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  1. Michael J. Bolesta

    Consistent crash

    If I open Hermeneia NT-20, and it is positioned at the beginning of the module and I use the TOC to attempt to navigate, Accordance iOS crashes every time. If I scroll down a little and use the TOC no problem. iPad 2, Accordance 2.2.2, iOS 9.1
  2. Help! I continually crash trying to get one of my panes out of Night Mode Theme. Tried everything (except uninstalling) -- last resort? Thanks.
  3. bsheets

    User Note Syncing

    I have the latest versions of Accordance running on several devices - a macbook, an iPhone, and and iPad mini. I sync my user notes via dropbox. It looks like my macbook and my iPhone are syncing as I expect. But the iPad mini does not. It indicates it is syncing with dropbox, but content created is not synced between devices. I looked in my dropbox folder and it looks like i have both .acc4 and .amynotes versions of my user notes. I assume this is part of the problem. Any suggestions on how to resolve it so content is not lost? Thanks! Ben
  4. OlegKostyuk

    VoiceOver Support for iOS App

    VoiceOver support is not only for visually impaired. I am using it to listen to Kindle books all the time. It can be an immense help in reading/studying/covering vast amounts of reading material. As you probably know Kindle has an option of reading books to you if you choose VoiceOver function on your iPhone/iPad. The same function has been made available in Logos Bible Software App. What is important to note that it flips pages/scrolls automatically. However, Accordance does not have that option yet. So, I was wondering, if Accordance could look into it. For many students/faculty this is a very valuable function, since it allows to use time effectively and listen to books/pseudepigrapha/commentaries on the go as well as give some rest to the eyes. While I am aware that VoiceOver will not support Greek and Hebrew, it will be an immense aid to have it for English materials. Please, let me know what are your thoughts about it and what do we, users, need to do to make this function available on Accordance.
  5. Michael J. Bolesta

    iOS automatic Day-Night option

    The Day and Night viewing options are nice. Reading in a dark room with the Night setting is easier on the eyes. I note that iBook formatted books will automatically switch back and forth between Day and Night mode, depending upon ambient light level. It would be nice to have that as an optional feature in Accordance for iOS. I am using version 2.1 on iPad and iPhone, both iOS 8.3. Thanks!
  6. A while ago I purchased the Ancient Christian Devotional for use with Accordance on my Mac. It has been a great resource and I love the fact that the Daily Reading button is able to take me to exactly the right spot given that the readings span a week and vary from year to year according to the lectionary cycle (well done Accordance). Recently I loaded it up on my iPad Air 2 and discovered that the same functionality isn't present in iOS. No real problem except there is also no easy way to navigate through the the reading except through scrolling (i.e. there is no hyper linkable table of contents). I'm just wondering given that iOS is still a work in progress if their are plans to support the Ancient Christian Devotional on iOS like Spurgeons Faith's Checkbook, or would it be possible to have a table of continents enabled like in the Mac version. P.S. I found what looks like a typographical error in the recent weeks readings where the following opening prayer was hyperlinked and not just the citation (in this case 'The Gallican Sacramentally') OPENING PRAYER: Proper 11 Abba, Father, fulfill the office of your name toward your servants: do you govern, protect, preserve, sanctify, guide and console us. Let us be so enkindled with love for you, that we may not be despised by you, O most merciful Lord, most tender Father, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen. The Gallican Sacramentary
  7. Hey Team, It would be sweet if the bookmarks set in Accordance on the Mac would sync with the ones on the iPad/iPhone. Then if a user would long press the chapter navigation arrow, it would pull up a menu of bookmarks either in front of or behind your current text selection. Kind of like how in Safari, if you hold the back button, it will give a list of last viewed pages on that tab. Oh and tabbed browsing for multiple texts/ tools would be a great addition as well. Thanks!
  8. Hi before purchasing The NT bible speaks today commentary series, I wanted to find out if it was iOS compatible. Anyone out there using it on the iOS platform?
  9. There seems to be a display problem in User Notes on the iPad. With the iPad held in anything but right-side-up portrait orientation (that is, with the home button at the bottom), the display of User Notes (once the keyboard slides into view) is "mangled." I'll attach a screenshot to show what I mean. The text of the note is legible if the note is reopened with the iPad in right-side-up portrait orientation, so no data is being lost. If I dismiss the keyboard, more of the note becomes visible, but if I tap in the note to bring the keyboard back, everything disappears except the verse reference. I'm using an iPad with Retina Display, running iOS 8.1.3.
  10. Juan D. Pinto

