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  1. Chuck Schneider

    Library, Search Any Category

    Whenever I open the Library, I usually mean to type in a search for something. The Search Any Category field isn't automatically selected, though, so another click is required to do so. Even though I know better, I often start typing my search before I remember that I still have to click again in the Search Any Category field. Otherwise, what I get is a dialogue box that says, "Cannot type any characters, since no text has been selected." Somehow it seems logical that, if I open the Library, it should be ready for me to type in my search. I realize it's not a big deal, but I was wondering if this feature could be added? If it requires some kind of crazy programming effort, I'm happy to live with the current behavior rather than distract from the other, more important stuff you folks are doing!
  2. It would be great to be able to search for a specific resource within the Easy Install pane. It's difficult to scroll through and find a module if you are not sure what the Accordance abbreviation is.
  3. Is there any way to have the tab names match the library names. For some of my resources I like having the full name on the module, but for others I like to use the abbreviations. For instance, I like to see TLOT in my library rather than Jenni-Westermann. Also, there are some modules have odd names attached to them that makes the tab confusing as to which module I am actually using. For instance, the Theological Lexicon of the New Testament shows up as Spicq.
  4. It was suggested that I put a post regarding the organization of commentaries in the forum and see if there are others who share this interest. Many commentary sets are not a complete treatment of the NT or OT. This means I either have to remember which individual volumes each commentary set has or I have to open that commentary set to check and see if it has the volume I need. At the least, I would like to be able to search my library for all the commentaries that I have on the Gospel of Luke, for example, instead of having to search each commentary set. That would be such a timesaver. When possible, I like to download any incomplete commentary set I buy in individual volumes and then organize the commentary section of my library by the individual book. If a commentary set is a complete treatment of NT, then keep it together. Otherwise, have all my Matthew commentaries, Mark commentaries, etc., grouped together. Therefore, at the most, I would like to have Accordance offer both options for downloading books into our library. For those who prefer the library to be purely sets, they could download that. For those who would like individual volumes to be the makeup of their library, the could download individual volumes. And for those, like me, could have a mixture of some complete sets in their library and some individual volumes. There would still be a discount for purchasing the complete set, but you could still download them as individual volumes. What say you?
  5. GarrettLee

    Easy Install

    I'd love to see the Easy Install screen updated to include categories and a search bar like the Library screen already has. Depending on the size of you're library, it can be very difficult to find the module you're looking for. In addition, the Resource Guide in OliveTree for iOS is great way to access notes, commentaries, and visuals. It would be great to see something like that in Accordance.
  6. Paul Meiklejohn

    Library Search

    I'm just enquiring how the Library search engine functions. It all seems a bit random. For example, its finds: Spurgeon's but notTreasury of David Robertson's but not Grammar of NT Greek Word Pictures but not Robertson's Institutes but not Calvin's St. Athanasius but notOn the Incarnation Pensées but not Pascal I'm sure there are others, but the list should suffice; sometimes the criteria is the author, sometimes the title or sometimes part of the title. I'm just worried that I may do a quick search and end up thinking I don't have a particular volume when its actually listed under something else. Would it not be better to list every entry under author and all title words? Paul
  7. Harvey

    Lost ASV

    I want BHS-W4, rather than ASV, to be the text that opens up when I create a new workspace. I could not find any setting to change the default text, and I could not get the order of the texts in the library pane to change; so I tried removing ASV from the texts list, so that BHS-W4, which was in second place, would be given priority. Now whenever I try to open a workspace, I get an error message, "The text 'ASV' is not available to Accordance." (Oddly, ASV now shows up in the library pane under "User Tools.") Can someone help me accomplish what I am trying to do?
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