don't like this idea because they see this as a corruption of the Word of God. I understand this sentiment, but, like it or not, the fact is that this is how the actual print editions are formatted, and I think it would be great to at least have the choice to turn on or off these headings. Not only that, but it is a pain on the iOS versions to constantly have to switch between the NABre "Outlines" module and the NABre "Notes" module, since in iOS you can only have two windows open at a time, and one needs to be dedicated to the text itself. Hope you will consider this not only for NABre, but for all the other Bibles and Study Bibles as well. One more thing that I have mentioned before. The Accordance behavior of jumping to the last note of a reference module when paired with a text is particularly annoying on iOS. At least on the computer one can set up a zone that does not scroll with the text, or use other workarounds, but on iOS this isn't possible. And it makes the instant details box useless on iOS when there is more than one note for the text. For example, the NABre uses asterisks in the text to alert the reader to a note. In Deut 1:6 there are two asterisks, because there are two notes. But, in keeping with the Accordance behavior of tying the text to the last note, tap on the first asterisk, last note; tap on the second asterisk, same note. This makes no sense. I am finding that the more reference modules Accordance adds, and the more diverse nature of them, the less sense the "last reference" principle makes. Thanks for listening,
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