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  1. Michael J. Bolesta

    Night Mode crash

    I experience a fairly consistent crash if i read in a text on my iPad if I am using Night Mode. I switch to Night Mode, read, going to various places in the text using several bookmarks. I then use a bookmark to a different text. I attempt to switch off Night Mode, and iOS Accordance crashes. When I restart, I am back in the original text. It seems to occur when switching texts while in Night Mode. iOS 7.1.1 Bible Study with Accordance for iOS 1.7.3 (happened with earlier versions too)
  2. Timothy Jenney

    #97) Tweaking Accordance iOS

    Want to enhance your Accordance iOS experience? Why not tweak the resource settings to your exact preference? http://youtu.be/4osMIPkO4cQ
  3. TheMinibishop

    Automatic Word/Verse Search

    Hello all. I was under the impression that the app would understand the difference between a search for John and John 1:1 automatically, without me having to switch between "word" and "verse" mode. However, I always have to manually switch them. Is there a setting that I need to change (I can't seem to find it)?
  4. I would like to be able to select multiple words at once in highlighting like I could in kindle, adobe, pages, notes, etc. As of now my only options are to highlight by word, sentence, or paragraph. Perhaps I would like to highlight two, or three words of a sentence. Perhaps I would like to highlight "Jesus Christ" and not just "Jesus" or "Christ."
  5. I reported a single instance via "Report a Correction," but this is more systemic. In text modules with a verse number of zero that contain notes (e.g., Psalm 5:0 in NET and NASB 1995), Instant Details does not work. Moving the cursor over the note symbol (or letter or number as the case may be) does not show Notes content from the corresponding Notes tool pertinent to the text. Moving the cursor over note markers in non-zero verses yields the expected behavior. Clicking the note symbol in the zero verse will open a tab in the Notes tool with the attendant note. The same behavior occurs in Accordance for iOS. I discovered this anomaly while reading Psalms in the NET Bible as part of my morning reading using an iPad2. Click and hold does not bring up the Instant Details box. To read the note, one must open the relevant Notes tool in the split screen. This is a minor annoyance, but clearly a bug.
  6. Hi all, This morning I realized that notes I had taken on my iPad were not properly syncing with the my notes file on my Macbook. I think this has something to do with the .acc4 extension, which I had overlooked until now. I managed to merge a notes file from my Macbook with another file of the same name plus the .acc4 extension from my iPad. That brought the notes from the iPad in, but it also created the problem of duplicating all the notes the two files already shared. Could someone tell me where I went wrong, whether there is any way to delete duplicate notes, and/or how I should set things up differently? Many thanks! Jonathon
  7. Hey all! A couple weeks ago, I was coached through adding a module onto my iPhone, through the Accordance Sync. Surprisingly, adding the module that way actually wiped the modules on my phone. No biggy, as I was able to add them manually again (though it might be good to look at). A few days ago, I noticed that my instant details are void of some information. I'm not sure all what, but when the it pops up, it gives me the definition, Strongs number, the Hebrew/Greek word, and then a very brief definition. It used to have a much more detailed definition, as well as the list of translation links (that when Amplified, one could click and go to that translation's search). I've been trying to figure out where that information went, and which module would bring it back. Anybody know? Thanks! What it should be What it is
  8. Hello! I'm a first time user of the forum, and have been using Accordance for only the past couple months. As I'm learning more of it, I'm completely loving it! Question: Is it possible to get Spurgeon's Faith's Checkbook onto iOS? Or is it there already, but I just don't see it? I've noticed that not all of the daily readings appear to be in my list for iOS downloads. Thank! Matt
  9. FYI, I am currently uploading a minor fix to the iOS Help. If you are coming to the forum because the Help is not available, please wait a few minutes and try again. Maintenance will be completed shortly. Thanks for your patience, Deborah
  10. Rick Conklin


    Dear readers, More on "Bookmarks" 1. In iOS it appears the bookmarks are sorted by the order I made them. Would you please allow them to be sorted by the Biblical Order? If I have several bookmarks on my iPhone (or iPad) its difficult to find the one I'm looking for. 2. On my Mac, I had hoped that in OSX when I click Cmd7 (right click - Mark Selection) this bookmark would synch with iOS (when I run the Dropbox synch). But, it doesn't seem to do that. Is that a bug? If its not designed to synch, would you please consider that as an enhancement? Thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  11. We've given a slightly different different look to our latest podcast, using some character photos to represent our users. Tell us what you think!
  12. johnny_redeemed