    Separate Atlas App

    I've always thought that the iPad would make the perfect tool for a comprehensive historical map of the biblical world. I've often looked in the App Store for something to satisfy my needs but sadly no one has ever done even a somewhat decent job of this, at least as far as I've found. I know that there are plans to bring the Accordance Atlas over to iOS, for which I am very excited. Hopefully this comes sooner than later! I was just thinking that instead of incorporating it into the Accordance App, it may be more beneficial to create an entirely separate app dedicated strictly to the Atlas. How great would that be! The entire app could be designed with mapping technology in mind. And not only would us faithful Accordance users finally get access to our beloved Atlas, but I think it would also enable many other people out there to experience what a biblical atlas has to offer without having to go through the Accordance App to access it. Anyway, just an idea.
  11. I've read help and troubleshooting, and nothing works. I just got an iPhone and have Accordance for iOS. I've followed the instructions to synch, but the dialog box that is supposed to find my device can't find it. My iOS says "waiting for Accordance." What am I doing wrong? I'm on wi-fi with both devices. I also tried disconnecting ethernet.
  12. I just tried to sync from Mac v. 11.0.3 to an iPhone via Accordance > Sync with Mobile Device (i.e., both the Mac and the iPhone are on the same WiFi connection). I got an error message saying to contact support. Text of message: "There was an error while Accordance tried to resolve a Bonjour service. Please contact technical support to help you resolve this issue." (BTW, I probably will contact support; I just thought they'd appreciate it if we could figure it out via the forums. I'll wait a while before contacting them.) I thought it might be Little Snitch, so I shut off filtering by Little Snitch (i.e. all connections go through). Accordance recognized the mobile device. Since I had not synced since upgrading from Snow Leopard to Mavericks, Accordance thought this was a new device. So I told it to erase and sync. Accordance started to sync. However, it did not finish (although I thought it had). When I looked at the iPhone, everything was the same as it had been back in SL days. I had to leave for a while, so when I came back, I tried to sync again. This time shutting off Little Snitch filtering didn't help at all. I get the same error message. So maybe it's something else? Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. Alex H.

    New App Request

    I'm just going to go all out here and ask for something possibly unrealistic, even though it may be addressed in Accordance for iOS v.2... A 'competitor' has a dedicated ebook app. With Accordance seemingly investing more into ebooks (e.g. Centre Church which is on special) as opposed to reference works, I think this could be very helpful. At least the option to export books to another app, such as iBooks, would help. I'd favour Accordance over other ebook sources but the iOS app isn't really great as a straight ebook reader. Just a thought. P.S. I probably should have put this in feature requests, please move if necessary.
  14. Using Accordance for iOS, when I copy multiple verses for pasting into my word processor or presentation software, every verse gets a full reference (e.g. Mic 6:1...Mic 6:2...etc.). This did not happen prior to a recent upgrade, when I would get a full reference at the start, with simple verse numbers through the text. What are the appropriate settings changes I need to make to get back to the older method? Thanks Robert
  15. Please forgive me if this question has been asked and answered before, or if the premises are incorrect... It seems to me that on Accordance runs natively on (certain?) Windows tablets: that the version of Accordance that runs on Windows PCs also runs on Windows tablets (or something that is a lot more robust than a typical mobile app). Is this correct? If so, why is it not the case that the native version of Accordance for Mac does not run on the iPad? Would the difference be due to hardware limitations of the iPad, software constraints of iOS, or some other factor? Many thanks! David
  16. I updated Accordance on my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1). I tried the new highlight multiple verses feature. Works fine. I updated Accordance on my iPad Air-1 (iOS 8.1). I tried the new highlight multiple verses feature. It crashes the app. I tried multiple times and it crashes every time. I restarted the iPad and it still crashes. Now, I've gone back and tried to highlight just a single verse. That crashes on the iPad. When it crashes it does not get to the choice of highlight types. Is there a problem here? thanks Rick Conklin Wichita KS
  17. I have made multiple attempts at updating modules on my iPhone 5S and iPad 2 via synch with desktop Accordance (Mac) using Wi-Fi. The desktop Accordance indicates that it is updating (11 modules). Another run updates the same 11 modules. Checking for updates on the iOS device tells me that those 11 modules need updating. Shutting down all devices and restarting does not correct the problem. Accordance for Mac 10.4.3 [Mac OS X 10.9.4] Accordance for iOS 1.7.4 [iOS 7.1.2]
  18. Background - I created some custom highlights on my iMac. The I synced with Dropbox. I synced my iPhone to Dropbox. The new custom highlights showed up. Good. The problem - I try to highlight a verse and the highlight choices came up including the new ones. But, when I chose any highlight, even an old standard one (e.g. blue underline) a completely different highlight is applied. I've repeated this many times. The problem didn't start until I added the custom highlights. Would you please address this? Thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  19. Timothy Jenney