    Syntax Modules and IOS

    I was able to download, it seems, the Greek Syntax Module through easy install on my iPad, but I cannot figure out how to open it. Any ideas?
  13. I like reading this module on my iPad, but the sound files play separately, not allowing one to read along in the text. This is a hindrance to the value of the sound. I would request that the sound files play like they do in Pratico's and Mounce's grammars (play while the text is still displayed). Thanks Module version 1.1 on Accordance 1.6.3, iOS 6.1.3
  14. Hi, Everyone! Bible Study with Accordance version 1.6.3 is now live in Apple's App Store. This free upgrade adds a number of new features and tweaks and eliminates some of those pesky bugs. Download it today!
  15. Hello All, Silly little question for you all. I use the iOS version on my iPad quite extensively--in fact it's my main bible-study tool! Great work, Accordance folks. One little thing I was curious about though: When I have the NIV Study Bible (2002) displayed the little icons they use to denote different types of notes (i.e., a shovel for an archaeological note, a seedling for "practical principals for personal application", etc.) the icon shows up as larger than it probably should and all pixelated. I know it's not a big deal, but is there a setting somewhere that I have somehow messed up that would show those icons in their proper size? If it's not something I've messed up, is there something/some way to fix it? I'm a very visual person (as some of you who've read some of my other posts may have gathered), and I find little visual things like this a minor annoyance. Don't worry, I'll get over it! ;-) But if I can fix it, why not, eh? Blessings all! And Accordance folks: keep up the fantastic work. You're my favourite tech-company ever! :-D Seriously.
  16. Johannes

    Accordance for iOS 3.x

    Hello, is there any possibility to download an Accordance-Version for an iPhone of the 1st Generation? Greetings, Johannes
  17. Hi Accordance Support, I use Accordance on both Mac and ios. I have lots of modules, and most of them appear very well on both machines. However, BDB is an exception. I have it on the Mac, and get update notifications etc. But it doesn't appear available on the ios. Is this particular to BDB (not available to ios) or some other issue? Thank you for your help Tim
  18. I have an iPad 1 (one) iOS 5.1.1 and the latest Accordance for iOS. Accordance constantly crashes. I saw another thread where someone said this might be due to a flaw in the iOS. If I add the second pane and pick almost anything (B/K commentary for example) it will crash. I'm waiting until the next iPad to spend the money for a new one. Is there any workaround? Thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  19. Greetings, I just synced a user note created in Accordance for Mac with my iPad. I found the user note on my iPad by going to the library, but when I open the bible text I don't see the little red dot next to the actual verse the way it shows next to the verses that have sample user notes. Plus, the little red dot does show next the actual verse on my Mac. (By the way the user note I created is is a "My Mobile Notes" user note). This is troublesome because this way I'm forced to remember each verse in which I created a user note. Then I'm forced to go to the library to view it. Shouldn't I rather be able to see the little red dot next to the verse on my iPad and then from right there be able to view my user note. Questions: 1) How do I get the little red dot to show next to the verse on my iPad? 2) How do I view the user note from right there in the bible text, without exiting the text and going through the library? Thank You
  20. Greetings, I have looked but have not found out how to remove bookmarks in Accordance for iOS. Can someone help me, please? Thank you. Thanks Accordance team for including this bookmarking feature! Peace
  21. Timothy Jenney

    #85) Bible Study with Accordance iOS 1.6

    [basic] Version 1.6 of our mobile Accordance app combines a more polished interface with a host of new features: flex search, auto words/verses switching, bookmarks, Remember My Place, and syncing User Content between iDevices.
  22. I am running the current version of both the OSX and iOS versions of Accordance. I have just recently started using the user notes option and have a question. The scriptural links I create in user notes on my Macbook work fine, meaning they open/go to the passage linked when I click on them. However, when I click on the link in the iOS app, either on my phone or iPad, it does nothing. Is the link broken? If so, how to I correct it? Thank you for your help with this. -Micah
  23. I recently purchased an iPad min and installed accordance. Everything works great, except the buttons that are on the edges of the screen when I hold the iPad vertical. Many times when i go to press the verse chooser or library buttons they do not work the first time. again this seems to only happen when i have the iPad vertical. It seems that since Apple put very little space on the sides, they built in something to ignore acidental edge touches... i believe this is stopping the buttons from working optimally.. Is there a way you can add a space to the edges so the buttons are a little off the edge? Even better if it could be something you could toggle on or off in settings, so people who dont want that could keep the app as is. Thanks for such a great product. J Landaw
  24. Timothy Hall

    Copying in the iOS App

    Good evening, I have started using my iPad and iPhone for more research for my sermons. Am I missing how to select and then copy multiple word passages from my tools? If we cannot do this, let me throw my hat into the ring wanting to be able to do this.
  25. If you are on the road and need to sync your notes/user tools from you laptop to you iOS device, this is for you. I'm currently traveling and do not often have a wifi connection that will work to sync my notes and user tools. Starbucks, McDonalds and hotels have it blocked so you cannot access other peoples computers/mobile devices. Unfortunately, this stops my iPhone and Mac Book Pro from talking. I found out you can make a network on you Mac and use it to sync your stuff... The trick is to have iTunes open and syncing while you do this, (otherwise it does not work for me...) This will only work if you meet the following conditions. 1. you have your laptop with you (just want to make that clear...) 2. you have wifi sync enabled for you iPhone or iPad 3. you create a network with a 40bit WEP password on you mac Check out this link if you need a step by step 4. you have iTunes running while trying to sync. Your iPad/iPhone will show up in iTunes (it works best while you iPhone is syncing with iTunes, it can do both at the same time) Note: your iPhone/iPad will most likely not show it has a wifi connection... if it shows up in iTunes it will work. Hope this helps someone JL
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