    #106) Consider the Birds

    [Accordance iOS: Study] This study of Matt. 6:25-33 is the first of the Accordance Outside series, which uses Accordance iOS for in-depth Bible studies while on the go. This study uses a verb search in Greek, cross-references from the enhanced Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, and notes from the Gospel Transformation Bible. http://youtu.be/ZL-ISmG1zUQ
  20. I can previously use the dropbox sync function in my Accordance for iPhone, but since yesterday, when I tap "Sync user content with Dropbox" and then tap "Sync," the following pop-up was shown: Syncing with Dropbox Please wait... However, after less than an minute, another pop-up with the following error message was shown: Sync Error The operation couldn't be completed. NSURLErrorDomain error - 1001.) -------------------- OK Then when I tap OK, the sync was cancelled. What should I do then? Thank you!!!
  21. I synced Accordance on my iPad 4 (iOS 7) with my Mac (OS X 10.9.3). Then I installed OS X 10.10 but the same evening decided to downgrade back to 10.9.3. So I restored system from the Time Machine disk. Few days later I wanted to sync few newly purchased modules to my iPad, but Accordance showed a warning that this iPad has been synced to another Mac and will erase all its content. The same message popped up when I tried to sync with my iPhone. It means that not everything is restored. Somehow Accordance has lost info that this is the same Mac. Could you please fix this bug?
  22. I search by scripture on IVP, and I get 15 occurences. To browse I click through the bottom arrows. But, I never know which one of the 15 I am at. So first idea: why dont you put a number, saying which of the 15 occurences I am at, at the moment? Second idea: what if I also have a list button, so that I can see for each of the 15 occurences, which topic they point? So if I click, I can just jump to the (ie) "sons of God" instead of browsing through all of them
  23. I am preparing a podcast on preaching from an iPad using Accordance. I'd love to hear from some of you who are doing this regularly. What suggestions and tips would you offer to our viewers? Anything you'd recommend they avoid? Thanks (in advance) for the input!
  24. Michael J. Bolesta

    Tool Browser for Hermeneia very limited

    Using Hermeneia2 NT and Hermeneia NT (alternate vols.) on an iOS device is frustrating due to the limited function of the Tool Browser. It does not drill down into the article or section. That functionality is present when using the modules on the Mac. The functionality of the Tool Browser for other tools, e.g., Anchor-NT and Anchor-NT2, is the same on iOS and Mac OS. I am not sure I understand why, but I would enjoy improvement of the Hermeneia modules on iOS. Accordance for Mac 10.4.0 [Mac OS X 10.9.2] Accordance for iOS 1.7.2 [iOS 7.1] iPad2, iPhone 5S
  25. Michael J. Bolesta

    synching between iOS and new Macintosh

    I replaced my laptop, and wished to synch updated modules on my iPad2 and iPhone. Since they had been synchronized with the old computer, the only way to synch was to erase and reload texts and tools (a large number). It took a long time, but when finished, it was very spotty. Some were on the iPhone and some were not. I have been doing it piecemeal on the iPad to systematically get it "right," but it is lengthy. Anyway to retain this data (in future iOS versions) across devices so one does not have to "start from scratch?" Thanks for a great product. This was a pothole on an otherwise picturesque road.
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